McHenry County Republican Party Weighs In on Democrats’ Gun Control Law

From Jeff Thorsen, Chairman of the McHenry County Republican Party:


On January 16, 2023, the McHenry County Republican Executive Committee passed a resolution.

The resolution encourages the McHenry County Board to pass a resolution objecting to the passing of
HB5471 (Protect Illinois Communities Act), make McHenry County a Second Amendment Constitutional
Safe Haven County and demand that The Illinois General Assembly cease and repeal the Firearm Owners
Identification Card Act.

Clearly, the passage of HB5471 infringes upon the basic right laid down by our founders to protect our homes and families from harm and to protect all of our unalienable rights from government tyranny.

While we ae confident the new law will be struck down in the judicial branch eventually, the damage done to local McHenry County businesses will be devastating and possibly irreversible in the meantime.

We call upon the McHenry County Board to consider the kitchen tables of those small business owners and employees most directly affected.

The McHenry County Law and Government Committee will meet on January 31, 2023 at 8:30 AM at the county administration building.

This resolution will be read into the record through public comment at that time and we anticipate the committee will refer this resolution to the McHenry County Board.

Jeffrey T. Thorsen
McHenry County Republican Central Committtee

The resolution is below:


McHenry County Republican Party Weighs In on Democrats’ Gun Control Law — 21 Comments

  1. At this very moment Pritzker is meeting with his fellow WEF Communists in Davos.

    Make no mistake about it, he (Pritzker and his ilk), is scheming and plotting how to
    increase their tyrannical power and subjugation over We the People.

    As is the custom for Pritzker and his like, they will let nothing will stand in their way
    in their insatiable quest to grab global power.

  2. Thanks to the McHenry Executive Committee and Jeff Thorsen. Well done!!!

  3. Why doesn’t he just file a lawsuit challenging the law.


  4. We may have a new and serious LEADER in McHenry County.

    Gone are the sycophants and suck ups to Franks and the Democrat machine – who were satisfied to receive the table scraps of corruption land in their hands.

    Thorsen appears to be the real deal.

    Same with Tadelman.

    Wow, things are looking up!!!

  5. On the border with Indiana. If you were smart enough to search it, you would know that! Duh! And posting a link that no one can access except goons that are tracked is not going to get you any kudos.

  6. ^That’s not going to be the only guy filing lawsuit. ISRA is currently looking for plaintiffs and has forms online you can fill out right now.

    Gun Policy may file one.

    Illinois Gun Rights Alliance. DeVore maybe. Probably many states attorneys.

  7. I think I’m moving out of Crook County into Mchenry County, lucky for me I have good friends there.

    I agree with Honest Abe’s comment about the Tyrant King Prick at Davos, exactly my thoughts.

    Let’s be strong, We The People Will Not Bow Down to Tyrants and Oligarchs Ever!!

    When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty!!

  8. Lawsuits are filed.

    Illinois is insane Y’all.

    Peacefully leave.

  9. Sandra, may I recommend the LITH and Crystal Lake areas. Your 1 vote might negate the plethora of liberal activists that live in that area. If you decide to get out, WI would be a better choice even though they are tweeking Dane, Brown and MKE counties to perfect their cheating. At least leadership in Madison recognizes those crimes and is working to fix it. Springfield is a lost cause.

    And Abe. The humor about the WEF is that they have Humpty Dumpty on a panel to discuss mis and disinformation. I wonder how many times Stelter visited the buffet line. A CNN anchor that titles his show Reliable Sources is absolutely priceless.

  10. Thorsen just attempting to be relevant.

    Didn’t he lose his County Board seat which he was Vice-Chairman in the November Election?

    He’s Chairman of the Republican Party and lost as an incumbent?

    Next,will he be announcing his running a write in candidacy for Mayor in CL or Dog Catcher to be somebody?

    I won’t hold my breath.

  11. Thorsen doesn’t inspire much confidence with me– a swampy type who was afraid to upset libtards.

    Perhaps he grew a pair. People CAN change.

  12. Who are the members of the Illinois Legislature on the Firearm Safety and Reform Working Group that concocted HB 5471, “Protect Illinois Communities Act”?

    Note how AGAIN, the devious Democrats misnamed a bill/act just like they have other bills such as the Very Dangerous “SAFE-T Act. Another deviously named act that requires teaching sexual matters, sexual deviancy to children in schools K-12 was misnamed as the “Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act (SB 818).

    Democrats will many times name a bill that is actually 180 degrees opposite of the implied dictionary meaning of the words. They, the Democrats slant and obfuscate to pull the wool over the eyes of low information and chump voters.

    In the case of the misnamed HB 5471, “Protect Illinois Communities Act”, a totally honest worded title should have been, “Diminish Second Amendment Rights” Bill.

    As always, trust no Democrat. Top to bottom. Joseph Robinette Biden Junior and his sidekick Kamal Harris on down to low level politicians.

  13. What next from Illinois Democrats after wanting to remove cash bail, diminishing second amendment rights, etc? Democrats in the Illinois Legislature by their actions show they are intent on giving advantage to thugs and felons at the expense of victims and law abiding citizens.

    They might be looking at Washington DC to emulate, copy cat.

    The dog named mayor of that town, Bowser, proposes to reduce the amount of jail time for those convicted of various crimes.

    Some crimes are through the roof there such as car jackings.

    Jail time and punishment needs to be increased.


    Run Jeff, Run!

  15. CPTKanga- when you are no longer in an elected seat you are more free to express yourself.

    Imagine what a great county this would be if the Republican board members didn’t give a flying fnck what and Demonrats thought.

    We’d be golden if not for the R.I.N.O.s.

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