State GOP Chairman Don Tracy Defends Vote to Re-Elect Incumbent National Leader

From Illinois State Republican Chairman Don Tracy:


The RNC Winter Meeting just concluded in Southern California. The final and most important agenda matter was the election of the RNC Chair.

There were three candidates for the position – incumbent Ronna McDaniel, election attorney Harmeet Dhillion and My Pillow founder, Mike Lindell. Ronna was elected by a vote of 111 for her, 51 for Harmeet, and 4 for Mike.

During the campaign of almost three months, I received many emails from good Republicans, many of whom were from Illinois. Because so many of these emails advocated a vote for Dhillion, Lindell or anybody but Ronna, some good Republicans will be disappointed by my vote for Ronna. I will now explain that vote, first in summary and then in more detail.

As the razor-close presidential elections of 2016 and 2020 indicate, the national electorate is pretty much voting 50% for a Democrat candidate and 50% for a Republican candidate. The Obama-Romney election of 2012 was also close and would have been even closer, I believe, but for two hurricanes which hit Florida and New Jersey-New York at critical junctures in the campaign. With a 50-50 national electorate, taking back the US House should be a cause for celebration not angst. However, we lost the formerly tied US Senate by losing one seat and took back the US House by a smaller margin than hoped for, and the high expectations for a big red national wave did not materialize.

Unfortunately, rather than lead a reasoned and dispassionate analysis of (a) whether the red wave expectations were realistic in the face of a determined and extremely well-financed opponent and the re-emergence of abortion as a major issue; (b) why we did not win the Georgia, New Hampshire, Nevada and Arizona seats; and (c) what we need to do different to win in 2024, some political commentators have promoted an opportunistic blame game on a Republican infrastructure leader who did not select any of the 2022 Republican House or Senate candidates or fund any of their campaigns and whose job was not to do any of those things.

I call Ronna an infrastructure leader because that is what the RNC is, a political infrastructure support system. By next week, I will have served as Illinois State Chairman for two years. During that time, I have had an inside view of the great work Ronna has done on national Republican infrastructure and how much it has improved under her watch.

The Republican National Committee is a confederation of the state and territorial Republican parties. The RNC provides support services to state parties – such as data services – assists state parties with training, field staff and fundraising, oversees the Presidential nominating process and organizes a quadrennial national convention for the party to confirm the nomination of our candidate for President. It is composed of 168 members — three from each state and territory, the chairman of the state/territory party and a Committeeman and Committeewoman. Demetra Demonte, Richard Porter and I are the Illinois members of the RNC. The RNC does not select any candidates for any office and does not run any campaigns. The RNC instead provides organizational support services of parties and candidates. 

For nearly 40 years, the RNC was barred from engaging in any election integrity activities by a consent decree. Ronna led the effort to have the consent decree lifted a few years ago, and the RNC has now made election integrity a major focus of the organization. 

Ronna entered the job with an already exemplary resume that she has built upon. She has had the experience of running a state party and of course running the RNC. Her creative and determined leadership of the Michigan party is a reason Donald Trump won in 2016, and she has set records for fundraising and support of state parties as RNC chairman. There is a meme out there that she’s responsible for candidates that fell short in AZ and GA, but that’s not true – and reflects a misunderstanding of the RNC’s role. 

Under Ronna’s leadership, the RNC has been very supportive of the Illinois party. They provided resources that allowed us to fight voter integrity issues in Champaign, Kane, Madison and other counties, and provided us access to the ZenDesk reporting system which allowed us to more efficiently track election issues and irregularities across the state during early voting and on election day. The RNC has consistently provided field data and support through the Advantage mobile app and GOP Datacenter.

The RNC’s State Party Strategies staff provided support through the GROW Program. The ILGOP received $50k in transfers for passing the final level of the GROW program as well as $10k in digital ads to support the growth of our digital fundraising program, email exchanges to support growth of digital fundraising program, and some polling.

I have also had the opportunity to meet Harmeet Dhillon, who I believe to be a very smart, capable, articulate and strong leader – as well as a tremendous asset for our party. Both of these women are impressive and a credit to the Republican Party. If Harmeet had been elected RNC Chair, she would have had my total support, as we work to grow the Republican Party in Illinois and defeat Joe Biden in 2024. 

However, Harmeet does not have any equivalent experience running an organization that’s close to the size and scope of the RNC. Further, Harmeet alleged that the RNC is a hotbed of corruption being bled by consultants and scammers — that the RNC is actually the reason we are losing races we hope to win. If that were true, then maybe something as drastic as a total, from zero, restart of the RNC might make some sense. We absolutely must root out any corruption at the RNC, but so far, none of the claims of wrongdoing have panned out.

I believe every organization needs to continually improve, and while I think the RNC has done a very good job on Ronna’s watch, I am also certain that it can do better. I am also certain that this race for RNC Chair will make Ronna an even better Chair. Competition is good. As a consequence perhaps, Ronna has plans for making the team leaner and more effective. For that I thank Harmeet for running.

The bottom line is that Ronna McDaniel has done an excellent job in every element of what an RNC Chairman is supposed to do in an environment that has been uniquely challenging. She’s a proven grass-roots leader with a solid plan for the next two years. 

Thank you for reading this and hopefully understanding that I believe my vote for Ronna was the right thing to do for our party.


State GOP Chairman Don Tracy Defends Vote to Re-Elect Incumbent National Leader — 40 Comments

  1. Maybe she will do this and “perhaps” she will do that!

    So she has no message on what she is actually going to do!

    That is a problem just like yourself Tracy!

    Sorry but if you are not getting the results, such as yourself, then its time to tear it down and start over!

