Chance to Comment on Proposed ComEd Rate Hike

The Illnois Commerce Commission offers citizens the opportunity to weigh in on Commonweath Edison’s request to raise electric rates.

Here is the link.

Commonwealth Edison has a monopoly in Northern Illinois to deliver electricty.

Call me old-fashioned, but isn’t part of the mandate given along with such a monopoly the ability to deliver the product to each customer?

This high power line on Crystal Lake’s Main Street next to Best Buy failed. Electric rates were not raised to pay to fix this part of ComEd’s grid.

Maybe things have changed since I majored in economics, but I don’t think so.

There has to be a workable grid to deliver the product.

If ComEd has neglected to maintain its electric grid and instead used earnings to pay dividends, I don’t see that it is my responsibility to fill in the gap.


Chance to Comment on Proposed ComEd Rate Hike — 15 Comments

  1. With all those Greta Thunberg’s, you’ve got running around the North Shore.

    I’m just surprised you’re not already paying $.40 a KWH.

  2. I disagree with your last two sentences.

    Having investors and maintaining infrastructure is integral to dependable service.

    A utility company is not a growth stock and therefore must pay dividends to shareholders.

    The inflationary economy affects utilities as much as groceries ComEd has costs that increase as much as any other company. .

  3. Right on Cal.

    Not our responsibility to finance the upgrades just so the profit margins are maintained.

  4. It’s always a hike to “help the grid”.

    ComEd has to create a contrived crises to gin up alarm and thereby cover their
    management’s collective corrupt incompetent asses.

  5. How about a sur-charge assessed annually for every electric vehicle in the U.S. per their license plate registration to upgrade electrical grids and to upgrade or build new electricity generating facilities. This would be in addition to the charges on their monthly electric utility bills for “filling up” their vehicles with electricity during the month. (People who own EV’s and live in high rises or apartment buildings would have to find electric filling stations to fill up with electricity.) Of course there would also be per mile use “road use tax” for every electric vehicle that would be assessed by yearly odometer readings at Secretary of State offices.

    Also, all subsidies paid for by U.S. taxpayers to buy and electric vehicle should be eliminated.

    No free lunches for electric vehicle owners/drivers. Following is a commercial from yesterday’s football game showing rich actor Kevin Bacon taking his daughter for a ride in an electric car:,vid:aDcY_kpLGgM

  6. “not our responsibility”

    What are they *legally* permitted to do? The fact that this is being discussed tells me they DO have a “right” to raise your rates.
    Do you have someone else you can buy electricity from offering a better rate? If not, there’s your answer about what they can do lol They’ll do what they can get away with.

    Cal, had they done more routine updates of the grid, who is to say your rates wouldn’t have been raised already?

    Ned this is not simple “inflation” causing electricity to go up the way it is. A lot of the state is seeing their electricity cost over 50 percent more YoY. That’s way higher than inflation.

    Look at gas too.

    That’s not all due to inflation.

    I believe it’s people in these companies making decisions about things in the long term.

    If fossil fuels are to be phased out in 12 years like some want, there will have to be massive changes which will cost a lot of money.

    Much of Illinois has already seen their rates skyrocket. Collar counties have lagged. Time’s up.

  7. How much does the ConEd Executive Team get paid annually?

    Start there.

    Take a paycut before you give us a haircut.

  8. Vanguard/Blackrock OWNS all of the electric companies in the US.

    You are NOT going to be heard by anyone there.

    They go by their own rules.

  9. They own the stock of all corporations in the US thanks to taxpayer and pension fund investments which they use to put hand selected people to sit on the boards of companies they own by proxy thru us. And there’s how wokeness arrives.

  10. No.

    It’s twice been to keep a nuclear power plant operating.

  11. Correcting… as ALL costs increase such as labor and materials where else can ComEd or any utility get money?

    The Greenies want electric but without fossil fuels where do the produce electricity? Add in EV and there is a huge deficit.

    Wind power, solar…HA.

    Nuc’s are bad so the environmentalists say.

    ComEd has the distribution infrastructure.

    Copper and Aluminum prices are up.

    You can’t grow these commodities on farm fields.

    JT….they could cut the salary of every exec to zero and it wouldn’t amount to a bucket of spit in the whole overall price.

    I bet the CL Schools superintendent makes as much or more but the school boards rubber stamp the raises.

    Cindy…you obviously don’t invest or you’d know better.

    When the power goes out ComEd is quick to restore.

    Illinois gets a great value.


  12. You’re right on the salary cuts, Ned.

    I worked at a privately owned manufacturing company with automotive sector companies as the primary market. As per usual, there was resentment on some employees regarding the owner’s wealth and “toys”. It didn’t help that he wasn’t personable and was demanding.

    As an exercise, we took away all of his direct income, took away the two vacation homes, the plane, the cars and all the cash flow to support them. The result? Everyone would get a 50 cent raise.

    For that 50 cents, we got a “rainmaker” who always found jobs to fill empty machine time.

  13. It’s Illinois. Shut up & take it.

    Or move out of Illinois.

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