UPDATE: McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio Encourages People to Run Write-In Campaigns

UPDATE: For some reason the office of Mayor of Crystal Lake is not on the list below.

From the McHenry County Clerk:

County Clerk Encourages People to File as Write-In Candidates to Fill Open Seats

WOODSTOCK, Ill. –  If you’ve ever wanted to get involved in local government, there are races on the April 4 election ballot that can be won, in the words of County Clerk and Recorder Joe Tirio, “for the price of a piece of paper and a drive to Woodstock.”

“We have more than 20 offices with fewer candidates than open seats.

“That means you can likely have the seat by just running as a write-in,” Tirio said.

To run as a write-in, a candidate must be qualified for the seat and must file a declaration to run as a write-in at the County Clerk’s office by Thursday, Feb. 2.

The declaration can be found on the “elections” section of the candidate page on the County Clerk’s website at www.McHenryCountyClerkIL.gov.

“Once you’ve filed the declaration, you just need to contact friends, family, and neighbors to write your name in on the ballot on April 4,”, Tirio said.

“If the specter of gathering signatures, knocking on doors and raising funds has kept you from running for office, the bar has been significantly lowered.”

Write-in candidates must meet residency requirements for the seat for which they are running; some races further narrow residency for the vacant seat to a particular part of their jurisdiction. If (when) you win, within five days of the official canvass of votes, you will need to fill out a Statement of Candidacy, provide a receipt for filing your Statement of Economic Interests, and, if you want, sign the optional Loyalty Oath.

Here’s the list of races with fewer candidates than open seats:

  • Village of Fox River Grove, Trustee
  • Village of Greenwood, Trustee
  • Village of Lakewood, Trustee
  • Village of Oakwood Hills, Trustee
  • Village of Prairie Grove, Trustee
  • Village of Union, Trustee
  • Algonquin Public Library District, Trustee
  • Fox Lake Public Library District, Trustee
  • McHenry Public Library, Trustee
  • McHenry Public Library, Trustee (2-year term)
  • Nippersink Public Library District, Trustee
  • River East Public Library District, Trustee
  • Marengo Community High School District #154, Board Member
  • Richmond-Burton High School District #157, Board Member (2-year term)
  • Fox River Grove Grade School District #3, Board Member (2-year term)
  • McHenry County Regional Board of Schools, Trustee
  • McHenry County Regional Board of Schools, Trustee (4-year term)
  • Lake County Regional Board of Schools, Trustee
  • Kane County Regional Board of Schools, Trustee (2-year term)
  • Boone/Winnebago County Regional Board of Schools, Trustee
  • Boone/Winnebago County Regional Board of Schools, Trustee (4-year term)

Nothing in this message should be considered legal advice as neither I, nor my staff can provide legal advice.

Tirio also seeks election judges:


UPDATE: McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio Encourages People to Run Write-In Campaigns — 54 Comments

  1. That “drive to Woodstock” is a dealbreaker Joe.

    I once dated a Sarah Lawrence girl that majored in Folklore and didn’t shave her armpits TYVM.

  2. Cmon Cuke. Stop spinning fanciful tales and misinformation as Tirio says. Those that have a clue know all about.

    Eugene Yu
    Konnech Inc
    IL Board of Elections
    Mail In Voting
    Big Tech and MSM Censorship

    Mr Tirio is on top of it. The Chinese are definitely not involved in our elections even though they build the cheat machines and software.

    I also love it that Paul Pelosi standing in his foyer next to a guy with a hammer in his hand still had a cocktail in his hand. No wonder Nancy exorcised the demons in her house. She can’t compute her husband is a homosexual.

    Back to the article. All smart people leave this SHole state. All you’re left with is liberals that want to tell you how to live your life.

  3. Shhhhh. Don’t tell Tirio.

    Seth Keshel
    Senate Hearings from Arizona’s Election Experts Also Match with My Forecasting Models.

    AZ Dems have at least 246,628 counterfeit votes covering up a 10-point Kari Lake Victory. A 1,200 word deep dive into the coming Appeal and the criticality of exposing the signature verification pox.

  4. JT, you get all excited about all this sh*t going to court. You never crow about what happens AFTER court. Now, why might that be?

  5. It’s getting late Monk. Aren’t your MANdates waiting for you in the city? Funny you can’t respond to the Covid thread other than with your normal dope addled stupidity. PS. I’m not excited. What’s happening in Fulton County, GA sport? You’re in the know. LOL

  6. Tirio claimed his ballot machines were not on line, but they were.

    Why all the lies?

  7. JT, always asking questions he knows the answer to make him look smarter than everyone.

    Typical douche behavior.

    Some day you will realize no one cares what you have to say.

  8. Wahhhh. Cmon little Joey. You have no answers to my questions. What’s the matter. Your teleprompter reading monkeys don’t give YOU the truth?

    LOL. Thanks for proving my point. Truth upsets simps like you.

    What does your doomsday clock tell you about that some day comment?

  9. Truth, JT?

    Every candidate, every movement, every conspiracy, every personality you support?

    Losers. Every one.

