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  1. But Joe got 81m votes. What a clown world for people that believe that

  2. What an effing dope, doofus, moron, shill, liar to have duped Americans for many years in Delaware and then the U.S. This would not have happened if we had an honest and objective media investigating and reporting on his shenanigans over 5 decades. We are now stuck with this catastrophie. Biden’s insurance policy to not eject him was the selection of the grossly incompetent VP, Harris. She is incredibly worse than him.

  3. 81m votes – America is overrun with ever increasingly stupid people who are a danger to our Republic.

    These people are commonly known as DEMOCRATS.

    When the SHTF, as it inevitably will, they will be among the first to go.

  4. I used to live in Philadelphia and often rode the train to DC.

    The route took us through Delaware where the 2 senators from Delaware would board.

    Joe Roth would get on, sit by himself and open his briefcase and work while Joe Biden would also get on and walk the train aisles, cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other, working the crowd, paying special attention to the ladies.

    At the time he was married to his first wife and it was well know that he had “Dr.” Jill on the side.

    Anyone who had any brains could see that this empty suit cared only about himself and his position in life.

  5. What a jack*** has been Biden most all of his adult and political life. He is obnoxious in so many ways such as giving unwelcome kisses on the faces of unsuspecting women. Or putting his hand on the back of women or smelling their hair.
    He also touches men such as putting his hand on the shoulder of Zelensky in a recent photo.

    Biden has been a phony and dishonest since at least his college years when he plagiarized a British politician.

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