Norge Makes Tribune’s Front Page

What is unique about McHenry County?

That’s the question that entered my mind when I was trying to figure out what to put on the masthead of McHenry County Blog.

We have beautiful lakes, one of which I love driving by on the way home from either direction.

Sunset over Crystal Lake on July 2, 2017.

But lakes are not unique.

We have the Fox River.

A boat running flat out on the Fox River.

But lots of places have rivers.

Preparing for planting.

We have farms, but they are not unique.

This graceful lady is called “Queen of the Prairie.”

Shots of prairies or woods could have been used, but, again, nothing unique there.

Stickney Woods in McHenry. Photo credit Mackenzie Walter.

Then, it occurred to me that McHenry County is the only place in Illinois with a ski jump.

Today, the Chicago Tribune featured the snow-covered Norge ski hill on its front page.

This weekend was supposed to be the annual ski jump tournament, but it was postponed until mid-February because of too warm weather to produce snow.

The Norge Ski Tournament has been postponed until February 11th and 12th.

And, there is one other aspect of the ski jump that might be relevant to McHenry County Blog,

We sometimes leap on stories other local media ignore.


Norge Makes Tribune’s Front Page — 16 Comments

  1. Nice reflection on societal treasures that certainly warrant appreciation.

    However, the taxes per capita falls short for the destination in which we live, which is Illinois.

    Among the highest in the country?


    But, hey, we got a ski jump!


    Like Proft pointed out this week, upwards of 70% (recent study) when done raping Illinois (pensions & entitlements) leave Illinois.

    Number one State heading to?

    Florida of course.

    Puhhhhleaseee don’t suggest it’s because of the sunshine.

    These shills are complicit when they choose to “work’ here while continuing to rape those with real jobs, then suddenly, their socialistic tendencies leave at 55? It’s get mine while I can, then I’m out.

  2. Normally it was scheduled the weekend of the bye week before the superbowl.

    They rescheduled for superbowl Sunday.

    Not sure what they are thinking with that date. Parking should be easier I guess.

  3. Steve is an honest and astute observer.

    Maybe the Russians will save America by nuking DC. That would be nice. Very nice.

    Just consider: Today, Arts & Entertainment must conform to the mono-objectivism of PC. This goes from the haute Art World down to comic books for kids. So, we have Art Galleries selling million-dollar piles of junk about ‘patriarchy’ or ‘my liberated vagina’, and we have Archies comic book where the hero sacrifices his life to save a saintly homo from a deranged ‘homophobe’. Once the subjective humanities were turned ‘objective’ via PC ideology, they became a socio-political tool. Since journalism is about objective coverage of world events and trends, it began to take cues from the humanities that now claimed to have an objective grasp on society, justice, politics, and truth. Subjective was made ‘objective’, and in turn, objective was made ‘subjective’. It’s on wonder that so much of what passes for journalism today is about ‘muh feels’ that are now baked into the hearts and minds of anyone who attends college.

    Just consider: Obama as ‘the one’, Homomania as new faith, ‘gay marriage’ as legitimate, a man with a really bad wig like Dan Aylward or Amy Schneider is a ‘woman’, Russian Collusion Hoax, Trump is ‘literally Hitler’, as is Putin, Wakanda is truth, New STAR WARS is better than ever because ‘diversity’, ‘hate speech’ is not free speech, and etc.

  4. Cos. Good post.

    To expand on that thread.

    Similarly, while what happened in Memphis is deplorable, much of the nation genuflects (feelings) on how systemic police brutality is across the nation.


    Because of a bad few in a pool of thousands of police officers?

    No white man to blame, CNN doubles-down insisting that there need not be a white officer involved since – you ready for it, are you ready for it? –

    since the “system” was CREATED by white people.


    Thereby, the white man is perpetually at fault, even in a city like Memphis, 60% black, black Chief, Black City Council, etc.

    CNN knows it, the media knows it, democrats know it; the nuclear family among blacks is/has been abysmal since the 70s.

