What, If Anything, Will Democrats’ Gun Control Law Do To Cut Gun Crime?

From columnist Ray Hanania:

Is Pritzker’s Automatic Weapons ban enough?

Gov. J.B. Pritzker is boasting about the passage of the Automatic Weapons ban in Illinois, claiming that it will make a dent in the violence that is spreading from Chicago’s street gang controlled neighborhoods into the Suburbs and throughout the state.

The ban was supported by Illinois House Speaker Chris Welch, who really deserves credit for pushing through this automatic weapons ban, which also prohibits ownership of hand guns with large clips of bullets. 

Definitely, we should ban the possession of automatic weapons, and we should limit hand guns to normal clip sizes, not these extended clips that have as many as 16 bullets in a clip.

But is this legislation really going to make a difference in curbing the violence sweeping throughout Chicagoland?

Last May, I watched a video provided by a store owner of a 16-year-old gang banger carrying an AK-47 who walked across Chicago Avenue and shot and killed another man allegedly with another gang. The killing took place on the public sidewalk in front of the owner’s business. After brutally killing the man, the teenager turned around and ran back down Chicago avenue with the AK-47. He was never caught by police.

Does anyone think that the automatic weapons ban that Pritzker just signed would have prevented that murder?

Pritzker says that the automatic weapons ban will “put an end to senseless killings.” But that is a lie and it is only intended to strengthen Pritzker’s political image as he uses his family’s wealth to campaign for even higher office. Yes, Pritzker running for higher office is the real motivation behind the Illinois Automatic Weapons ban. It’s not about saving lives or preventing more violent deaths.

Does anyone think that the automatic weapons ban will prevent criminals, who thumb their noses and drugs and violence at the law, from committing more crimes?

It won’t reduce the violence. I challenge anyone to look at the crime statistics one year from today and tell me violence has been reduced. That’s not to criticize Speaker Welch’s commitment to do what needs to be done to fight crime, but it does challenge Gov. Pritzker’s failed leadership to put together a comprehensive program to confront the violence. Pritzker, the governor with vast powers and funding, has done nothing to stop real crime.

Pritzker was sworn in to his second term this week with all the hoopla of a billionaire who doesn’t care about the challenges facing everyday families. What does he know about crime?

The truth is the automatic weapons ban isn’t enough. What it does, solely, is to target law-abiding citizens who follow the law to give up their automatic weapons. Those law abiding citizens account for less than 5 percent of all the gun violence in Chicagoland and the state.

Do you think criminals are going to turn in their automatic weapons? The absence of commonsense in this automatic weapons ban frenzy is astonishing.

Who commits the crimes? Street gangs, gang bangers and drug dealers. They are the ones hijacking cars, brutalizing seniors, women and children, and killing people intentionally or by “accident?” Their violence is spreading to streets in every neighborhood in Chicago and many suburbs.

Does Pritzker really think his automatic weapons ban will stop those gangbangers from killing more people? I don’t think he cares about that problem.

What needs to be done isn’t being done?

Illinois needs to adopt laws that impose tough, mandatory imprisonment for criminals convicted in crimes involving gun use, whether it is with an automatic weapon or a hand gun.

If you use a gun of any kind in the commission of a crime, and you are convicted of that crime, you should be sent to prison automatically for 20 years and denied any form of early release.

If you kill someone in that crime, and are convicted of first degree murder, you should be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Convictions for second degree murder should be a minimum 50 year sentence. Some people are being released after only six years!

We need tough laws to also punish young children abandoned by their parents who are recruited by the street gangs. The gangs target children in 6th 7th and 8th grade to hold a gun so the criminal can avoid the stiffer penalty and go to jail. They are called “holsters” by the gangbangers.

Child arrested and convicted of holding a weapon involving a gangbanger should go to jail for a mandatory five year sentence — unless they testify against the gangbanger who gave them the gun.

These young students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade are used by street gangs to hold weapons when they are chased by police. The adult criminal will face a stiffer fine and the teenager under 18 is often given a lighter sentence.

The street gang killers might be insane murderers, but they are not stupid. The prey on young children and recruit them as “holsters” to hold the weapons to prevent the adult gang bangers from being sent to jail.

If you can’t send at 12 year old who is working with a murderous street gang to prison, then maybe we should pass laws to punish the parents and relatives of these young children who failed them and did not do enough to protect them.

Prosecute the parents of young gang bangers and criminals who use guns in criminal acts, too.

As it is today, when a young “holster” is killed in a gang confrontation with police, the parents come out of the woodwork to demand “justice” and millions in compensation. Their young child, who was used as a “holster” for the gang bangers, has become little more than a winning lottery ticket for the parents. They can find the time to collect the “death lottery” but they just couldn’t find the time to parent their children.