    But Republicans dont have to tear it down far because we are close to the bottom.

    Just like a Major League team when they are floundering they break down the organizational structure and start over.

    There are many people that step up to run for election spots that so called never had experience and win!

    The problem you have of whether they are good on the issues is the vetting system that is non-existent in the Republican Party! T

    ime to restructure from the top down!

  2. Of course he does.

    We know where he’s coming from and this of no surprise.

    This damned Party can’t get out of its own way.

    If you elect the same failed leadership, you get the same failed leadership, period.

  3. This piece of sh!t lauds another.

    With human turds like this, expect more betrayal, lies and dead end ‘investigations’ on inconsequential distractions.

    Talk about the Mother of All Intel Failures – in fact even more astonishing than the non-existent Iraqi WMDs (in the run-up to Shock and Awe in 2003, anyone with a brain knew Baghdad had discontinued its weapons program already in the 1990s.)

    Now the collective West “committed the entire weight of its financial resources to crushing Russia (…) in every conceivable way – via financial, cultural and psychological war, and with real military war as the follow-through.”

    And yet Russia held its ground. And now reality-based developments prevail over fiction. The Global South “is peeling away into a separate economic model, no longer dependent on the dollar for its trading needs.”

    And the accelerated collapse of the US dollar increasingly plunges the Zionist Empire into a real existential crisis.

    All that hangs over a South Vietnam/Afghan scenario evolving in Ukraine after a rash government-led political and military purge. The coke comedian – whose only role is to beg non-stop for bags of cash, cocaine and loads of weapons – is being progressively sidelined by the Americans (beware of traveling CIA directors).

    The game in Kiev, according to Russian sources, seems to be that the Americans are taking over the Brits as handlers of the whole operation. Hence the ongoing recent elimination of the Ukie political hierarchy via arrests (for corruption! Hahaha), disappearances, mysterious helicopter crashes, suicides, as the Americans take over from the Brit MI-6.

    The coke comedian remains – for now – as a sock puppet while military control over what is left of Ukraine is entirely NATO’s.

    Well, it already was – but now, formally, Ukraine is the world’s first de facto NATO member without being an actual member, enjoying less than zero national sovereignty, and complete with NATO Storm troopers weaponized with American and German tanks in the name of “democracy”. Soon to be manned by American and NATO contractors in Ukie mismatched uniforms.

    The meeting last week of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group – totally controlled by the US – at the US Air Force base in Ramstein solidified a sort of tawdry remix of Operation Barbarossa.

    Here we go again, with German Panzers sent to Ukraine to fight Russia.

    Yet the tank coalition seems to have tanked even before it starts. Germany will send 14, Portugal 2, Belgium 0 (sorry, don’t have them); Slovakia one-half a tank, Morocco 17 (all junk, sorry). Then there’s Lithuania, whose Defense Minister observed, “Yes, we don’t have tanks, but we have an opinion about tanks.”

    No one ever accused German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock of being brighter than a light bulb. She finally gave the game away, at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg:

    “The crucial part is that we do it together and that we do not do the blame game in Europe because we are fighting a war against Russia.”

    So Baerbock agrees with Lavrov. Just don’t ask her what Doomsday Clock means. Or what happened after Operation Barbarossa failed.

  4. Poor Vladimir Putin! A victim, I tell you!

    As JT would say, “LOL”.

  5. “There were three candidates for the [RNC chair] position…election attorney Harmeet Dhillon and My Pillow founder, Mike Lindell. Ronna was elected by a vote of 111 for her, 51 for Harmeet, and 4 for Mike.”

    Let’s see, Ms. Dhillon is the national committeewoman of California, so if Chair Tracy were serious about writing a sincere explanation for his vote, dismissing Dhillon’s service on the RNC for the past years was condescending at best.

  6. The only three people from Illinois who had a say on who the RNC Chair is were Demetra DeMonte, Richard Porter, and Don Tracy.

    Those people are not elected by voters or even precinct committeemen.

    Voters in the Republican primary pick precinct committeemen, the precinct committeemen pick state central committeemen, the state central committeemen pick the leaders like Demetra, Richard, and Don.

    Richard would feel no pressure at all from precinct committeemen or regular voters writing to him.

    Instead what should have been done was that voters and precinct committeemen should have written to Republican state central committeemen (there is one in each congressional district).

    Those are the people who have some power over Illinois’s RNC members since RNC members are elected by, and only by, the state central committee.

    So, the pressure campaign was directed at the wrong people.

    One must understand the hierarchical structure of this organization and contact those who have leverage if they want to have any chance of success at changing the organization.

    I suspect that Illinois Review and the usual suspects hooting and hollering about how evil the Republican Party organization is did not explain this to their readers, just like Illinois Review had no plan at the December state central committee meeting where they got people’s hopes up that there was any chance of Don Tracy being removed.

    There was no chance of that happening.

    They should have slowly and behind the scenes put pressure on state central committee members to remove Don Tracy if that was their goal, instead of forming a flash mob and showing up at a meeting where such a topic was not even on the agenda.

    There was no vote to remove Tracy.

    If you want something done, you have to identify who has power and among that group who is your ally.

    They should have known who, if anyone at all, were allies.

    Instead they got humiliated.

    The idea to remove Tracy was not even entertained despite people ranting about it for hours.

    The point is if you want to change the party you need people who understand structure and process and can build a plan from that understanding.

    Stop listening to angerporn peddlers who think they’re going to will their demands into power through shouting.

    Never listen to Illinois Review on election strategy.

    They don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

    The two men who run that group are Scott Kaspar and Mark Vargas.

