Chicago Tribune: Take Trump Sign Down — 11 Comments

  1. That Build Back Better Dem newspaper subsidy, kept the Trib, from my hope of it finally going under.

    I wanted to retire with a perfect 41-0 record of declining those subscription requests.

  2. These are the same people who truly believe they are the enlightened, tolerant, accepting, and loving people who yearn for a diverse world where people from all walks of life get to be heard and appreciated for who they are.

    What a laugh. Take a jackhammer to their fraudulent, self-absorbed, bloviating, elitist, duplicitous fantasy.

  3. Time To Take a Jackhammer to The Libune.

    Perhaps Paul Pilosi can fulfill the contract.

  4. Stopped reading that newspaper back in 2008 when they endorsed Barak HUSSEIN Obama for president. Maybe should have stopped reading it long before that. The newspaper endorsed Joseph Robinette Biden for president in 2020. This in spite of numerous instances of Biden being a dope, doofus, jagoff on most positions/actions over decades. And, Trump had a very good record on inflation, economy, jobs, foreign relations, energy independence. Did the Tribune not realize that Biden was intent on destroying America, either intentionally or because he is so dumb?

  5. More violence and vandalism and destruction from the LEFT.

    That’s all they seem to know.

  6. These people are already plotting how to totally remove Trump from history just like they do with the Founders.

    They are like the ISIS of western civilization with all their cultural destruction.

  7. Then take down everything with the Daley name on it.

    Talk about corruption.

    Generational…signs, parks, plazas, take it all down.

    Moral Turpitude?

    –they covered for nephew AJ Daley when he killed a kid and they had to hide him out in McHenry County Jail when finally caught/convicted so he wouldnt get hurt in the city that has his last name everywhere.

    At least Daley, any Daley though corrupt, would not allow whats going on in that dump with crime waves in nice areas to stop…like any leader they know they cant save the bad areas, but now even the nice areas are gone.

    Logan Square, Lincoln Square,add them to the “not safe anymore” list too.

    Thank a thug and Lightfoot/Foxx/ and a Dem.

  8. Take the homosexual Harold Washington’s name off the library, too.

    Much moral turpitude.

    Disbarred too!

    Convicted tax cheat.

  9. OH NO NO NO, you won’t take down FLOYDs wall Trump can stay… you take away our heritage statues Trump stays.. whats good for the goose .. as they say

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