Everyday, young children are parented by gangbangers rather than by their legal guardians or their biological parents. Gang bangers use them as “holsters” and when they are killed, no one wants to talk about why they were under the influence of the street gangs. They only want to talk about how much money the parents can get from the police!

Do you think Pritzker’s ban on Automatic Weapons will change any of that?

Without passing laws to toughen the punishments on convicted criminals, all of the bans on gun possession including the ban on automatic weapons are useless. These laws will do nothing except take guns away from law abiding citizens while not punishing the criminals who steal the weapons and have no problem keeping them illegally in violation of every law including Pritzker’s latest weak legislation.


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  1. Chicago F.B.I. estimates 300,000 citizens are lightly connected to the gangs in Chicago.

    12,000 of those are involved daily in the drug trade.

  2. First off, it’s NOT an automatic weapon ban,
    fully auto firearms are already restricted by the BATF and have been for decades.

    Second – Pritzker’s wet dream of gun confiscation pertains to SEMI-AUTO WEAPONS
    and as such are a clear violation of our 2nd Amendment Rights.

    Third – gun registration is ALWAYS the first step to gun CONFISCATION by the government.

  3. Ray is a stupid conman and he works or worked for a Democratic legislator. I hate him. He plays the confused middle of the road “common sense” man but works for Democrats. Ray is the problem.

  4. “now it is being revealed that the #NIH national institute of health gave money to the #WuhanInstitute of #Virology, where the #COVID lab leak took place, and that #China was actively engaged in the virus research & #coronavirus was not an accident.” This is what Ray tweets TODAY.

    Rand Paul argued with Dr. Fauci about that during the summer of 2021 and some of us knew about that before the Paul vs Fauci argument. Ray starts talking about it on January 14 2023? lmao

    Ray is stupid. Like I said, you can find articles about Ray being a spokesman for Democratic state senator Michael Hastings from the latter half of 2022. This guy goes 70 years in life helping these goons and then in the last few months puts on this “gee what are the Democrats doing they’re getting kinda wacky” act and Republicans lap it up and act like Ray is a brave wise man. Republicans are a cheap date.

  5. After this, he’s going after and exposing those “99c Pizza Store” fraudsters on State Street.

  6. Yes, Monk, I am annoyed that Cal signal boosts Ray. I’m not sure if people realize his background I’ll tell you a little bit more about him.

    Ray refers to himself on his Gettr account in the current year as a “Reagan Democrat” a term that applied to Democrats who supported Ronald Reagan. There are people old enough to vote today whose PARENTS weren’t even BORN at the time Reagan faced re-election! Ray is the quintessential boomer living in the past, but his insights have little to do with regular Americans or the current times.

    In fact, Ray’s takes are twisted like a pretzel around his pro-Arab views. It’s hard to take this man seriously when he has such distorted opinions such as arguing Marie Newman was a centrist. LOL
    I think it was universally accepted that Newman was to the left of Casten. But Ray either intentionally lies or is clueless. But we treat him like an “expert” and share his “articles.”

    All of Ray’s views are based on “what’s best for Arabs.” Here is Ray endorsing a candidate called Abdelnasser Rashid for state rep. Did YOU vote for Abdelnasser Rashid? Do you know lots of Republicans who did or who would? But Republicans will signal boost Ray. Interesting.

    And another gem below: Ray is mad at Pritzker because not enough Arabs and Muslims have been appointed. Right, THAT is the main problem with Pritzker. Not enough Arabs and Muslims. Is that your main beef with Pritzker or could you maybe think of other things that are more important to you?
    Ray is gullible in the first place for trusting a Jewish guy of eastern European background to appoint a bunch of Arab Muslims. It shows what bad judgement he has. This guy is going to keep voting Democrat and keep saying “they tricked me.” What a sucker. He’s nearly 70 years old and still goes about politics like a little baby. Like it’s his first adventure into politics. Like he knows nothing. Sad.

    On Cheney losing the primary, Ray says “Arab Americans should be happy.” Not because Liz is a neocon but because of Arab interests. And Ray seems unfamiliar with Hageman’s view on Israel, which she says is probably the same as Liz Cheney’s. Or maybe Ray is not familiar with how Trump (who backed Hageman) views Israel. Ray doesn’t know.
    Here is Hageman’s answer in an interview with Jewish Insider.”What I would say is that I do believe strongly in protecting the United States’s interests and Israel’s interests. Israel is clearly one of our strongest allies and our best ally in that region of the world. It’s the only democracy in that region of the world. I’ve always been a strong advocate for Israel. It has the absolute right to defend itself, and I can understand the policy decisions that have been made over the years in order to do so. Your question seems to be fairly broad in terms of whether I have the same foreign policy philosophy or platform as Liz Cheney. Well, as far as Israel, perhaps. I would have to look at exactly what she has said in that regard.”

    Getting rid of Cheney isn’t good because we’re getting rid of the heir and figurehead of neoconservative foreign policy (which is to say warmongering). It’s good, according to Ray, because it’s good for Arab Muslims. Never mind any other group, or any principle.