    Scott Kaspar’s claim to fame is he ran for congress and finished fifth in a six way race in 2022.

    During the primary most of his attacks were directed at the frontrunner, Keith Pekau, who was a solid candidate with a great track record standing up against COVID tyranny.

    Mark Vargas ran for congress in 2010 but dropped out to endorse disgraced Denny Hastert’s son who ended up losing.

    His other claim to fame is he told Trump to let Blagojevich out of prison.

    While I personally agree with Trump’s decision to do that, it doesn’t seem like the type of accomplishment the average Illinois Republican voter gets stoked about…

    And don’t listen to some yahoo on Rumble talking about what “the people” want.

    “The people” can yell and complain until Kingdom comes.

    If you don’t have a real plan of action you’re just pissing in the wind. Politics is a game where strategy is required.

    It is not, as “the grassroots” believe, a shouting match. I am so sick of know-nothings leading know-nothings. Start getting smart.

    Start planning ahead for meetings of the “insiders” in the future including county, state, and national conventions.

    One thing I’d like to see happen is converting back to direct elections of state central committeemen.

    Illinois Review is finally admitting this is a good idea, so it’s good they are finally listening to me!

    You need to be thinking about the next Illinois Republican Party convention.

    Now is a good time to start networking with your local Republican central committee (either at the township or county level), learning about bylaws and the structure of the party, and if you’re interested in direct elections for the SCC (like Democrats have and like Republicans used to have until the late 1980’s) then get in contact with Doug Ibendahl who can be found on Substack.

    Doug is a genius and has been consistent on this matter.

    He is already brainstorming with people how to change the organization and processes within the party but could use more help.

    Even if you’re not interested in the idea of direct elections, you should still take an interest in the leaders of the county, state, and national party.

    This last bit applies to Democrats too.

    One thing you can do is run for precinct committeeman if you haven’t already.

    Become an insider yourself.

    You’ll get access to more information that way.

    Newspapers don’t write about the inside baseball of a party – things like bylaws or who gets to be delegates at a state convention.

    Those things matter but chances are most people don’t even think about them or know anything about them.

    You can’t know what you don’t know.

    You need to learn how the game is played in order to play the game.

    Facebook posting and yelling is not going to cut it.

    You may have watched a Rumble video with some “patriots” decrying Ronna McDaniel as being part of “the establishment” but did you see any Rumble videos talking about the bylaws of the RNC?

    Probably not.

    And that’s the problem. We have too many know-nothings talking about their displeasure, not enough who bother learning how to actually change things.

  7. Very thorough explanation/response on this topic Correcting.

    A point to clarify: the national committeeman and committeewoman are officially elected by the Illinois Republican Convention delegates at the state convention during presidential election years. As Illinois Review has documented, the national committeepersons are term-limited to two consecutive 4-year terms, and both Richard Porter and Demetra DeMonte will have to vacate their offices next year, barring a last minute change to the Illinois Republican Party’s Bylaws.

    While the national committeepersons are officially elected by the delegates at the state convention, the appointments to the The Convention Committee to Nominate National Committeeman and National Committeewoman is crucial to determine who will be officially placed before the delegates for their approval as national committeepersons. Each state central committeeperson will appoint one delegate from their Congressional District to serve on this Convention Committee.

    Assuming the national committeepersons positions are vacant next year, the Convention Committee appointment will go a long way to recommending who will be the next national committeepersons from Illinois next year.

    I agree with Correcting. Every 10-15 years, there is always some new “grassroots” movement where newcomers, or recycled past leaders emerge and start making noise inside the Illinois Republican Party.

    The 1980s had the Moral Majority and “Traditional Family Values”

    The 1990s had both the “Republican Revolution” and the Ross Perot movement (and in 1996, the surprise win by then-state Rep Al Salvi for the U.S. Senate nomination over then-Lieutenant Governor Bob Kustra was a result)

    The late 2000s had the original “Taxed Enough Already” TEA Party movement.

    The late 2010s had both MAGA and QAnon influences.

    The early 2020s have self-appointed parents groups, many but not all boasting of followings on social media, particularly in Facebook groups, who fought mask mandates and the oversexualization of public education, who identify as the “grassroots”.

    While many parents groups are real and legitimate, particularly We the People of McHenry County led by Bruce Johnson. Others like Awake Illinois led by Shannon Adcock of Naperville, have allegedly been infiltrated by some fringe elements and/or agitators. While every political movement has fringe elements, they are usually no more than 1 or 2 people.

    Correcting is 100% right with “know-nothings leading know-nothings”. That is why I’m involved with We the People of McHenry County to help ensure the respectful engagement within the community. While Johnson and the leadership team of We the People of McHenry County made progress along the way, everyone contributing helps make the entire group successful.

    It should be pointed out We the People of McHenry County is not seen as an equivalent of Awake Illinois given the positions taken in McHenry County are mainstream and centrist, and that is a testament to the We the People of McHenry County team staying focused on issues their membership can have a direct impact within McHenry County.

    The planning ahead time for the 2024 election cycle is now, though many will wait until after April 4 to begin in earnest. The next primary election, currently scheduled for March 19, 2024, is underway, and the next county convention is currently scheduled for April 17, 2024.

  8. Lopez, I surmise that you are a believer in the fraud known as democracy and its attendant bullshit mechanism of voting for your master.

    The fraud is blatantly obvious when the ‘leaders’ are also known as civil servants and proclaim that they work for you when in fact, they live lives of luxury that you pay for with the theft known as ‘taxes’ and they use violence and the threat of violence to put you and the other peons in their place as subordinate tax cattle in the modern feudalism known as government.

