District 300 School Board Candidate Parman Makes Her Case

From a comment by Dr. Laurie Parman in response to questions from Paul Barthel:

Laurie Parman

Thanks for all these great questions Paul Barthel, and yes I was outside at the District Administration building on that cold, dark winter evening as were many teachers who were frustrated by trying to teach students who’s second language is English – through a mask, who try on a daily basis to catch students up who had been out functionally out of school for two years, who were told like me “Declare your vaccine status or don’t come into school on Monday.”

So you can see that I have been forged in fire for this very task.

By the way when I reached out to my union to which I had paid many thousands over 22 years, I was told we can’t help you on that.

By the way my candidacy has the blessing of the Baileys – Please check with them.

I don’t remember meeting you while I was walking parades for them or sitting in booths at fairs.

I hope to meet you one day.

Please introduce yourself to me.

I would love the chance to convince you to vote for me.

As to tax increases – the problem is not the lack of money in School District 300.

It is their approach to education as a whole.

My time as an elementary teacher proved that there are things that can be done differently.

Just because I was in a failing system that got worse over time does not mean that my students failed.

Quite the contrary.

In my final years of education I had the opportunity to move up to the high school and see the fruit of my labors.

I never missed the end of year awards where row after row of the students being honored were filled with my former 5th grade students.

I would like to remain humble about my work as a teacher, but I am proud of my successes both academic and moral.

I would love to answer more of your questions, but there are far too many for this forum. I know you would be satisfied by my answers.

= = = = =

Here are the comments from Paul Barthel to which Parman replied:

How about abstaining from Softball questions for Ms. Parman and getting topical with those questions that have caused D300 to be in the crosshairs, at times even on a National level? She can repudiate all she wants about CRT in the curricula, but I would encourage her to face those parents who suggest otherwise. Was she standing with those hundreds of parents outside D300 this past winter? Hmmm.

Let’s begin not only with her but the host of candidates vying for a seat.

What is, in fact, your stance on CRT, and is it being taught, even in subverted semantic rhetoric?

What was your stance on the COVID vaccine for students?

What was and is your stance on masking?

Did your stance waffle, like it did for many instructors when it then became mandatory for teachers to get the COVID shot?

Strange, how that happened.

What is your stance on the proposed 5% tax increase?

YES, it is a tax, despite how you misconstrue it.

Should, in fact, the backpacks of students randomly be searched?

Are you supportive of the Uprising Bakery “shows.”?

What is your position on SB0818, mandating Sex Education in Illinois Schools, and should that also include Queer and transgender curricula?

What is your stance on D300 receiving ARPA funds?

How about the appeal of H.R.1946 – Parental Rights and Responsibilities Act of 1995?

Support or against the Bill that now allows a minor (students) access to abortion without notification of parents?

I would also be curious if Ms. Parman was active/supported the D300 teacher’s strike in 2012?

These questions would be a marginal start.

Need more?

= = = = =

Excellent response and education, for me.

I have since been “schooled” that you, are in fact, a viable candidate.

As for me, I was at D300, D47, D26, board meetings and protests, as one of those parents and know many of the other parents.

It’s refreshing to hear a teacher and or former teacher agree, McHenry Counties unsubstantiated tax burden versus what the parents get in return.

I think we can all agree that “the children” are top priority, however, merely throwing money, time and again, without accountability from either the IFT or ISBE is akin to those practices used by the General Assembly and Pritzker.

I am curious, being inside the “walls” of D300 for so many years, if you have anything to share that would be otherwise suggested unspoken if still teaching.

I appreciate your response to a constituent rather than playing partisan politics and never taking a stance on any issues.


District 300 School Board Candidate Parman Makes Her Case — 7 Comments

  1. For starters, don’t expect me to call you ‘Doc’, until your able to scrip me a 30 day supply of hydrocodone.

    Ummm, Im afflicted with the gout you see.

  2. Did she bother answering the query about the trans bakery in LITH?

    Or CRT?

  3. Comments from Laurie are gibberish, nonsense, meaningless, union boilerplate.

  4. These questions should be answered by all Candidates.

    Further, and probably one of the most important that I forgot to add, is their position on the Parents Rights Act?

    The most common response is that: the questions posed have little or nothing to do when vying for a seat on a school board and what is required of the position.

    I would argue, that while they may not be crafting laws nor deciding how LITH businesses conduct themselves, however, are kitchen table policies on the forefront of hundreds of parent’s minds.

    And yes, a candidate’s “position” on many of those questions, does, in fact, say a lot about the candidate.

    As I offered, while refreshing Parman responded, however, most of those questions went unanswered.

    I saw the same thing when I ran and lost for County Board, those who were victorious abstained from any stance on real questions most times remaining sophomoric in their answers to questions.

  5. Barthel, you’re a good man.

    I’m glad to have voted for thee.

  6. We get what we vote for or what we don’t vote for. Over and over again, the McHenry County voters have gotten what they voted for more and more corruption and incompetence.

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