Robb Tadelman Sworn In as McHenry County Sheriff Replacing Retiring Bill Prim

From the Sheriff’s Department:

McHenry County Sheriff Robb Tadelman Sworn In

Judge Justin Hansen swears Robb Tadelman into office.

Sheriff Tadelman is enthusiastic about his new role as sheriff, as is the Sheriff’s Office.

McHenry County Chairman Mike Buehler noted the following: 

“The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office is in very good hands with the swearing in of Sheriff Robb Tadelman.

“He has spent the past 18 years serving and protecting the people of McHenry County, starting as a patrol deputy and working his way up, earning the respect of the Sheriff’s Office and partner law enforcement agencies.

“Congratulations, Sheriff Tadelman – stay safe, and keep us safe.”

Robb Tadelman and family.

Sheriff Tadelman is an 18-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, with experience in nearly every aspect of the department.

Starting as a patrol deputy in 2004, Sheriff Tadelman worked his way up the ranks to undersheriff in 2022.

Sheriff Tadelman looks forward to building on Sheriff Prim’s success and pushing the office to be the best it can be. McHenry County Sheriff’s Office wishes him the best of luck and success in his upcoming term.

After the torch was passed, Sheriff Prim hugged Sheriff Tadelman.

McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim Retires

Sheriff Prim led the Sheriff’s Office passionately for his two terms, working hard to improve morale, community relations, and relations with county law enforcement partners.

Early into his term, Sheriff Prim earned the distinguishable Triple Crown Award in accreditation for his comprehensive commitment to the safety of his employees and citizens.

Bill Prim and Robb Tadelman.

Sheriff Prim also introduced many new opportunities to the Office including a volunteer program, Explorers Post, multijurisdictional SWAT team, and Police Social Worker Program.

Chairman Buehler said the following regarding the Sheriff’s retirement:

“McHenry County is a safer place thanks to Bill Prim and his eight years as McHenry County Sheriff.

“His dedication to the calling of law enforcement, and the professionalism he brought to bear every day, enriched the Sheriff’s Office and motivated his deputies, dispatchers, corrections officers, and support staff to be the best they could be.

“After 35 years protecting and serving the public, we wish Bill Prim a long and happy retirement.”

Sheriff Prim retired with nearly 40 years of law enforcement experience, 28 of which were served at Des Plaines Police Department.

Sheriff Prim spent the majority of his career serving on drug task forces and moving through the ranks, eventually retiring, for the first time, as a commander.

His second retirement marks the end of his long career in law enforcement. 

The Sheriff’s retirement ceremony was filled with leaders from around the county, with many county law enforcement departments represented.

Those who worked with Sheriff Prim over the years spoke to his character and leadership. The Sheriff’s Office wishes him well in his retirement and thanks him for his service to the county and the department.


Robb Tadelman Sworn In as McHenry County Sheriff Replacing Retiring Bill Prim — 14 Comments

  1. Prim was a fraud from day one.

    He reneged on his campaign vows.

    He was supposed to clean house, but spent more time in FL and NC ‘zooming.’

    He was known as “The Ghost”

  2. Tadelman can’t tie his shoes without Prim doing it for him.

    This should be interesting.

    Good luck to McHenry County!

  3. Prim was possibly the biggest disappointment in McHenry County’s history of voter’s regretting their support.

  4. Didnt Prim bring in as his right hand guy overseeing the Road Deputies a guy who had past problems then held a party at Niko’s and everyone got drunk on County bought booze?

    Something like that–whatever it was, it was bad and it was Prims first hire.

    Let the double dipper go get fatter now down in Fl or wherever most of these “escape Illinois with your fat public penison” double dippers go.

    Taddleman better step up, be a Leader on his own and put Politics second to the Law and Integrity.

    WE’ll know soon if Junior is in over his head.

  5. I did not support Tadelman.
    However, he has a lovely looking family and I wish him the best.
    I hope and pray that he enforces the law FAIRLY and JUSTLY.
    Not like Nygren or Linder….but like a fair and impartial law enforcement officer.
    Not a political hack who supports his friends and attacks his political enemies – abusing their power.

    Good luck, Mr. Tadelman. I hope you’re a man of integrity.
    Don’t do what Nygren, Franks, and Linder have done to our community.