    Have you ever woken up to the fact that you have been propagandized to believe in this nonsense?

    Why not get off your knees and stand up for your rights as a human being and declare that no one and no institution has the right to rule over you.

  9. All of John’s examples of grassroots uprisings were successful too, so it’s not as if the situation is hopeless.

    Those groups got good at organizing and took over.

    Another example but from the local level: in 2014 Republicans led by Sandra Salgado took over and booted the “old guard.”

    Yet another example, although this was a direct election: Peter Janko got elected to the Democratic Party’s SCC despite Madigan and many “establishment” figures opposing him.

    Trump was an outsider and won too but that was also largely based on appealing directly to voters.

    imo direct elections make it easier for an outsider to get elected while when you keep it an inside game it makes it more likely that insiders will win.

  10. Resident, political strategy and morality are different topics.

    Should the state exist?


    But it does.

    You can play the game or not play the game.

    That’s a choice you have to make.

    Just know that your non-participation doesn’t stop judges, cops, and lawmakers from having power.

    If you can recommend to this blog some readings or videos that show people how to get from point a (the status quo) to point b (a stateless society) then drop some links or name some names.

  11. Lopez/Avalar, you’re involved with “We The People of McHenry County” yet still use the psy op phrase created by the media – QAnon. When you do that it shows you are not genuine. Do your fellow WTPoMC also spout that belief?

    Also this guy Don Tracy who votes for anyone associated with the RINO Romney family to lead the RNC into the future is clueless. The corruption in WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, TX and other states is out there yet he dismisses it. Hell, why not just run Megan McCain against that useless Romney.

    The cabal/swamp is being exposed. Oh that’s right, it’s QAnon conspiracies.

    Since you are a well read individual Lopez, here’s a short read about Q, not Anons. Maybe it will help you and WTPoMC who mock understand what you are talking about. Since there are only RINOs in this state they’ll pull a Tom Devore and claim you are crazy. Funny Tom lost his election by denying that elections are being cheated. I’m glad he lost btw and I’m not a RINO and definitely not a liberal..

  12. This is just another bad choice the Gop continues to make in the state of Illinois and also elsewhere throughout the states.

    The republican elite are so disconnected from the voters and really dont seem to want to even listen to the voters wishes…

    do we really need a republican party?

  13. JT, you can dispense with your transparent attempt to gaslight, and nowhere did I reference ANYONE within WTPoMC of spouting QAnon beliefs, and I know what to look for to discern someone who believes in QAnon.

    Corruption in TX? Please, entertain me and tell me WHERE in TX is the alleged corruption.

  14. Wow Avelar. I’m gaslighting? Apparently you missed the video of the election worker in Houston on police body cam footage admitting to ballot stuffing. But you don’t read that in Politico or your other echo chamber periodicals.

    BTW, the fact that you admit hanging with the Galati’s group WTPoMC and then use the phrase QAnon tells me you are in a similar echo chamber. Read the link about Q. If you still use Anon after it you must not be able to compute what it is and therefore should refer to Monk for guidance.

    No offense Marc. I don’t gaslight. I’m trying to wake up people that think they live in a world that is all hunky dory. Q is trying to do the same and those that do the research instead of dismissing it are much more informed. As Monk and his pals would say, I have to go to Bobby Piton’s page for more intel.


  15. Wow JT, 1 county out of 254 counties in Texas had irregularities, and the echo chambers of NPR and Texas Tribune reported it fully.

    Saw nothing about body cam and “ballot stuffing”, so that’s gaslighting on your part, but the Houston (Harris County) irregularlities is something that happens in every election and is being resolved.

    The gaslighting your attempting with WTPoMC will not work, because you’re doing gaslighting with a straw man arguement.

    It won’t work and you do gaslight, quite ineffectively I must add.

    Now, you can go back to your Star Trek: Picard episodes to see what “Q” is up to.

  16. That vote is another reason that the SCC should fire Chairman Tracy, as soon as possible.

    In 2022, Republicans lost seats in the U.S. Senate, governorship, and state legislatures.

  17. Republicans lost seats wherever it was that they only had crazy for sale.

  18. Phil Collins, a gentleman named Ned Ryun, who assisted Ronna McDaniel challenger Harmeet Dhillon’s campaign for RNC chair, shared this interesting chart with names of RNC members who were considered “Firm Ronna” and “Lean Ronna” which may provide a reference:

    Both IL Republican Chair Tracy and National Committeeman Porter were listed in the “Firm Ronna” portion of the chart.

    Missing was National Committeewoman Demonte from either count being for McDaniel.

    Since it was a secret ballot, we’ll never know for certain how RNC members voted outside of the RNC member stating how they voted, like Tracy did. Dhillon herself tweeted after the vote National Committeeman Porter was “whipping votes” for McDaniel.

    As discussed earlier, both Porter and Demonte are currently term-limited from pursuing another term as the national committeepersons from Illinois at next year’s state convention. Unless Chairman Tracy resigns, he’s in office until 2026.

    As far as 2022 races outside of Illinois, Republicans lost a total of 1 open seat last November in the U.S. Senate, though three other races were winnable in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Republicans were fortunate to hold on to Ohio’s open seat. Republicans did not flip a single U.S. Senate seat in 2022.

    Republicans flipped one governor (Nevada) where a Democratic incumbent failed to win reelection. But Democrats flipped several open governorships held by Republicans, in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

    Why Michigan’s slide from a red state in 2016 to Democrats controlling all 3 levers (governor, both chambers of legislature) as a result of 2022 given McDaniel’s home state’s descent during her tenure as RNC chair is a mystery.