    This is the guy who Republicans are signal boosting because he says one bad thing about Fauci or Pritzker years after everybody else has figured it out. Republicans are a cheap date. Always sucking up to Ray. It is weird. All of Ray’s views are based on what is good for Arab Muslims. Just know that when you read his work. You may reach a similar conclusion that he has on one issue or one candidate from time to time, but your thought process arriving there is probably much different.

    “Things sure are getting crazy out dere!”
    Right. Just now. All of a sudden. They weren’t crazy, but just NOW they’re getting crazy. M hmm. Ok.
    Really insightful stuff you got here in 2023. Democrats are a little too extreme. Great stuff. Round of applause. What would we do without Ray’s hot takes? How could I navigate through politics without Ray suggesting in 2023 that JB Pritzker is soft on crime? He must have 200 IQ to conclude that.

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of his, Monk.

  7. I wonder when Cal or Ray will start posting about the deaths caused by COVID jabs?

    The convenience of the Damar Hamlin National Felon League player dying on the field sure did cover up the real cause.

    They want to take your guns because when people wake up to the crimes against humanity that Fauci and the swamp did to the population people are not going to be happy.

    And yes Monk, it was SUDDENLY doper.

    You read, you watch and you decide.

    Guns aren’t the problem.

    Politicians and Big Pharma in this instance are the problem.

    When are we going to ban them?
    Damar Hamlin and Uche Nwaneri were just the tip of the iceberg.

    Two days later, pro surfer Marcio Freire died of a “sudden cardiac event” while surfing. (He was 47.)

    The next day, a 16 year-old girl died of the same thing while playing flag football at a Las Vegas school and an 18 year-old girl died of a “sudden cardiac event” while playing basketball in the Bahamas.

    The day after those tragic deaths, pro soccer player Modeste M’Bami died of a heart attack as well. (He was 40.)

    Two days later, a coach at Devine Middle School died of a heart attack in front of his students while teaching class. (He was 35.)

    Then a 21 year-old student at the Air Force Academy died of a “sudden cardiac event” while walking to class — and a boy at Western Brown High School in Ohio died of the same thing on the same day at his school.


  8. If the government takes your tax dollars to pay for a Pfizer product…

    Then takes away your rights until you take that Pfizer product…

    Then shields Pfizer from any financial liability if you are harmed…

    Is the government a seamless subsidiary of Pfizer❓

  9. I am hoping that some idiot tries to take this to court.

    SCOTUS only struck down bans on “commonly used” weapons in the Heller decision.

    If someone wants to say that the type of weapons banned here are in “common use” bring it on.

    It will be another Dobbs decision that will further help the Democrats.

  10. Yes it will Science. Guess why? Liberals have no ability to use common sense. I refer you to Highland Park as a prime example.

  11. I’m not a Republican, I AM a conservative Democrat … Pritzker gun law does nothing … criticize me all you want LOL … it only means you can;t argue with my logic that

    1 – Pritzker’s gun law targets law abiding citizens

    2 – Pritzker’s gun law does nothing to address the real problem, criminals using assault and automatic weapons … (Yes I referedto it as n automatic weapons ban rather than an assault weapons ban because in my mind and the minds of most law abiding people there is little difference

    3 – We need to pass laws that target criminals and increase punishments

    tell Rich Miller to go f himself … he’s the big poster here 🙂

    But great to read all of the comments


    PS love your blog Cal …

  12. It’ll make Democrats look like tyrants, which they are.

    If it were a popular concept you wouldn’t see sheriffs including Democratic ones rejecting it.

    There’s a reason Pritzker waited until after the election to do this.

    If he thought it was such a good idea he would have tried to get it done sooner.

  13. Democrats over reaching here on guns, is a reminder of how they respond to what Totalitarian Xi and Iranian Mullahs do to their people.

    With jealous hard-ons.

  14. And now you know why he’s known far and wide as BullshitScientist.

  15. Because is a spoilt little metrosexual. He watches TV a lot and gets his ideas from “The View.”

    He voted for Biden & Prickster. He masturbates to posters of Beiber. He dreams of going native with an African boy.

  16. You all want to talk about guns….

    For the right to have protection…

    Now let’s put down our bow and arrows and start over.

    Can you do that ?

    B & A’s fought for this country too…

    Or did ya forget?

    Everyone has the right to protect themselves….

    But should not kill because you are greedy .!!!!!!

  17. BS,

    You can be 100% certain that this monstrosity of a law will be challenged in court.

    In case you haven’t been paying attention, the legal landscape has changed greatly since the Bruen decision.

    SCOTUS has vacated and remanded several decisions involving gun cases since then.

    The tide has turned bigly.

    I fully expect this law to be struck down, and the first of several challenges will probably be filed next week.

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