State Republican Party Chairman Says Money, Volunteers and Smiles Needed to Win

From Don Tracy:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and spent quality time with loved ones in spite of the uptick in seasonal flu, colds and COVID. 

Last Monday, I was delighted to reconnect with many of our candidates, elected officials, and party leaders at a Oakbrook holiday party sponsored by Jay Berman, Richard Porter, Sandy Perl, David Hill, and Kim Godden with special guest Congressman Byron Donalds (FL-19). 

Congressman Byron Donalds, House Republican Leader-elect Toni McCombie, Senate Republican Leader-elect John Curran.

A rising star in national Republican politics, Congressman Donalds reinforced the important message of growing the party, and better engaging diverse communities and younger voters.

As we move to the New Year, I know it is hard to believe what we just endured.

The Illinois Republican primary for Governor was the most expensive in the history of the nation with over $100M spent by outside interests. 

The general election drew over $100 million more, including $152 million spent against us by Governor Pritzker himself.

Yet in the general, turnout was significantly down for both parties compared to the disastrous 2018 election.

The top of the ticket drew 3.5 million voters, versus 4.5 million voters in 2018 in spite of voting having been made easier than ever. 

Thanks in large part to Democrats outspending Illinois Republicans by tens of millions of dollars, major issues that should have favored our Republican candidates like

  • crime,
  • corruption and
  • inflation

were drowned out by issues like

  • abortion,
  • guns and
  • January 6.

From the top of the ticket down, Republicans were painted as “extremists” on these issues, and our candidates didn’t have the necessary financial resources to push back and tell their story. 

Going forward, we have a lot of work to do.

Among many other things, we must do more to support our local parties and help build their capacity with respect to Vote By Mail, Early Voting, Get-Out-The-Vote, Election Integrity, and more.

Toward this end, we need to

  • recruit more volunteers to work with our candidates and
  • help local parties raise more money,
  • identify and communicate with other potential supporters, 
  • put on more events,
  • register voters and
  • better promote voting by mail and early voting. 

We need your smiles too.

As Congressman Byron Donalds said, we are not going to persuade others with anger.

Following the Reagan 80% rule, we need to work with those whom we mostly agree with.

Politics is a team sport.

Let’s not give up and instead be a party of happy warriors committed long term to sound government policies that reflect and advance our passionate beliefs in the ideals that make this a great nation and will make Illinois a better state.


State Republican Party Chairman Says Money, Volunteers and Smiles Needed to Win — 13 Comments

  1. In reference to above headline – WRONG.

    What is needed is competent leadership willing to fight tenaciously and aggressively for their constituents,

    anything less is more of the same.

  2. And the brazen nerve to cheat. It’s how ALL “elections are won.

  3. Yeah, that’s it, “smiles” are needed to win.


    This while Musk unloads a document dump from Twitter which is explicit in the reach Democrats will reveal their intentional autocratic means by which to control those minions less fortunate and not part of the elite class.

    Days of extending the olive branch and “reaching across the aisle” are over as we witness the demise of this country by those who despise it.

  4. Eugene Yu
    Konnech Inc
    Mail In Ballots
    IL Board of Elections

    Eliminate all of the above and I’ll bring my smile. Also Don, stop whoring Covid please. Smart people knew it was BS from the day the Mockingbird media began selling the fear porn.

  5. The feckless fools who are running the state into the ground.

    See their smiles?

    That’s because they’re well aware we are the serfs and they are our masters.

    OUR property taxes are paying for THEIR pension, their benefits, their lazy ass failed careers.

    They lavishly live on our labor.

    They fail as they misuse our sweat equity – and they have no appreciation for our labor, business risk, and dreams.

    They destroy our dreams and are absolute failures at theirs.

  6. “The Terminator” – Thank you for the kind words.

    My bid was determined looong before the actual vote tally in the June primary.

    As soon as it was mentioned about CRT, School Indoctrination, School Boards, and the Right to Life; my days were numbered.

    The nail was when it was suggested we needed reduced local government.

    Even those RINOS who hold local public office were aghast at that comment.

    Ya know, those same ones who run PACS while holding public office that publicly endorse candidates.

    Ahhh, no failure of conflict here, huh?

    Failure to run as my opponents did on being a “fiscal conservative” and basically having no stance on anything substantive will get you elected, as demonstrated.