    Michigan will have an open U.S. Senate seat in 2024 since Democrat Senator Stabenow announced she was stepping down at the end of her current term. Who will the Republicans put up next year? Failed gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon name already being floated but there will be more.

  19. Hey Lopez, Marc Avelar, so you are completely comfortable with “irregularities” in elections? Got it. You obviously missed 2000 Mules or you would understand ballot stuffing. You can find it free on Rumble between your episodes of Cobra Kai. I guess that is gaslighting too according to you. Also, you haven’t seen the body cam footage with the woman admitting she cheated by stuffing in Houston. Why is that? If you would crawl out of your echo chambers and use those critical thinking skills you apply to politics you might realize you’re the one being gaslit and probably have no clue you are.

    Ronna Romney was on Bartiromo this morning to talk about her reelection. Great 2 more years of that loser. She said we need to come out stronger to defeat the Dems in 2024 by voting early. LOL, yea that’s the ticket. She didn’t even acknowledge cheating in the 2020 election. Why is that? She’s an establishment RINO swamp rat just like this Tracy guy that voted for her. Do you think I was being gaslit by Romney this morning or was she giving me truth?

    Finally, you watch Cobra Kai yet accuse me of watching Star Trek for my information about Q. Priceless. You should reserve that commentary for the resident dope smoker because that is likely what he is doing between bong hits and making stupid posts.

    You keep believing QAnon is real. Did you get that phrase from your nightly news? I would recommend you use Qwant to do your internet searches and suggest your friends at WTPoMC start doing the same. A day later and I am still laughing that I’m the one gaslighting. Keep up the good work Marc. You are starting to entertain me.

  20. John, you got the flips slightly wrong. Dems flipped Maryland, Massachusetts, and Arizona from GOP control while they lost Nevada. Pennsylvania already had a Dem governor (Tom Wolf).

    Thank you for going into great detail about the national committee and all that stuff earlier!

    By the way, do you know how one becomes a delegate for the state convention?

    I’d like to know and other readers are probably curious as well.

    There is a state convention in 2024, right?

  21. And here’s an interesting take on the RNC from Wheeling’s own Charlie Kirk
    I learned so much being at the RNC today.

    1) There are some amazing members that truly love the grassroots. 55 of them that listen to you and care about what you think. They are passionate, lovely people who want their country back. They are wonderful.

    2) There is a small group of the 111 — likely 10-12 people — that are just scared. They don’t know how to move forward but are terrified of changing the status quo. They voted for Ronna for “continuity not chaos,” a weak argument based on fear, not vision.

    3) The largest slice of the RNC pie is filled with people who have a deep-seated contempt for the base energy of the party. Several told me to my face that they are annoyed by the grassroots and their “emails” that “bother them.”

    4) They told me November was a “raging success” and “historically good.” They told me the party needs fewer people who watch “Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson and your podcast and more people who read the newspaper.”

    5) The exuberance from these consultants when Ronna was elected chair was deafening. They knew what this means: the flow of money will only continue.

    6) I am truly shocked at how disconnected the RNC country club is from the people they beg for donations. There is a club of consultants who make insane $ off YOUR donations and are no proud of how they can defy the 98% of the party who wanted to see change.

    7) The contempt is real. The attitude is repeatedly expressed as “the volunteers who are upset don’t understand how things work around here”

    This is unsustainable.

  22. I agree with JT.

    Most Republicans are industinguishable from Democrats.

    Look at Sen. McConchie.

  23. Correcting asked the following:

    “By the way, do you know how one becomes a delegate for the state convention? I’d like to know and other readers are probably curious as well. There is a state convention in 2024, right?”

    A long time ago, back when I was active in the Republican Party, I served as a state convention delegate from Kane County at the 1996 (Champaign) and 2000 (Springfield) state Republican conventions. At the latter, I also served on a Convention Committee. Here’s how the process works, and looks like state law has changed very little since the end of the 20th Century.

    Last question first, there will be a state convention in 2024. It’s a presidential year, and given how the bulk of the 2020 convention was done virtually, it’ll take something extraordinary to prevent a state convention in 2024. State law (the Election Code) states an established party can call a convention within 6 months after the primary. Going by the March 19, 2024, primary date, the state convention could be as late as September.

    The Republican state central committee (SCC) will set the date. With the Republican National Convention next year currently scheduled for July 15-18, 2024 in Milwaukee, the state convention will be scheduled for a likely June date. State conventions usually are 2-day events, Friday and Saturday.


    State law determines how many delegates and alternate delegates each county Republican central committee is allotted. Based on the Official Canvass, the number of Republican ballots cast in each county is divided by 500. For example, using the 2022 Official Canvass for the Republican Primary in McHenry County, 29,379 Republican ballots, divided by 500 means 59 delegates and alternate delegates for McHenry County, based on 2022 Republican ballots cast in the primary.

    Come the 2024 Republican primary, Republican ballots cast will determine how many delegates to the state convention will be allocated to the McHenry County Republican Central Committee, and the chairman elected in April will officially appoint the delegates and alternate delegates.

    To become a 2024 state Republican convention delegate, all interested Republicans in McHenry County should let McHenry Co Republican Chairman Jeff Thorsen know. If he’s reelected at the 2024 county convention in April, he will be doing the appointing. If Thorsen is not reelected, it will be Thorsen’s successor.

    That’s pretty much it.

  24. ^That is rich coming from Charlie Kirk whose organization Turning Point USA was bankrolled by country club people. His entire political career: his little Rumble show, his following on Twitter, all the clout he has is DUE to “country club” people. lol

    Kirk NEVER bothers learning the nuts and bolts of this stuff, the inside baseball as I called it. I saw him and Jack Posobiec and a bunch of other DORKS on Rumble either standing there with their mouths open doing a second rate impression of Tucker Carlson looking befuddled or huffing and puffing about “the people” being ignored.

