Dog Attacks Dog in Lake in the Hills Dog Park — 5 Comments

  1. I would never bring my dog to a dog park like that.

    1. I don’t trust my own dog around other dogs.
    2. I don’t trust other people to have well behaved dogs either.

    So I would always have my dog on a leash around other dogs, but if you have other jabronis letting their dogs run around without leashes who knows if they are good and you can’t necessarily keep those dogs away from your own.

    The whole “dog park” concept is ill-conceived.

  2. My current dog would get along great with other dogs,but you have no idea what dog some knucklehead is going to turn loose in there that might attack your dog.

    I know over the years I have had dogs that I would never let have free reign in a dog park setting.

  3. Saw a clip on some teevee show lately whereby some authority somewhere will require dna samples from dog owners, record the data and then if poop is found somewhere they will track it back to the owner of the dog.

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