Moving Day in Hartland Township

October 26, 2022, was the day this couple pulled up Illinois stakes and moved to a less populated and less taxed part of the country out west.

Moving van preparing to leave Hartland Township.


Moving Day in Hartland Township — 9 Comments

  1. Red states become redder

    Blue states become bluer.

    CW2 starts Dec. 5, 2026

  2. And what of purple states?

    We need good folks going to Wisconsin, Nevada, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Arizona.

    Those are the most competitive states imo.

    Arguably North Carolina and Virginia could be looked at too.

  3. Correcting, the cheating in Dane, Brown and Milwaukee Counties controls that state.

    Having lived in both Dane and Brown counties, I can say it’s surprising they voted for Biden.

    Oh nevermind.

    They didn’t follow the election laws in 2020 in those 3 counties.

    I have relatives in NV and it is just as corrupt especially Clark County.

    Nye County is pushing hard to turn purple.

    Don’t believe me, watch this 30m video.

    Imagine how many mail in ballots can be sent to this debacle.

    We need to house the illegals in deep red counties.

  4. Arizona WAS Red but is purple heading to blue. Thousands of people moving to AZ from Kaliphornia bringing their politics with them.

  5. Yes, Ned that’s what I’m saying. It has to be countered.
    I agree with you JT and don’t trust Dane or Milwaukee (or Fulton in GA or Maricopa in AZ).

    Wasn’t PA another one that changed their rules by judicial order and not by legislature?

    2020 was definitely a crooked election.

    They used COVID as a cover for all kinds of shenanigans.

  6. Correcting, watch Dave’s 2942b post from tonight. Enjoy the show. We’ll see how Herschel gets cheated tonight. Some people are too psy op’d to see it.

  7. Maybe the GOP should stop pushing negro idiots like Walker in GA who can’t speak in complete sentences and sport 80 IQs.

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