    The fact that Kirk or ANYBODY was SURPRISED McDaniel won tells you everything you need to know. If YOU thought McDaniel was NOT going to win you need to think twice about what people you get your political information from, because they’re feeding you a bunch of hopium and are detached from reality. Kirk has no credibility when he says he was SURPRISED at how the “country club” types voted. wtf did he think the “country club” would do? Why does he think it’s used as a pejorative to begin with?? He learned members in the RNC don’t care what people think? This guy is politically retarded. This is a description that applies to pretty much any organization. It’s insiders. Unless you already know the person inside the organization is EXPLICITLY on your side you are to EXPECT them to favor the status quo. Kirk is a f****** retard.

    btw Kirk used to parrot EXACTLY what donors told him until the “Groypers” started confronting his organization on college campuses. He was the most milquetoast boomer-y Republican you could think of and now he’s Mr. Populist. I find Kirk to be a phony. Once the political winds shifted he figured out how to grift off those people.

  25. LOL Correcting. Do you know what a groyper is? Quick run to google they’ll tell you what to believe. That’s the same as Lopez believing in QAnon. Please give us an example of a R leaning person that is not a groyper. Do you follow Michelle Maulkin and Ben Shapiro instead? I have to go read Pepe Lives Matter now. BTW I’m not a fan of Posbiec. He’s a former Intel guy which I question right up front.

  26. Correct is wrong about Kirk. The jews now seek to silence him. Why does Correcting resort to the jew fabricated hate against Kirk?

    It’s crazy. Something the zionut Dennis Prager, Zelensky’s pal, would do.

    Lopez/Avelar is getting tiresome too. But that’s what cuckservatives do; they de-energize people or put them off on a fool’s errand.

    Jews hate Russia because of the policies of Tsars (like the Holy Caust, they haven’t gotten over this one either). The Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish revolution, and because of Putin’s revitalization of Russian nationalism and to some extent Orthodox Christianity, I believe many Jews feel the need to have another revolution there. As this Ukrainian boondoggle continues, I would like to keep an eye on any anti-war movement happening in Russia itself. If one does take off, you can bet that somewhere Jews are involved – as they were involved in the anti-Vietnam war movement here in the 1970s.

    Jews I don’t believe, are that concerned about China being brought down. Too much money to be made there. They know the Chinese really don’t give a flying f—about the Holohoax, Jewish feelings or rainbows spewing forth from gay anuses. To the Jewish mind, Russia is far more of an existential threat (real, imagined and exaggerated) than China ever will be.

  27. LOL. Koziol. You’re channeling QAnon. Do you watch Star Trek too? Lopez thinks so.

  28. Look who crawled out of his bong induce haze to make a quip. How was the latest Star Trek episode doper?

    Tell us all you know about the Mossad and 9/11. Oh that’s right it was Muslims. Maybe it would benefit you to understand 5GW. As I say quick run to google for your preapproved narrative. But that’s just another Rabbit Hole.

  29. Let me know when Steve Bannon and Charlie Kirk criticize Israel. Your rantings about Russia are irrelevant to the topic. Charlie Kirk was funded by Conservative Inc aka Zionists. You mentioned Prager. Charlie Kirk was a close ally of Prager. Idk how close they are anymore but the two used to do a lot of work together not that long ago (certainly well into 2019). Charlie Kirk made videos on Prager U’s website which are still up there.

    Yeah man Groyper is a Google conspiracy. It’s not a real thing… It’s just Google lying! lol I don’t get my info from Google. I know about this stuff because I follow primary sources. I know what Charlie Kirk does and have been following him for close to 10 years. I knew who Nick Fuentes is and have known about him since 2016. I didn’t start paying attention to politics in the year 2020 like some people on this blog.

    Turning Point USA started out as a milquetoast conservative organization and was bankrolled by Zionist millionaires. Do you also think Sean Hannity is great because he brownnoses Trump? For people who complain about grifters, a lot of folks on this blog are awful at identifying grifters. Someone says one thing you like and you worship them. Sad.

    I’m sorry you guys can’t face basic facts.
    I’m sorry you listened to people who told you Ronna McDaniels was going to lose.

    Don’t know what to tell you. Kirk is the one acting shocked that McDaniels won as are a bunch of “patriot” bozos on Rumble. Anybody who knows anything about politics is NOT surprised. If you are one of the people wondering how this happened, consider the possibility that you’re the one with bad sources, not me.

    Once again: learn about the structure and processes of the Republican Party organization if you want to change it. John mentioned Ned Ryun who had a chart of who was leaning McDaniel. That’s the kind of thing that people should have been doing.
    Stephen Bannon tells ZOA he’s ‘proud to be a Christian Zionist’

    Candace Owens is another person who gained popularity primarily through her work with Charlie Kirk and she now works for Ben Shapiro at Daily Wire.

    It sounds like the people you think are dissidents are not as edgy as you think. Do you really think Steve Bannon is pushing the Overton Window? Because he wants border security?? Charlie Kirk is “anti-establishment” because he values free speech on campus?

    You are out of your gourd if you think Charlie Kirk and Steve Bannon are going to start talking about “the Jews” the way you’re talking about them.

