An Atlanta Antifa Rioter Attended My Oberlin College. Why Am I Not Surprised?

I guess I should not have been surprised when I read in the London Mail article about last weekend’s riot in Atlanta that one of those arrested went to Oberlin College, where I graduated.

Here’s a second try at the link.

All but one don’t even live in Grorgia:

  • Nadja Geier, 24, from Nashville, Tennessee;
  • Madeleine Feola, 22, from Spokane, Washington;
  • Ivan Ferguson, 23, from Nevada;
  • Graham Evatt, 20, from Decatur, Georgia; and
  • Emily Murphy 37, from Grosse Ile, Michigan.


An Atlanta Antifa Rioter Attended My Oberlin College. Why Am I Not Surprised? — 12 Comments

  1. Yeah. Remember the old days when disaffected youth from all all over used to follow the Grateful Dead?

  2. The struggle with upper middle class white non binary Antifa is real #ManbunDems

  3. Your College looks over run by inbred, mentally challenged leftist.

    Perhaps they should run for Office in McHenry County as they’d be an upgrade to many of the crooks and marxist in Office today is State, Municipal and County positions in Illinois.

  4. These riots would stop in a hurry if police departments around the country were willing to dust off the playbook that the Chicago Police used in 1968.

  5. Ok kids, jump in my Olds GTO, were taking a Fear and Loathing field trip to Vegas.

    Ummm. not you Emily. Your a tad old and frankly creeping me out with that Leslie Van Houten look.

  6. Tonight and this weekend will be the night of peaceful protest. Just ask CNN.

    And Monk, my liberal douche of a neighbor on our street, the soy boy, did just that. It’s funny it never dawned on me that a dude with the dancing bears tatted on his lower back aka tramp stamped was disaffected. Since you are a self-professed drug addict, I suspect your LSD use in the 60’s, 70,s and 80’s is impacting your mental capacity. Did you fantasize about going out with Bobby Weir too? LOL

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