Foxes, No, Coyotes on Crystal Lake

Mackenzie Walter caught two foxes on Crystal Lake and generously offered to share them with McHenry County Blog.

Makenzie Walter photo of fox on Crystal Lake.
Perhaps this fox on Crystal Lake heard Makenzie Walter’s camera click.
There were two foxes on Crystal Lake. Photo credit: Makenzie Walter.


Foxes, No, Coyotes on Crystal Lake — 15 Comments

  1. Not a fox. Coyotes on average are almost twice the size of a fox.

    Characteristics also resemble longer limbs, nose, etc., that remain common in Coyotes.


    Then, examine the photos and then conclude that if a fox, then a Coyote would then would be similar to an Alaskan Malamute or the common Gray Wolf and twice the size as those photos.

  2. Funny Cal. Those creatures’ legs are way too big to be those of reynards or vixens. The heads and tails match no fox I ever saw.

    I grew up on a farm in Nova Scotia. And old farmer a few miles away raised foxes to the point of complete domestication.

    I’ve recounted my experiences with the old farmer’s loyal, gentile and amusing ‘dogs’ — and their excellent watch dog capabilities and sometimes clownish behaviors — only to be told by people, including animal control ‘experts’ was an “impossibility” despite my own first hand experience with them over years of childhood and adolescence.

    Now I see the Russians have been doing it for many years too.

  3. Lopez, you’ve been watching too much Graveyard Cars. Mark Worman appreciates the mention. LOL.

  4. I’m gonna be the first one to sign up for the Cal Skinner Nature Walks.

  5. I could be wrong but our foxes are red with white tips to their tail. I agree those are coyotes.

  6. Maybe he was just commenting they are really hot as in them coyotes are FOXES!

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