Marengo High School District Taxing to the Max — 8 Comments

  1. The higher the property taxes get, the LOWER the property values and the fewer property owners.

    Thus, the tax base LOWERS every time they raise taxes.

    In the long run, tax revenue LOWERS the higher they raise property taxes.

    But, they’re too stupid to realize the errors of their ways.

    Total economic DOLTS.

    Illinois continues on the rapid descent toward economic collapse AS the poltical powers continue to tighten their noose.

  2. If I could quote resident tax-moron, Al Zielinski:

    “When taxes are high, people move out of McHenry County. Then we just divide our budget by less people!”

    It is this level of financial dumbassery that is destroying our nation… yet the trees kept voting for the axe because it’s handle was made of wood, and they thought it was one of them.

  3. Skinner at this point you ought to just say which places are NOT taxing to the max. It might be a shorter list.

    Seems like a lot of places are giving you the same headline, unfortunately.

    How are your energy prices?

    A lot of Illinoisans are seeing their rates go up by a lot.

    For example, I used a bit less electricity than last year yet my bill was 75% more.

    Some places are paying more than double.

    But sure “inflation is 7 percent.”

    The government told me…

    Property taxes in total are going up by double digit %.

    A few hundred dollars here a few hundred dollars there, hey, the government says your “wages” went up by 5 percent and the news told me Joe Biden is going to be considered a “great president” historically!

    No wonder “gaslighting” was considered the “word of the year.”

  4. The only way to discover which districts are not taking the max is this process of elimination.

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