  10. LOL. Monk tell us all you know about election integrity? Fill your bong, rub it, light it, inhale it and let the genie swimming in your bongwater give you the truth as delivered through your dope.

  11. Oh boy, Lakewood Trustee.

    Could that mean that one failed tax guy could decide he wants to be a PITA again?

    AL Z, please tell us you are done making a fool of yourself??

  12. LOL. Keep taking notes Monk. You can’t afford nice things apparently since you spend your money on drugs. You forgot my truck.

    Cat got your tongue on election integrity doper? Oh nevermind. I forgot you use your lips and tongue in the bars on Halsted on the weekends.

    Keep punching sport. I love exchanging with clowns like you.


  13. Nothing ever comes of Mike Lindell lawsuits or Bobby Pitons tantrums, or JTs election fraud claims because they’re all bogus.

    Waaaaah Waaaaaah Never passed 7th grade level debating skills and no life.

    Clearly devoid of spousal attention.


  14. LOFL… OK GMan. I’ll play. Tell us all you know about the Director of R&D at Pfizer that was just outed by Project Veritas. Are you buddies with Monk? Your post seems to indicate that. Man when blue pills are confronted with reality they really lose it.

    After you are done hyperventilating tell me all you know about these voting influencers.

    Eugene Yu
    Konnech Inc
    IL Board of Elections
    Mail In Voting
    Big Tech and MSM Censorship

    Cue theme from Final Jeopardy.

  15. PS….Monk aka GMan my spouse is a woman unlike the boys you service on Halsted. LOL.

  16. Yes, a woman who is closing in on a public sector pension and retirement.

    Finally, she’ll be secure on her own, enjoying her post-divorce life free from you.


    You can keep the cars.

  17. “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.”

    Joseph Stalin

  18. Time to bring back stocks and flogging for corrupt public officials.

    How about in the center of the Woodstock Square to keep it in the County Seat.

  19. Tirio and his other “unpaid” other half are always campaigning.

    For themselves.

    Worse, the PACS which they run and are part of are unethical, I did not say illegal, but when you control PAC committees, endorse candidates, and also COUNT the votes while holding office, it should be illegal.


    I’d say so.

  20. Those who attack Joe don’t know Joe.

    He is as solid a ethical conservative as there is…period.


    Kane county is accepting mail in ballots with just a date of birth, name and address. No signature needed to verify!

    Application is electronic over the net.

    Mchenry county is a mail or drop off paper application with signature.

    The way it should be.

    Keep your friends close…

    Your enemies closer…

  21. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh Monk. Funny you regurgitate everything I post. Try getting an original thought between bong hits sport.

    Dr Rob. What we really need is you need a photo ID to vote. Mail in ballots and all these corrupt electronic systems linked to China are what’s taking this country down. You don’t honestly believe the potted plant and his babysitter wife got 81m votes. The process was created in IL and was perfected in 2020. I hope you know they want to push this state to ranked choice voting.

  22. JT, I as most people I know are aware of all, well versed on most. Konnech being the biggest nothing-burger of them all. No hyperventilating here, Sparky. You just follow any and all rabbit holes, fall in ’em and think you’re an authority. You’re the perfect example of what they talked about when experts said “A little knowledge is dangerous”. You’re nothing but a juvenile keyboard whiner. This county got rid of Dominion years ago. Trump won the only collar county of McHenry, Mail-in-voting is a system of rules that Republicans better learn to leverage or be happy with losing.

    “The Chinese are using our voter rolls to communicate”. < Bobby Piton on crack. (tech wizards they have there never heard of g-mail. LMAO)

  23. GMan your levels of discernment are lacking. It seems your addicted to Bobby Piton like your alter ego Monk who can’t stop posting his name.

    And wow. I’m a juvinelle keyboard warrior with a little knowledge. Tell me all you know about Diebold, ES&S and Dominion and keep up your focus on Piton as this state continues its path down the drain thanks to corrupt elections.

    There’s a Trump Rally tonight. Maybe you should watch it. The attendees must all be Qspiracy theorist that have little knowledge as well. Hopefully Mike Lindell speaks too. LOL.

  24. Mr. Tirio is just a small, local cog of the machinery of our dispossession.

    Jews would have us believe that special groups like negroes, trannies, gays, etc., need special protection because they are so vulnerable, but it’s all bogus.

    It’s really about Protected Supremacisms.

    What honest person can deny that the main supremacisms in the US are Jewish, black, and homo?

    Jews control just about all elite institutions and industries that matter.

    Blacks use their superior muscle power to dominate sports and beat up whites all over in streets and schools.

    And homos have been elevated to neo-angel status in America. Queertianity has become a de facto compulsory neo-religion for all those who want to succeed in life. Also, it’s hilarious when Jews claim to oppose anti-Muslim speech because it’s ‘hate speech’.

    It was Hollywood Jews who made all those movies with Muslims-as-Terrorists that convinced so many Americans that ‘Muzzies’ are subhuman psychos. It was Jewish groups that pressured Americans into supporting Israel that has terrorized and tyrannized so many Palestinian Muslim lives. It was Jewish Neocons and Liberal Zionists who used Deep State and Big Media to make the US wage Wars for Israel that has destroyed millions of Muslim lives in Middle East and North Africa, as well as Christianity in those regions.

