Algonuin Man Causes Tollway Crash, Flees, But Captured

Adiel Jaime

Fox News reports Algonquin’s Adiel Jaimem, age 55, caused a three-car crash on I-90 southeast of Roselle Road.

The accident occurred at about 4:15 yesterday afternoon.

Jaimem was making an illegal lane change when he caused a Ford to run into a Cheverlot.

The Ford was then stuck by another Ford.

A dashcam photo of Jaimem’s license plate led to his arrest.

He was taken to Cook County Jail.


Algonuin Man Causes Tollway Crash, Flees, But Captured — 3 Comments

  1. It’s a good thing Jose was given a drivers license and because he snuck in thought this was alright.

    His checking account also had a negative balance but still had checks to pass.

  2. Jose likely an illegal and given a free State Drivers License thought it was okay to flee. Now he’ll be claiming discrimination and his arrest racist. Where’s Gov Fred Flintstone getting Jose out for free?

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