Mary Mahady Leaves Almost $16,000 on the Table on Election Day in Losing Campaign for County Clerk, Afterwards Repays $5,000 of Loan – Part 3

After reviewing the fourth and third quarterly reports of Democratic County Clerk hopeful Mary Mahady for 2022, it struck me that one significant element of her campaignwas missing–signs.

Of course, those had to have been purchased before July for her extremely successful June 28, 2023, primary campaign against 2018 Democratic Party County Clerk candidate Andrew Georgi.

So, I looked at the second quarterly report of 2022, April, May and June,

No yard signs, but there were some other interesting expenditures.

  • $6,351.40 for printing by Chi-Town Printing
  • $2,482.80 for billboards from Liberty Outdoor Advertising
  • $1,308.33 for consulting from Belvidere’s Roxie Spate Marketing
  • $593.97 for tee shirs from ArtRageous f Grayslake
  • $221.50 for campaign work from Eli Brottman of Machesney Park

Finding no yard signs, I was off to the first quarterly 2022 report and found them.

  • $5,695.67 fo signs to Forest Printing Company of Forest Park on March 11th
  • $963 for rebar from CMP Industries of McHenry
  • $350 to Roxie Spate Marketing of Belvidere
  • $320 to Chi-Town Printing
  • $243 to Linda Pete of McHenry as reimbursement for maps and supplies
  • $157.83 to 4 All Promos of Essex, CT for promotional material

Now let’s look at Mahady’s contributions of $150 or more for the first half of 2022.

Since she started with $27,557.56 back on January 1, 2022, I’ll go back even further after I type in the donations from those six months.

Flores and MihevcHighwood, IL 60040$1,000.00  
Gogol, EdwardCrystal Lake, IL 60039$500.00  
Iverson, Lynne PodporaCary, IL 60013$500.00  
Mahady, ChristinaMcHenry, IL 60050$400.00  
Mahady, MartinClarence, NY 14031$300.00  
Marshall, TamaraAlgonquin$250.00

During April, May and June the following made larger contributions:

Christensen, CathyWoodstock, IL 60098$206.00  
Finch, MaryRingwood, IL 60071$300.00  
Grebenick, MichaelLake in the Hills, IL 60156$250.00  
Johnsburg Bowl Inc.Johnsburg, IL 60051$250.00  
Johnson, IverMcHenry, IL 60050$500.00  
Lane, BruceCary, IL 60013$250.00  
McAndrews, PatrickMcHenry, IL 60050$500.00  
Metivier, Donald N.Woodstock, IL 60098$250.00  
Nelmes, Dale & LynneMcHenry, IL 60050$200.00  
Ness, LouisettWoodstock, IL 60098$250.00  
Omni Supply CorporationWest Dundee, IL 60118$200.00  
Shine, Mary EllenMcHenry, IL 60050$250.00  
Wallon, LindaHuntley, IL 60142$300.00
Capozzi Adler Federal PAC [Christina Mahady, Treasurer]Harrisburg, PA 17110$1,000.00  
Realtor Political Action CommitteeSpringfield, IL 62794$600.00  
Teamsters Volunteers In PoliticsWillow Springs, IL 60480$1,000.00

An additional $2,557 was donated in smaller amounts.

During the last quarter of 2021, Mahady ramped up her fundraising for her County Clerk run.

She raised $10,485 on top of the $18,177.95 in the bank as of September 30, 2021.

Beltran, RobertMcHenry, IL 60050$500.00  
Gogol, EdwardGlenview, IL 6002$500.00  
Kotomski, SuzanneMcHenry, IL 6005$200.00  
KRV Legal, IncCrystal Lake, IL 60014$300.00  
Lavin, KarenWonder Lake, IL 60097$255.00  
Mahady, JamesBloomington, IN 474$500.00  
McAndrews, PatrickMcHenry, IL 6005$250.00  
Moltmann, Mary LBull Valley, IL 6009$200.00  
Nelmes, Dale & LynneMcHenry, IL 6005$200.00  
Richardson, JohnBloomington, IL 4740$750.00  
Ridings, JeannieCrystal Lake, IL 60012$1,500.00  
Russell, CarolynAmherst, NY 14226$300.00  
Scifo, RuthCrystal Lake, IL 60012$585.00  
Thomas, SheilaMcHenry, IL 6005$250.00
Friends of Kristina ZahorikOakwood Hills, IL 6001$750.00  
Friends of Melinda BushGrayslake, IL 60030$500.00

$3,065 was donated in amounts of under $150.

Not much was spent, Just $1,105.39

  • $385 tp Chi-Town Printing
  • $244.01 to Jewel for food
  • the rest to ActBlue for fundraising.

Still tracking back on Mahady’s run-up to her County Clerk campaign.

During July, August and September of 2021, she was fundraising.

Six people were identified as contributing $3,600 right at the end of September.

Bockman, JayneMcHenry, IL 6005$500.00  
Condon, RebeccaSkokie, IL 6007$250.00  
Jensema, JoanMcHenry, IL 60050$500.00  
Johnson, IverMcHenry, IL 60050$950.00  
Mahady, ChristinaMcHenry, IL 60050$900.00  
Piersall, WendyWoodstock, IL 60098$500.00

There was an additional $1,300 in smaller amounts.

Mahady also loaned herself a thousand dollars.

The fundraising effort was an extraordinarily cost-beneficial one. Only $322.39 wa spent during the three-month period.

In the fall of 2020, Mahady lost to Craig Wilcox for State Senate almost 545% to 45%.

The State Senate results between Craig Wilcox and McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady.

She ended the campaign with $5,598.81 in her campaign checking account with $2,025.52 owed herself.

In 2021, she imediately started rasing money, bringing in $3,330 during January, February and March of 2021, when she was running unopposed for McHenry Township Assessor.

When and how much Mary Mahady spent in her campaign to beat Joe Tirio for McHenry County Clerk.

She raised $2,230 from those contributing less than $150 and $1,000 from larger checks.

Jensema, JoanMcHenry, IL 60050$200.00  
Johnson, IverMcHenry, IL 60050$200.00  
Ridings, JeannieCrystal Lake, IL 60012$350.00

Congresswoman Loren Underwood’s Farm Team PAC donated $250.

Spending only $264.72, Mahady’s campaign fund picked up $2,665.28 during the quarter.

When Mahady challenged Craig Wilcox for the State Senate, she had more to spend that did he at the end of the campaign:


Mary Mahady Leaves Almost $16,000 on the Table on Election Day in Losing Campaign for County Clerk, Afterwards Repays $5,000 of Loan – Part 3 — 3 Comments

  1. Mary Mahady is one of the creepiest, Satan worshipping, abortion fiends in the county.

    The word ‘vile’ to describe her is a gross understatement.

    Take a look at her contributors.

    A good look.

    She’s tapped into the lgbtq power and propaganda dregs of the county.

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