Marengo Guns Plaintiff in Illinois State Rifle Association Suit against Democrats’ Gun Control Law

Providing a local angle to the Federal law suit filed by the Illinois State Rifle Association is a Marengo palintiff.

Marengo Guns’ stock.

It’s Marengo Guns.

Marengo Guns’ stock.

Here’s how to find the store:

Marengo Guns location on Route 20.


Marengo Guns Plaintiff in Illinois State Rifle Association Suit against Democrats’ Gun Control Law — 8 Comments

  1. Looks I finally found someone that can fix my Central Texas subterranean lair, Super Laser Cannon.

    Ummm, if you must ask, I only use it on those pesky asteroids and such, only at night.

  2. Good, the more the merrier.

    Marengo Guns not so fair in what they pay to buy from you, but fairer in what they sell to you.

    Also great place to go to be able to “handle” a new pistol without someone hovering over you–helps find a good fit, handling multiple displayed pistols quickly.

    Ok, now what about Kenneally?

    Is he working on something with other DA’s or laying low as Taddleman gets all the publicity and he gets none?

    We know Pat was NOT a Taddleman fan, but dont let that get in the way of doing the right thing here Pat.

  3. The more the merrier on the challenges, but I think the suit with the best chance for success is the yet to be filed suit with Il-FFL/Aurora Sportsmen’s Club/Guns Save Life/GOA as plaintiffs.

    They have been preparing for a long time and have some heavy hitters involved.

    I certainly wish Marengo Guns well in their suit, but the ISRA is also involved, and that group has been a big disappointment in recent years.

  4. I just read on the Illinois Carry page that Stephen P. McGlynn will be the judge in this case.

    He’s a Trump appointee and an NRA member.

    Some lefty moonbat groups tried to stop his confirmation.

  5. Billy B Thank Harry Reid for his ultimate stupidity to allow 51 votes to approve justices. I love karma when inflicted on useless liberals

  6. Kenneally-squeally was right about not backing Tadelman, but probably for the wrong reasons.

    Will Tadelman tell the homosexualized Woodstock PD, the antifa-weaponized FBI, the Oritzker Oraetorian Guard State Police snd the Marxist-ATF to buzz off when they set their sights on McHenry Co?

    Or will those locustlike agencies just descend here unannounced?

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