    Heck, the charlatan who won by less than 25 votes in District 4 (thanks to deplorable Democrat candidates) was quoted in the Herald as believing that McHenry County taxes are fine and “in line with our services.”

    This, while McHenry County always comes in between 2 and 4 of 102 Counties in the State among the highest in taxes.

    And the Board wants you to applaud their balanced budget?


    This, while each taxing School District has this year opted, AGAIN, for the highest amount of taxes allowable?

    This, in addition, after having received COVID monies in the millions?

    Unfortunately, the State of Illinois is akin to Sam Bankman Frieds’ FTX and the house of cards on which it sat.

    It is unsustainable.

  7. Wow, CLM said:

    “The feckless fools who are running the state into the ground. See their smiles? That’s because they’re well aware we are the serfs and they are our masters. OUR property taxes are paying for THEIR pension, their benefits, their lazy ass failed careers. They lavishly live on our labor.”

    The Illinois Republican Party’s state central committee is scheduled to meet next Saturday in Bolingbrook and there are rumblings some want to force Chairman Don Tracy to resign.

    Smiles? How about toughness to fight back!

    We saw the worst of it here in McHenry County, in IL-11, where Republican nominee Catalina Lauf hired Derek Murphy, former IL Republican Party executive director before he went to work for Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin’s campaign as a senior political advisor, as her general consultant (GC).

    It was Murphy who was doing things like saying Jeff Thorsen endorsed Irvin’s gubernatorial bid by virtue of attending a Shannon Teresi for comptroller event, which to Murphy, meant an endorsement of Irvin.

    Reliable sources, and I have not been able to confirm, say it was Murphy who warned many Republican officials they railroaded into endorsing Irvin there would be “consequences” if they had their names removed from the Irvin endorsement list.

    It was Murphy who advised Lauf to remove her pro-life conservative stance from her campaign website in early September, just like he didn’t want Irvin to talk about abortion during the primary.

    And Lauf was too young and naive to stand up to Murphy, whom she had worked with on the Rauner campaign in 2018.

    There are a lot of other things that doomed Lauf’s candidacy for Congress last month, but as soon as I saw him in the pics from the Aug 23 Lauf fundraiser and learned he was on Lauf’s campaign’s, and her PAC’s payroll, the “establishment” infecting the IL Republican Party had infected Lauf.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Murphy who convinced Lauf to publicly support the codification of same sex marriage, which she made public in Lauf’s Oct 16 interview with WGN-TV.

    So beware of Catalina Lauf being labeled the future of the Illinois Republican Party, because, unless Lauf really changes her ways, is part of the present IL Republican Party that has run Illinois into the ground.

  8. Frankly I knew very little about Mr. Barthel.

    I voted for him because of the rotten local RINO elites trashing him.

    If bad people were bad mouthing him, then ipso facto, he must be good.

    And I was right.

  9. Tracy has zero plans to make any inroads in Illinois!

    He just is a suit that wants to go to parties and be the head person.

    The donors start needing to hold people accountable at the top!

  10. This IL GOP is a joke or corrupt. I saw NO HELP for Bailey, Devore, and on down the ballot from our IL GOP. I did see however this IL GOP prop up a corrupt Pritzker loving Democrat for Gov. and try to sell us on him. For what? Griffen money? They have a word for people like this and it’s called a “Prostitute”. Or if they really were that naive and thought he was the only one who could win against Pritzker, they are not fit for their positions.

    No doubt there is no immediate replacement for Tracy and be careful what you wish for. If he steps down who will take his place?

    This losing organization also never helped the Republican voters navigate the Democrat’s rules on voting via vote-by-mail, and early voting so is it any wonder we lost? No one likes these Democrat rules but they aren’t going away unless we take over in this blue state so why didn’t they play by the rules to stand a chance of getting the Republican votes IN? (you don’t have to mail in a vote by mail ballot to make this work for you!) There was absolutely no strategy and there never is!!!

    I’ve had enough of Republicans who are actually working for Democrats whether it be for money, favor or just doing nothing so the Dems keep winning. And to be a State Republican Chairman and donate to Biden is a DISGRACE! That alone should get him kicked out, but then again, they endorsed Irvin…smh


    And any elected official that tells you they don’t oppose this current state leadership doesn’t deserve their position!

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