For Readers in Northeastern McHenry County, Lake and Lakefront Cook

From Congressman Brad Schneider:

This year, we fought tirelessly to defend this seat and because of supporters like you, I’m headed back to Congress for another term.

And I want to hear from you before that new term begins: what issues should I prioritize on behalf of our community?


Your input is what I care about most and I’m grateful for all the feedback my team and I receive. Thank you for guiding my priorities in Congress!

Brad Schneider’s new District.

Connecting with constituents like you is invaluable.


For Readers in Northeastern McHenry County, Lake and Lakefront Cook — 6 Comments

  1. Highland Park jew. Go out to DC Schneider. I didn’t vote for that douche.

  2. Why do these public parasites even ask?

    They do as told by the head parasites in DC.

    This is just a way to keep their name in front of voters at taxpayer expense,

  3. He asks about what issues to pursue? How about starting an impeachment of Joseph ROBINETTE Biden for encouraging and allowing the INVASION of the US at the southern border by millions of various peoples, including criminals, the sick, gang members, drug dealers, terrorists and more that will destroy our nation. Ask this guy Schneider if Biden and his regime are traitors to the U.S. for what they are doing.

  4. Please end the long National nightmare of India based customer service call centers.

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