Loss of Motor Fuel Taxes Quantified Should Democrat’s Goal Be Accomplished

From State Senator Jason Plummer:

Electric Vehicle Report Shows Illinois Will Lose Billions in Revenue by 2030

The Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI) has released a report on the economic effects of Illinois’ recent focus on increasing electric vehicle production and use.

Electric charging station.

Specifically, the report claims that rising fuel efficiency standards and the recent push to popularize electric vehicles will mean a loss to Illinois of $4.3 billion in tax revenues that would traditionally be used to support state and federal transportation projects.

The report’s author says that this loss primarily comes as a result of Illinoisians buying decreased amounts of motor fuel, and the tax revenues that are generated through these purchases.

Thus, sources of funding for transportation projects, like road and bridge repair, are in jeopardy as the motor fuel tax made up just over half of the total state transportation revenue.

The $4.3 billion number assumes that Illinois will succeed in its current goal of putting one million electric vehicles on the road, an effort that would require an addition of 119 thousand electric vehicles per year.

This amount also considers the recent increase of the annual electric vehicle registration fee.


Loss of Motor Fuel Taxes Quantified Should Democrat’s Goal Be Accomplished — 7 Comments

  1. ‘In ze future, ve vill charge ze cars und ve vill eat the bugs, und you vill be happy.’

    Klaus at World Econ Forum, speaking at Memorial Service, for Dr. No and other fallen supervillain henchman.

  2. Motor fuel taxes by the State are fair. As long as the taxes collected are used strictly for road construction and maintenance. Drivers of vehicles pay for road use by the amount of fuel they consume. Of course drivers of a small car pay less per mile driven than a driver of a big pickup truck given the miles per gallon efficiency of the vehicles.

    There needs to be a means to collect taxes for road use from drivers of electric vehicles. A flat tax wherein drivers of a large, monstrous heavy electric pickup pays the same yearly fee as a driver of a small car would not be fair. Not equitable.

    There needs to be a formula for electric vehicle road tax that takes into account the miles driven per year AND the weight of the electric vehicle. Pay yearly for miles and weight. How? Yearly odometer readings at Secretary of State offices and then proper documentation and tracking. Vehicle weight is readily known and available from vehicle manufacturers.

  3. Bred, stop giving the corrupt liberals and RINOs running this state new ways to tax us.

    If I live in IL and fill up in WI I would be double taxed under your plan.

    They’ll eventually add a tax to everyone’s electric bills to subsidize the ecoterrorist that drive these vehicles

  4. People that have electric cars pay $100 more for the license plate stickers, every year.

  5. Mark S that the stupidity tax.

    You do realize electric cars are powered by coal and China batteries?

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