    Now the jew elite from Soros to Blinken to Garland to Zuckerburg to Pritzker, wants war with Russia.

    They destroyed the Nordstream pipeline in the biggest act of state terrorism ever.

    Ask yourself why.

  25. LOL Duncan. You forgot who imploded the towers on 911 and who blackmails our politicians thru pedophilia. I don’t know who’s worse. The CIA or Mossad. But remember as GMan says a little knowledge is dangerous. Truth upsets some of the blue pilled.

  26. And yet another troll Cornpop posts. LOL. Large brained Illinois residents are priceless.

  27. Haig was on your original list though.

    Shake even commented about how Haig was the only one running despite people here complaining about him (which was the same thought I had).

  28. In the lead-up to the second Gulf War, Ron Paul introduced a declaration of war against Iraq to remind people of the Constitution.

    Sending military aid to one belligerent has historically been considered an act of war against the other. Will any Republican have the courage to do that with Russia?

    Ron Paul voted against his own declaration, and I see no reason for us to start a war with Russia.
    But our government is committing acts of war without a declaration of war, which is unconstitutional and should not be allowed to stand.

  29. “For some reason the office of Mayor of Crystal Lake is not on the list below.”
    “Here’s the list of races with fewer candidates than open seats:”

    As correcting said, Haig Haleblian has already filed as a write-in, so the Office of Mayor of CL wouldn’t have fewer candidates than open seats.

  30. …Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge…

    Darwin was spot on about people like JT.

  31. What’s the matter Little Joey, you feel inadequate because you weren’t projecting again today? And then here you are showing up to prove your superior IQ with your projecting. Sarcasm on re your IQ. Are you mad because you couldn’t make it to Halsted this weekend with you butt buddies? LOL.

  32. I understand your point, but it is still a write-in opportunity.

  33. Zelensky’s assets are said to be just short of a billion dollars.

    Once he reaches the magic number, he may just run for Beverley Hills and sleep on Sean Penn’s couch, or go to one of his villas in Israel, Florida or Tuscany

  34. ‘Haig Haleblain’?

    Is he related to a ‘Gomer or Goober Pyle’ as it sounds just as made up?

    Didn’t he make an appearance on ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ as Drysdales light in the loafers son ‘Sonny’? lol

  35. Motocross, you do realize that Penn is a CIA asset? He is always in the right place at the right time and hanging out with foreign tyrants. He just happened to be in the area ready to interview El Chapo when the super secret raid went down? Hugo Chavez is his best friend and now he just happens to be in Ukraine a week before the war broke out. Spicoli never got that lucky. I may not be around when it is finally announced that he is a CIA asset working for the Government while openly blasting it, but you did hear it from me first.

  36. Interesting observation Stormy. I thought he was in Ukraine for a photo op and to give the creep Zelensky instructions where to send the money being laundered. That’s what every other politician that went over there was doing. Why no coverage by the MSM of our money going to Ukraine which then bought FTX coins and the money SBF absconded with and donated to the establishment swamp rats? That question was rhetorical for you because I suspect you already knew that.

  37. ‘steve’ on 01/28/2023 at 8:18 :
    how are either of the pacs unethical???

    These folks and their volunteers put in a lot of extra time for no pay or glory.

    The events held by both pacs showcase all Republican candidates, help the Party, and get the word out on critical issues and supports the Republican platform.

  38. Good post -Is the Republican Party on it?

    Are they holding sessions for recruitment of these possible candidates for positions where write-ins are needed?

    Maybe this will make some people come forward.

    Will the Party help them get started?

  39. President Trump assured Putin, Ukraine would not be part of NATO.

    No invasion. No war.

    Biden did the exact opposite. Invasion. War.

    The US war machine wanted Trump out.

    Big Tech, MSM and the Deep State wanted Trump out. They got what they wanted.

    But they had to rig an election and stage a coup to do it. GD them all and FJB.

    Its becoming more obvious that the so-called country of Ukraine was just a money laundering front for crooks. That’s why those crooks are crazy to preserve the accursed dump.

    This why Fauci, Pfizer, Pritzker, etc., mudt be hunted down, tried and given capital punishment:


  40. Funny how there’s hundreds of billion$ for the cokehead Zelensky and his Kiev gay pride parades, but Zero for the southern ‘border’.

  41. It’s the “chews”. Always the chews. When I read the weak, fearful, anonymous cowards here, it’s always in the voice of General Burkhalter of Hogan’s Heroes.

    Talk of rounding people up…you lot couldn’t round up ants in your kitchens.

  42. Martin mentions Hogan’s Heroes.

    Who would have thought that decades after that teevee show that the vast majority of the media, tv and newspapers, are as dumb as Sargent Schultz.

    Actually they are worse than Schultz in that they consciously lie, obfuscate, cover up and protect the monsters and liars of the Democrat Party.

    Turns out that most of the media are mouthpieces for the Democrat Party just like were Pravda protecting the communist party of the former USSR.

    Anyone who trust the media in the U.S. is nuts.

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