    You are unaware how lucrative it is to grift off Trumpers. That’s why every time I go to a fair there’s some guy selling MAGA hats and shirts that fly off the rack. Kirk has gone into this circle (but in 2016 he was on the Marco Rubio train). And that makes him brave and smart?? What great insight does Kirk have? He was surprised so many people in the RNC voted for the incumbent chair. LOL

    Trump endorsed McDaniel in 2020 after the 2018 election disaster.
    Trump endorsed Kevin McCarthy for Speaker and all the Rumble bozos were crying about that too.

    It’s like you don’t pay attention to anything that’s going on and then you say how angry and shocked you are.

  30. Well please enlighten me Correcting, give me your sources of truth so I can become as wise as you. I was sharing a post I read and it rang true to me because I know truth when I see it. And please, keep Hannity out of any discussion. I stopped watching that tool well over a year ago.

    If you want to tie your line to someone with the last name Romney as a great leader so be it. Trump has learned alot in his years out of the swamp. Did you watch the SC get together last night where he had war monger Lindsey Graham on stage who had the same smirk on his face as Fauci when Trump spoke? Quite telling. So was the look on Trumps face when little ole Lindsey was speaking.

    And as far as McCarthy, his roommate is Frank Luntz. I don’t trust that guy unless he can prove himself worthy. He’s from CA and nothing good comes out of that state just like IL.

    I like the grift comment though. The jews own everything in this country. Some people need to acquiesce in order to make a living. Is that wrong? Kirk is on AM 560 in the afternoon. He’s not attacking jews but he is attacking the establishment. I would also love to see a list of sources you read that you deem non-grifters since you brought up the topic.

    Also for the record I don’t listen to Bannon or Rogan either.

  31. Why do you get triggered by the name “Q Anon” yet you religiously follow and even memorize and share Q drops?

    Q Anon is just the followers of Q. Anon like chan culture, Anon like the group Anonymous. Just people. The anons who follow Q. You have no problem with Q but hate when people say Q Anon, even though people identify themselves as Q Anon. Even though people show up at rallies with Q shirts and Q Sent Me signs. They share Q drops on their social media. People wear shirts that say Q: I am the storm and WWG1WGA.

    But uttering Q Anon is going too far. So, following Q is fine but identifying as Q Anon is not? Do you get dizzy from spinning so much???

    I told you long ago Q Anon was stupid. Glad you finally came around to that conclusion after Mike Flynn got scared and denounced it. Unfortunately it seems you’re still into a lot of crackpot conspiracy theories like “Devolution” which is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard.

    “Trump is the shadow president! Patriots are in control!”

    This is the braindead crap that bozos on Rumble push to keep people from learning how they can help. Dupes on Facebook posting that Nancy Pelosi got arrested in Mexico. These suckers will fall for anything if it fits their confirmation bias, but God forbid they learn how a county, state, or national convention works. God forbid they sign up to be an election judge or a poll watcher or try recruiting a candidate to primary these awful “establishment” figures they constantly complain about. smh

    You know how Democrats are always saying “the walls are closing in on Trump” and talking about the smoking gun and pee pee tapes and all this crap and any minute it’s going to come out? That’s what a lot of “patriot” people sound like too but for the other side. Blue Anon and Q Anon are just mirror images of each other but for people with opposite politics. They attract people who can’t face reality.

    And Charlie Kirk absolutely shifted his stance on immigration after he was confronted by Groypers. What are Groypers? They are just fans of Nick Fuentes. That is all there is to it. There is no Google conspiracy on that. Groypers proudly call themselves Groypers. Pretending Q Anon and Groypers aren’t real is like Democrats pretending antifa isn’t real or Republicans saying BLM is made up of WASP klansmen who hate black people or all the people at the capitol on J 6 were antifa. All of this spinning is nauseating. Sometimes a spade is just a spade.

    One of the big Q Decoder channels on Rumble and his disciples were promising Podesta was going to get arrested on the 13th or 14th of January. Q people are always getting things wrong. The whole movement is cringe and what’s worse is they have no humility. They can’t seem to own up to being wrong (which they usually are). They always make excuses.

    “Jews were involved in the anti-Vietnam movement.”
    Most people were against the Vietnam war. Your issue with “the Jews” is that they have been plotting to take us OUT of wars??? hahahahhahahaha So “the Jews” want us to get in a war with Russia because they’re war mongers but they were behind the anti-Vietnam movement? And you don’t think the opposition was due to tens of thousands of Americans dying in a jungle thousands of miles away? You think the opposition was inorganic and caused by “the Jews”? By 1968 more people were against the war than for it and it wasn’t until about 75 that we got out. If “the Jews” were plotting to get us out of the war they sure weren’t very good at it.

    This blog is full of schizo contrarians. Hard to take people on this blog seriously. Especially people who thought Ronna McDaniel was going to lose and who get their information from people who are surprised Ronna McDaniel won.

  32. just question things a lot and read multiple sources and get primary sources when possible. i dont have a go to source. it’s more of a method or process than some holy grail website that has all answers

    for example someone might read john’s comment and ask why he thinks awake is fringe and push back on that. don’t they focus on the same issues that we the people focuses on? so why is the one fringe but not the other? they might ask if john is getting his assumptions from left wing twitter mob talking points.

  33. Great point Correcting on the comparisons between Awake IL and WTPoMC.

    Hope the information I posted concerning state convention delegates proves useful.

  34. It is very useful! If delegates aren’t going to be picked until after 2024 primary that means there is time for folks to take over local parties. Pack local parties, take over the state party, then the country. It’s also a good reason to increase voter turnout locally. Too many people didn’t even run for PC and they are surprised things stayed the same way. It’s an insider game. You have to become an insider to change it lol 10 signatures piece of cake.

