57-Year Old Woodstock Woman Caught with Pot in Her Car in Crystal Lake — 5 Comments

  1. She needed to get her marijuana from the state sponsored drug dealer.

    THEN it’s legal.

    If she bought her pot from the dispensary that is funding the police pension, then THAT addictive drug is ok.

    Get if from a non-state sponsored dealer, and the police are all over you.

    The police have to protect their own drug cartel.

  2. Police are the bad guys.

    Police are enforcers of a corrupt state (made up of politicians who habitually lie, who draw their own districts, who get elected by promising voters stuff with money they steal from other people, who take bribes from special interests and call them “donations”) that exists to extort and steal as much money as possible. Police are the goons of large corporations who can lobby the government to shut down small businesses.

    Why would any person ever respect or support the police?

  3. I don’t smoke that crap but isn’t it ironic they pass a law to legalize it for tax revenue and then on the back end those that don’t pay the tax get road taxed by law enforcement. Remember seatbelts weren’t a pull overable offense. Now it’s a primary offense. I can’t figure out why. Oh nevermind this state can’t figure out enough ways to tax us into oblivion.

    BTW, where’s Tom Pritzker? He seems to be laying low after being in Epsteins little black book.

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