Ness Pens End of First Term Missive

Frpm State Rep. Suzanne Ness:

I just sat down to write my “end of the year” post and realized it’s also the end of my first term as your representative.

The thought gives me pause as I reflect back on 2 years ago when I first took this position.

The World looked very different.

We were in the middle of the pandemic, pre-vaccines, and everything, from setting up my office, to how I engaged with constituents, was done through the lens of the pandemic.

As we’ve moved past those days of restriction and welcomed back face to face interaction, this role, like everything else, has also changed and as I start a new term, it’s the start of so many other things as well.

So what is changing other than the weather?

For starters, I said goodbye to Hannah Cook, my first District Director.

Hannah was also new to State Government and together we navigated tremendous changes: operating in covid, new leadership in the General Assembly, offices transitioning from in person work to online, and redistricting, just to name a few.

She and I put together an office designed around service and the needs of our district.

Hannah helped create an online resource database, assisted constituents on a variety of issues, established our office as a community hub, and ensured that we were a consistent presence: being available accessible and seen.

I am eternally grateful for all of her time and talent.

She is not too far away- she’ll be the Outreach Coordinator of McHenry County for Congressman Bill Foster.

We wish her well.

I’ll be sworn in on January 11th for my 2nd term and in the coming months will continue to make changes to build on the great work begun in the first term.

Look for updates here through this newsletter or online at my website. It’s exciting to be starting a new term with a little bit of experience and knowledge.

I’ll share more about my plans in another post.

For now, I wish everyone a very happy holiday and end of year.


Ness Pens End of First Term Missive — 6 Comments

  1. What do you mean “back to”?

    We never left. We’re just sliding further down the toilet drain, D J.

  2. It’s just that this scribe, has a bizarre, creepy Norma Desmond’, walking down the staircase in Sunset Blvd feel to it.

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