  6. I know many here have criticized Tadelman for his putative faith.

    I don’t.

    In fact I have nothing bad to say about him in my several years worth of regular and continuing contact.

    Yes he was ambitious. So what.

    He did an OK job and never betrayed or backstabbed anybody to my knowledge. He was always fair in my many dealings with him.

    But I do have one personal criticism and one policy criticism.

    Personal Criticism:

    When the question of whether he was a dual national(USA & Israel) came up, to my knowledge, he never came out and said anything one way or the other. The mystery was never settled, but it should have been. And I really don’t care if he was a citizen of both. But the lack of transparency did bother me.

    Policy Criticism:

    The Dept. really needed somebody from the outside to come in and reform/revamp/re-examine.

    This was what Prim ardently promised to do (but abdicated) and, I may add, what he was elected to do. A big letdown and disappointment.

    The whole spirited Zinke/Prim campaign was whether the corrupt practices and favoritism of the Nygren Misadministration were going to continue apace with the crooked Zinke (or should I say Zinkes considering the disgraceful scandals involving Mrs. Zinke).

    But no, now another golden boy is going to be promoted from within doing the same damned old things.

    For some time before the Covid hysteria, Prim permitted certain Lesbian deputies, and at least one homosexual jailer, to wear the so-called and oxymoronic homosexual “pride” flag on their official uniforms until complaints and grumblings from the force itself caused a reversal about 18 mos. ago and suddenly the pinned on flags were no more. Prim never authorized the flags in the first place — the lesbians just did it and everybody in the admin. was afraid and cowed.

    Now the rumor is that Tadelman will OK the return of these divisive emblems.

    I don’t give a hoot what these people do in pairs, groups, etc., on their own time behind closed doors, but those flags have no place as ‘specialty’
    Insignias. No place at all!

    We shall see what the new Sheriff does.

    Another inter-dept rumor is that DEI sensitivity training (indoctrination) is going to be imposed on all employees sometime in early 2023.

    We shall see.

  7. And Bradly, someone seems to have a bug up their butt about Tadelman eh?????

    I have every faith and confidence that our new Sheriff with the 18+ years of service at the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office in my mind indeed has paved the way for him to now serve (4) years in his new role as our Sheriff.


  8. In this grim, humorless, conformist, cultural fear pit of 2022, the new Sheriff has my best wishes and condolences.

  9. And Cindy,

    Like Nygren and Zinke did any better hmmmm 🤔?

    Let’s talk about those supposed scandals with Mrs. Zinke in particular?

    The problem is THERE’S CERTAIN FACTIONS WITHIN THE MCHENRY COUNTY GOP party that still can’t come to terms with the notion that their designated candidate for McHenry County Sheriff didn’t succeed to the general election.

    If we ever want to come together and unify not only our Illinois Republican Party, but our local GOP organization, it behooves all factions whether Conservative, Centrist, or Moderate and instead of being sooooo divisive, have these spirited discussions, but ALSO BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION TO MAKING POSITIVE CHANGES WITHIN OUR LOCAL REPUBLICAN PARTY.

    Other than that, Cindy I believe that your strong political activism is exemplary, and perhaps in 2024 you might possibly entertain running for a position in the State House of Representatives in Springfield or for County Board.

    I appreciate your political activism, and believe that you would be a great asset in Springfield or on the McHenry County Board.

    Blessings to you to have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

  10. And of course the Left leaning Fake News Herald provided no coverage of our new sheriff being sworn in.

    Why would they?

    He doesn’t stand for their utopian vision of dysphoria, he’s smart enough to realize that the only ones safe in the SAFE T Act are the criminals, and he stands for LAW ENFORCEMENT! We’re doomed!

  11. Hey Political- speaking of unifying the party……

    Why did I hear that a particular new sheriff told the new head of the republican party, that if he ever supported the sheriff’s previous opponent for any political position, he’d have nothing to do with the republican party anymore?

    Now, that doesn’t seem very republican like.

  12. The true colors of the fake Republican Tadelman are about to be exposed.

  13. Bradley, if I am the one you are alluding to, Robb never said anything like that to me….it may have been someone else 🤷‍♂️

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