Shopping in Wisconsin for Gas and Other Stuff

Fox 32 suggests tax advantages of shopping in Wisconsin:

To save the most, you may want to head to Wisconsin where the combined state and average local retail tax rate is just 5.4 percent, compared to Illinois’ 8.8 percent.

Richmond Township Truck being filled with Wisconsin gas.

And if you’re willing to cross into neighboring states for gas, you may want to stay for your holiday shopping.

Illinois has the eighth-highest sales tax in the nation, and ranks as the only Midwestern state in the top 10.


Shopping in Wisconsin for Gas and Other Stuff — 10 Comments

  1. Another expensive township road district taxpayer funded truck that is showroom quality.

    Trucks in the private sector have mud/dirt/dust on them.

    Is the driver asleep/napping?

    The person who fuels a vehicle should have their hand on the nozzle!

  2. Now Bob’s bitching that the road district’s taking excessively good care of their vehicles? A dirtier truck would mean what to Bob?

    Bob, if you stand there holding your own nozzle when pumping with automatic shutoff equipment, then you’re a dork.

    When’s the last time you kept your hands on your nozzle through the entire act of…..refueling?

  3. Genoa City or Twin Lakes every time.

    Even Richmond cops fill up in Genoa City.

    Food is cheaper too.

  4. Monk, has it ever dawned on your pea-sized brain that all these townships cause a multiplicity of unnecessary jobs, pensions, overhead (trucks, gas, serviving, etc)?

  5. Whenever I travel to Wisconsin, I am reminded of what freedom feels like just as soon as I cross the border.

    Fleet Farm in Delevan is worth the trip alone, and gas is cheap there as well.

  6. Never changed my GasBuddy Phone App from McHenry when moving to Dallas, but I simply open App, subtract $1.00 off gallon price and laughingly always come within cents of what Texas pump says.

  7. What about all those townships that ditched townships in S and Cen. IL?

    Lesperance is rather useless, but what relative(s) or in-law(s), wife did he ever hire?

    I watch the Nunda Twnsp losers like a hawk and never saw that abuse.

  8. Cal, Don’t gov agencies get a break on paying MFT, Fed and State?

    Richmond gov vehicles shouldn’t be paying their tab based on what the price on the pump is.

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