    You probably did not see this but the Mises Caucus which is like the right wing faction of the Libertarian Party took over a bunch of state chapters and swept elections at the LNC. Then what happens is as a faction takes over an organization the others jump off the ship and the faction gets even more influence. It demoralizes them. A lot of Libertarians quit the party because of it. The old guard of an organization sees themselves not at home and leaves. It really doesn’t take much pressure, but a lot of people when they lose they will feel demoralized and not try again. Like a bunch of dummies on Rumble when McDaniel won or groups on Twitter when Tracy was not removed they started pouting and saying they were done with the GOP. Loser mentality. The Mises Caucus tried taking over the LP before and were crushed. After they lost they were mocked. No matter. They stayed at it recruiting and eventually got the numbers to take over. It took a few election cycles. Some state Dem parties have been taken over by a progressive wing. These things happen in politics all the time.

    I have no patience for people who don’t want to learn anything, don’t want to do anything, and then act like defeatist losers when they lose. I have no patience for people who can’t look at what they did wrong and try to fix that problem next time. The problem isn’t so much the grassroots proper but the so-called leaders of them who don’t give them useful information. The grassroots influencers. Illinois Review and Peggy Hubbard for example. They’re nothing more than angerporn peddlers. We need generals not polemicists. What great advice has Charlie Kirk given anybody? It’s just word salads about “the people” and “the establishment” and prior to that it was “socialism sucks.”

    Study people who win and look at what they do. It’s fashionable now to hate Frank Luntz but he was behind a lot of Republican success in the Bush jr years. The main thing he did was message testing. Find out HOW to phrase something so as to be most popular. Kirk’s attempt to influence the youth was a failure. During the time his organization received millions of dollars and was on hundreds if not thousands of campuses his “socialism sucks” campaign did nothing to change young people’s minds and the youth grew *more* supportive of socialism! Did Kirk ever ask why his message was unpopular? Did he ever try to correct the framing?

    So, no I am not a fan of Charlie Kirk. Another problem with him is the fact that he’s a suburban native but he abandoned his local and state issues to run an organization that is known for bunga bunga parties and drug use, and to party with celebrities like the artist formerly known as Kanye West. idk maybe some people think that’s admirable he tried to influence more people, but not me. You should worry about your backyard. Same thing with Lauf leapfrogging up to running for congress from nowhere. People see that crap and think grift. What makes Kirk qualified to lead a national movement when he has done nothing locally???

    Kirk did not build his organization from scratch. He was bankrolled by millionaires! Kirk is the political equivalent of a Hollywood industry plant. Yes, it IS ironic that he’s pretending to be the face of “populism.” His organization TPUSA was in many ways the antithesis of the type of Republicanism that Trump campaigned on. It was a liberal organization. Trump was at his strongest when he was challenging the Reaganite conventions of the GOP (especially on trade, on foreign policy, and on immigration) and at his weakest when he echoed the generic market liberal talking points about “the far left socialist democrats” that one hears form Kirk’s organization TPUSA.

    He was quite late in terms of getting on the Trump train. He was a Rubio supporter and has deleted most of his anti-Trump tweets so it would be difficult to make a timeline of his changing views but I have followed his work for years and am familiar with him. Kirk just gravitates to whatever the right of center political flavor of the day is.

    And no it is not a “Jew” talking point to criticize Kirk. Many of the people who complain about Jews the most do not like Kirk and see him as a crypto-Jew. Nice try though. You won’t be tripping me up about politics lmao I don’t argue with nuclear physicists about nuclear physics idk why people on this blog gotta try arguing wit me about politics it never gonna end well for you. RIP.

  35. Let it go Correcting, your bloviating is annoying on this thread. Who lit your fuse? LOL. You and Lopez live in your QAnon or Q Anon bubble of politics who can’t figure out elections are being stolen and think it’s delegates in IL are going to solve the problem.

    You seem to have a hard on for Charlie Kirk and Frank Luntz and now Jews. Luntz is McCarthy’s housemate in DC. If you’re so proud of him getting Bush 2 elected how many wars and building implosions and Dick Cheney coverups occurred on Bush’s watch.

    Do you think Luntz and McCarthy share a CA King mattress at night?

    Here, maybe Lopez and you can read this and bloviate about conspiracy theorists.

    I need to go take some schizo drugs now.

  36. As you 2 hitch your wagon to Desantis in 2024, you may want to look at the bill he signed approving of lockdowns and quarantines. Did Trump ever encourage lockdowns and quarantines? Funny that little tidbit slipped the media radar. Don’t worry all your PAC friends that hate Trump and love Romney and vote for Desantis will never see it as they pull the lever for DeSantis in the primary. When Desantis claims he didn’t lockdown FL he will have to answer to the bill he signed. FYI “shall be” is struck through and replace with “Is” on Line 1113 in case you don’t care to open the link to the bill.

    Don’t worry, Pfizer is already doing gain of function as we speak to release a new pandemic that they can profit from. You are prime examples of tunnel vision.

    1097 4. Ordering an individual to be examined, tested,
    1098 vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable
    1099 diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and
    1100 present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are
    1101 unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or
    1102 treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be
    1103 subjected to isolation or quarantine.
    1104 a. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be
    1105 performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health
    1106 Officer.
    1107 b. If the individual poses a danger to the public health,
    1108 the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation
    1109 or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or
    1110 quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any
    1111 means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual.
    1112 c. Any order of the State Health Officer given to
    1113 effectuate this paragraph is shall be immediately enforceable by
    1114 a law enforcement officer under s. 381.0012.

  37. Both the AZ & FL delegations supported change.

    DeMotte from central IL also voted for change.

    Move Red

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