Recent Covid Deaths, According to the Coroner

McHenry County Coroner Dr. Michael Rein is releasing the following information on Covid-19 deaths in McHenry County.

There have been 3 confirmed deaths related to Covid-19 since the beginning of November 2022.

There has been 1 death in each month of November 2022, December 2022, and January 2023.

All 3 decedents reside in McHenry County.


Recent Covid Deaths, According to the Coroner — 41 Comments

  1. “RELATED TO” does not equal “FROM”. Semantics is a fun game to play isn’t it?

    Maybe this short video will help those in the dark what is going on in the world. It should be a good movie to watch once it drops this summer.

    In the meantime, Project Veritas is dropping another truth bomb about Pfizer tonight. The hits just keep on coming.

  2. Just more lies from ignorance and graft. Zero people ANYWHERE have EVER died of a made-up hoax disease.

  3. Cal please explain the inverse relationship between Covid deaths to Flu deaths.

    You are on the precipice of seeing the truth.

    May you find the truth.

  4. It’s rather preposterous to claim that Rein employed any pathologists to investigate alleged COVID deaths.

    He relied on hospital records which are problematic and unreliable for a number of reasons including the bizarre revenue enhancement available from the feds for COVID Dx and Tx.

    Dr. Rein has not proven himself a very good advocate for the taxpayers.

  5. I admit I do not know how the Coroner reached his Covid death findings.

  6. FYI..the above link is a PV interview with the Director of R&D for Pfizer admitting on camera they are mutating COVID to sell more vaccines.

    Bourla has a world of hurt coming for him.

    That video is going viral with a second one dropping tonight.

    If you got jabbed you need to watch and send it to everyone you know because your MSM certainly isn’t going to tell you about it.

  7. 🤡 🤡 🤡 bong addled fool.

    Please Monk give us inquiring minds your opinion on Pfizer corruption in concert with our government. We’re dying to know.

    You better dig deep in your Seinfeld library. LOL.

  8. Your legal predictions have all been wrong, most recently with Brunson v Adams, earlier with the John Durham investigation which resulted in two losses at trial, no deep state anything, and $6.5 million in tax dollars wasted. Before that, the kraken krowd. And on and on. Stick to the utoobs and tweets.

  9. And right on cue I end up in moderation.

    Great site Cal.

    You can’t debate liberal simps

  10. Jessie Lemonier dies at age 25. Suddenly.

    Andrea Gamsby 41 dies in her sleep.

    Time to WTFU. Pfizer is now the US version of Wuhan.

    SUDDENLY. I hope those that played Russian Roulette sleep good at night.

  11. You know that when one inserts a link in a comment, the program puts the comment into moderation, right?

  12. Does the fact that you keep winding up in moderation not register to you as any kind of admonishment of your behavior or do you just write it off as proof that Cal is in league with the deep state?

  13. Yes Cal I understand the Securi purgatory.

    And Cornpop, aren’t you supposed to be packing for your trip down to Halsted tomorrow?

    Let’s debate boys. Pfizer is doing gain of function research based on my posts. Another post is coming tonight. Do you have a balanced point to make about what the Director of R&D of Pfizer admitted to? LOL. I doubt it. IL liberals and RINOs are clueless when reality presents itself.

    I believe it’s called cognitive dissonance. There’s alot of that on this board. Some attributed to drug addiction, and some attributed to just plain ignorance. Remember to keep getting your death jabs. It might help this SHole state.

  14. Pfizer. BOO!

    You keep referencing all sorts of stupid sofa king big truth stuff that’s going to “drop” all the time. Where does it drop to? Into a dumpster? Clenched into a toilet somewhere?

    Or even worse? Into the Direct-to-Video pipeline?

  15. Well look at that. Mr I’ve done 25 bongs today can’t handle reality. What a fool. Cognitive dissonance is strong in the Monk fool.

  16. Then tell us all of your knowledge on the price of eggs and the cause. What a Dbag. You should hang out with Lowitzki.

  17. Enjoy your blue pilled dope addled reality Monk. The elites count on people like you that live with their head in the sand well in your case up their ass.

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