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  1. 4 times stupid and going on 5.

    Some sheeple are just too far gone to save themselves from the reality that most people know as common sense.

  2. Watch “Died Suddenly” then decide for yourself. She’s obviously out of the matrix and able to think critically.

    I wonder how she feels about the election fraud in MI that cheated to put Whitless back in office as governor. If she’s not jabbed she likely voted for Dixon.

  3. Honest? It’s supposed to be a meme joke. Although I have no idea why anyone would think that making fun of stupid people would be funny.

  4. A bit too deep for you?
    I understand that it’s a meme joke.
    Aside from that, there are millions of idiots just like the meme above describes who walk among us,
    that is a fact and the point of my comment.
    I will continue to point out the stupidity of those who deserve it.

  5. Cindy, more proof the left can’t meme if that’s what it is.

    CornPop you do realize catturd is in that article. I read that tweet when he retweeted it. Bieber is a useless bubblegum pop star like Taylor Twit.

  6. But the meme doesn’t describe idiots. It describes the ones who have successfully passed the gullibility test. That’s why I don’t understand Abe complaining like he doesn’t understand the word with a prefix of un. I think JT is right on this one. The idiots that believed the lies STILL don’t have a clue how to present a meme. They just angered someone that already knows they are morons. Besides I think they are up to nine times stupid now, so the meme doesn’t even keep up with where the government lies have already gone.

    Cal? If your wife is actually on Fakebook, you have WAY bigger problems.

  7. I have seen a variation of this before. can’t recall exactly how it went but, yeah, Cindy is right.

    The joke was along the lines of “I’ve been not vaccinated 4 times.”

    “I’m waiting for the new round of boosters so I can be 5 times unvaxxed.”

    The point is you haven’t been vaxxed. You’re in the pureblood club. You can give yourself a pat on the back.

    No, it’s not a leftist joke or meme. It’s making fun of vaccinated people and bragging about being unvaxxed.

  8. Don’t mention Died Suddenly Correcting. It will trigger the dope head formerly known as Monk who now identifies as Gilligan.

    Suddenly. LOL

  9. ^That came out recently but haven’t watched it yet. I think there was another documentary that was getting some traction on Rumble recently(?). Usually just look at the leaderboard category, haven’t been on imageboards lately but if you guys have any other new documentary (or great interview) recommendations feel free to post the link or keywords that would let readers easily find it (and which service — like bitchute or rumble or wherever it’s posted).

  10. Died Suddenly was well done.

    Now that we have a minimal amount of data from those that care to study the massive human vaccine trial that we’re in, know that unexplained death rates of all causes are spiking approximately five months from vaccination, I.e roll out a vaccination campaign in January and unexplained deaths will spike in June.

    It takes about that long for spike protein to coagulate the blood in those that don’t react immediately (see Died Suddenly and corroborate with Peter McCullough data).

    Have co-morbidities?

    Maybe faster.

    I feel bad for those that fell for this, but I also wonder how stupid people are.

    Look around:

    – We’re facing a crisis of the economy, currency, energy, food, infrastructure, medicine, fuel, agriculture, debt, culture, mental health, education, nuclear war, leadership, country, faith… and more.

    Do our liberal friends and big R republicans really think this is all because of Covid?

    Do they really believe that it isn’t by design?

    I can feel bad that you fell victim to fear of the first shot, maybe the second… maybe even the first booster.

    But continual ignorance at this point – with a pocket computer that houses 95% of the worlds knowledge at your fingertips?

    And you think the government is batting 1000 and telling you the truth to the point that you’d trust your body, your finances, your children – with their decisions??

    I don’t know how to grapple with that.

  11. Glad you watched Jack.

    I try to help the clueless in this world that post on this site understand what’s going on.

    You’re obviously not clueless.

  12. I would take a bullet to my head before taking the killer covid shot!!

    Will NEVER get a flu shot.

    I will never trust again!!

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