    Saying so does not make it, “racist.”

    Upwards of 70% of black mothers are single with the father non-existent.

    While this does not warrant what happened in Memphis, is the primary root of sociologic problems within black culture.

    However, “racism” under the guise of Democrats is perpetual, breeds power, and implores redistribution.


    Right Sharpton?

  5. Let’s assume that universal income, redistribution, or reparations are warranted.

    When you GIVE someone, white, black, purple, whatever, say $1200 a month to do, nothing: Food, housing, and education included, the recipient’s response?

    “It’s not enough.”

    It will never be enough!

    Despite their lack of gratuity for having checked all the boxes.

    Be it the right color, race, gender, or being illegal, it will never be enough.

    This is where the democrat party steps in, fighting for the “little man,” always in desperate need of more. Similarly, California now fighting the wacko left in warranting the likes of McDonalds, In & Out Burger, Wendy’s, etc., to pay $25 per hour to put ketchup in a bag.

    If you have a house and a 60′ TV?

    So then should everyone else despite income level.

    It’s equity don’t cha know?

    If your are a Doctor and or electrician and studied that skill or trade, it’s only because the “system” provided you that opportunity that others never had, and therefore that income should be redistributed.

    Whether you flip a burger or perform open heart surgery.

    Marx at best.

    Why then should the common man want to do better?

    To go to school, to work hard, to build self-esteem, when the broom-pusher earns as much as the business owner?

    That same business owner, who may have mortgaged his house, never seen his kids, worked 90 hours a week, or suffered a divorce due to his insatiable work habits?

    The very same businessman, who yes, made it and now lives in a 15,000′ house, but risked it all while he now employs 5000 workers.

    Shame on him that he only pays $20 an hour to for his employees to make a widget.

    Upon climbing a mountain, among the clouds and ancient ruins, a man once reached a prophet and asked him: is it true that if a man learns to fish he can then provide for himself?

    The prophet who happened to be a democrat paused, stroked his white beard, and then offered:

    my son, you stupid ass, for it much wiser and less labor, not having to work and learn to fish, when you can merely take that same fish from another.

    And so it goes….

  6. Norge ski jump a nice yearly event.

    And unique.

    But, does it truly represent what is McHenry County?

    Interesting to ponder.

    What about other counties?

    What one picture, up-to-date, would be representative of Cook County?

    Car jackers pointing a gun at a driver’s head while pulling him/her out of the driver’s seat?

  7. I find it interesting that the police case in Memohis is blamed on whites, when there was no white involved.

    Why do people take their cues from talking heads on TV All the time?

    Are people that dumbed down?

    This transgendered craze is quite sickening.

    Haven’t gays become the jews, crying victimhood at every opportunity when they are in control?

  8. Haven’t old white people become the Jews, crying victimhood at every opportunity when they are in control?

  9. A very thorough investigation of the Memphis situation should start with the life records of the 5 fired officers. How did they have a mindset that drove their actions? Also, a complete examination of the hiring process of the city’s police department. Do they delve into the ENTIRE background of each applicant? What are the items in an applicant’s background that make the person unsuitable to be a police officer? What is in their records as police officers from the date of hiring? Every record. Who hired them? Who were their supervisors and their records?

  10. Right on, bred.

    Investigate the irregular hiring standards and practice, the timing, who “hired” them?

    And the Chief fired from Atlanta for hiding sex crimes?

    Was it an intentional hiring of criminal gang to pull off yet another dirty deed?

    But that would be a conspiracy theory…:o

  11. People still read the Tribune?

    It’s a liberal piece of crap.

    I haven’t touched a Tribune in 15 years.

  12. Gave up reading the Tribune when they endorsed Barak Hussein Obama for president back in 2008.

  13. If you haven’t ever gone to this, Go!

    It’s a hoot and everyone’s friendly.

    Reminds me of the opening scene of Groundhog Day.

  14. Upset Mom? I remember even as a child when my Dad would drive us all the way from Chicago just to get an ice cream and view the castle directly across the street.

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