Mary Mahady Leaves Almost $16,000 on the Table on Election Day in Losing Campaign for County Clerk, Afterwards Repays $5,000 of Loan- Part 1

During the last thirty-nine days of her campaign to defeat incumbent Republican Joe Tirio for McHenry County Clerk, McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady spent almost $14,100,.

She received a last minute influx of $1,000 from Congressman Bill Foster, which probably meant he thought Mahady could emerge victorous.

It was a relatively close campaign.

53% to 47% was the election result for the ocntest betweeen Republican Joe Tirio and emocrat Mary Mahady in 2022.

But she had almost $16,000 left unspent.

The question in my mind is whether spending the funds available could have picked up enough votes to win.

On the last day of 2022, she wrote a check to herself for $5,000 to repay part of the aproximatrely $7,000 she loaned her campaign.

After repaying a large part of her loan, Mahady ended the year with $10,710.57 in the bank.

Assuming Mahady thought it would be a close campaign, one wonders why she didn’t spend all or her campaign funds in her quest for a much higher paying elective post than McHenry Township Assessor.

Mary Mahady carried the blue precincts; Joe Tirio the red ones.

Mahady is still carrying $2,025.52 in debt to herself, so one can guess that will be repaid from her campaign surplus. in the future in addition to the $5,000 repaid the last day of the reporting period.

Of the $18,355.49, Mahady reported spending after Septembet 30th, most–$10,020.78–went to Chi-Town printing.

That $5,000 loan repayment was the second highest expenditure.

Other expenses include

  • $1,915.78 to FaceBook
  • $598.69 to Crystal Lake’s Cottage restaurant on Election Night
  • $598.69 to McHenry’s Hub Market for supplies
  • $280.60 to Bimbo’s Italian Restaurant on two days before Election Day
  • $250 to the Democratic Party of McHenry County
  • $179.64 to ActBlue

Nothing for postage unless that was included in the payment to the printer, which would mean the expenditure should have been described as “mailing,” rather than “printing.” In any event, no postcard arrived at my Republican household, so the assumption could be made that Mahady did not think she could peal off any GOP votes.

Besides the $1,000 from Congressman Bill Foster, where did her money come from?

Here are the name of contributions of over $150 from individuals, which totaled $4,650:

Foszcz, Russell7301 W Burgett Road
Richmond, IL 60071
Kuna, J. Raymond1819 Magnolia Court
McHenry, IL 60051
Lavin, Karen2911 E. Lake Shore
Wonder Lake, IL 60097
Ludwig, Robert and Sharon18416 IL Route 173
Harvard, IL 60033
Mahady, Cheryl7 Wendfair Terrace
Albany, NY 12205
Mahady, James1126 E. First St.
Bloomington, IN 47401
Marshall, Tamara4011 Whitehall Lane
Algonquin, IL 60102
McAndrews, Mary Lou4219 Jay Street
Johnsburg, IL 60051
Richardson, John1126 E. First Street
Bloomington, IL 47401
Shine, Mary Ellen3318 Ivy Ln.
McHenry, IL 60050

Additional donations of under $150 from individuals totaled $3,265.

$2,863 was donated by Political Action Committees:

Bill Foster for Congress511 Aurora Avenue
Apt 510
Naperville, IL 60540
Friends of Kelli Wegener5720 Wild Ash
Crystal Lake, IL 60012

Mary Morgan for 52708 N Carriage Hill
Island Lake, IL 60042
Prairie Political Action Committee600 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
#15180, Washington, DC 20003

Contributions of $7,515 from individuals in amounts of $150 or more were donated during the third quarter of the year:

Additional contributions of $3,220 came in amounts less than $150.

$3,100 came from Political Action Committees:

JB for GovernorP.O. Box A3801
Chicago, IL 60690
LiUNA Chicago Laborers District Council PAC999 McClintock Drive
Suite 300
Burr Ridge, IL 60527-0825
Realtor Political Action CommitteeP. O. Box 19451
Springfield, IL 62794

More tomorrow.


Mary Mahady Leaves Almost $16,000 on the Table on Election Day in Losing Campaign for County Clerk, Afterwards Repays $5,000 of Loan- Part 1 — 2 Comments

  1. $598.69 Expenditure to Hub Market for “supplies”.

    Exactly what supplies were purchased from a butcher shop? Was it meat, or was it several bottles of wine to restock her personal wine cellar?

    What were these supposed supplies used for?

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