Thinking about Stumbling into Nuclear War

Ok, so this is far removed from McHenry County or even Illinois politics, but Breitbart has a thoughtful interview with retired tank commander Lt. Col. Danny Davis.

He warns that the Biden Administration has no plan in the Ukraine.

Just sending tanks for which no Ukrainian soldier is trained to use will not change anything militarily on the ground.

It’s not like “…getting this capacity on your video game and poof, you’ve got the full capacity as though you were fully trained, but it just doesn’t work that way in reality…”

Davis points out that tanks are used offensively, but he can find few instances in which the over 1.000 tanks the Ukrainians already have were used in an offense or in a tank-on-tank fight.

But what is occurring in the Ukraine is nothing like a video game.

“…just having NATO tanks does not equal battlefield success…roughly 90 percent of the success is the people who operate the equipment…”

Davis finds on Bloomberg that the Ukraine already had 1,000 tanks, plus 410 donated Soviet-era tanks.

He asks, ““just what an Abrams or Leopard tank is going to do differently than the T72s, the T80s or the T64s that they have right now?” 

The article continues,

The former Lt. Col. admitted that “if providing all this equipment we have in the last eight days combined with what’s apparently coming from these other dozen European nations, had a legitimate shot at ending the war and winning it for Ukraine without sparking a nuclear retaliation from Russia, then I’d be willing to say it is worthy.”

However, he explained, “there’s none of that.” 

“All you’re doing is making Russia want to go to war,” he warned. “Far from wanting to deter Russia or making them hesitate and count the costs – it’s having the exact opposite effect across the board in Russia.”

“If anything, it makes them want to be more aggressive,” he added. “It makes them absolutely think we cannot lose this and double down on their efforts.” 

He added copncerning the Russian people that “it’s a very valid position to say all of NATO is against them.”

Davis pointed out,

“We’re doing everything except physically pulling the trigger.. 

“We’re providing intelligence. We’re providing ammunition. We’re providing weapons systems [and] repair facilities, literally everything but the pull of the trigger.

He then suggested considering another country doing the same to the United States:

“Imagine during the war with Afghanistan that Russia or China had just completely got behind the Taliban, gave them everything they had, including all their modern gear to kill American soldiers.

“Do you think we would have accepted that?”

Then Davis asked, ““We think that, like Biden said hiding behind a fig leaf today, when he announced this change, that ‘we are not going to war with Russia’ and ‘we’re not a direct participant,’ as though just saying those words means anything to Russia.”

The retired tank man suggested that Russia would look at actions, rather than words.

Davis complains that our country has no plan, no strategy, no way to determine if we are succeeding or not.

“We’re just giving all this stuff, nobody’s talking about, not even ethereal kinds of overarching statements. What is this supposed to accomplish? What is the outcome you see by giving [these tanks]? What are you trying to produce on the ground? How is this going to benefit the United States of America as opposed to not doing it? What are the pros and cons?

Davis asks what is the “American national security interest here we’re trying to protect is?” 

“Not a general statement, but an actual physical, detailed answer: ‘Here’s what we want to accomplish; here’s what we consider success; here’s the objectives we want to accomplish.’ That should be a bare minimum, and it’s not even on the table.”

He explains this is not like fighting in counties like Syria, Yemen or Libya.

They didn’t have nuclear weapons.

And what will the Russian reaction be to providing the tanks?

“I fear that one day, Russia’s going to say, ‘OK, you finally did cross a red line this time and we’re going to take action,’” he said. 

The article continues,

“[Russian Foreign Minister Sergey] Lavrov recently said that based on all this stuff about the tanks, they reserve the right to attack any provider of NATO gear, NATO tanks, NATO vehicles, their ammunition – no matter where they are, meaning Poland or in some other NATO country.” 

“So they’re now saying that they may attack those things that are directly for war, that are there against their forces wherever they are,” he added.

Davis also warned that Article 5 of NATO’s founding treaty, which dictates that member states consent that “an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all,” could lead to an explosion: 

There is zero chance – and I mean zero – not point anything, that Russia could ever militarily defeat NATO in a conventional sense. It’s a physical impossibility. They’re just struggling even now to defeat Ukrainians in part of the Donbas, their next-door neighbor, so they certainly couldn’t take on a 30 member NATO military alliance; they know that. 

“So the only way they can defend against NATO, is through nuclear weapons, of course,” he explained.

“So if we try to think we’re going to trigger Article 5 and not trigger nuclear war. I mean, we’re just insane and fooling ourselves.”

And while, he claimed, the information he relayed is “just common sense and logic, if you just played stuff through,” Davis argued that “we don’t like to play with reality.” 

“We like to play with words,” he said. “In fact, we just create our own reality, whatever we prefer.”


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  1. This is exactly what failed Presidents do when they are being investigated, they start a war to deflect from their crookedness.

    The old saying, you get what you pay for.

    You got the clown, now sit back and enjoy the show.

    Cornpop Putin is in his head, maybe he will threaten to take him behind the school?

  2. “So the only way they can defend against NATO, is through nuclear weapons, of course,” he explained.”

    Or they can just withdraw from a country that isn’t theirs any longer.

  3. Unlike those religious prophets, who disappear after their end-of-the-world prediction dates expire.

    The Nuclear and Climate Apocalypse nuts don’t have the good sense to just STFU.

  4. But I’m still pragmatic.

    Let me see there, I’m resetting my Doomsday Fart Clock to 11:59.


  5. The first time Putin brought up nukes a couple months ago, it was an admission that he lost the war.

  6. Nukes NEVER existed! It’s all a scam to keep you in fear and under control. Most of the sites I had previously bookmarked have been scrubbed.
    Here’s one that still is accessible.

    Don’t forget the made-up wars that were ongoing constantly in “1984” You are living through precisely THAT! DO NOT FALL for the propaganda!

  7. Cindy I tell you when I find your posts questionable. Those 2 are a time when I do. How do we have nuclear powered subs in our military?

    And DJ, please stop channeling your inner Swallwell.

    The only ones benefitting from war are the cabal.

  8. Questionable poster questions questionable poster’s posts.

    As someone would say, “LOL”

  9. That first link from Cindy seems more about Jews than nukes. Whatever you have to do to draw viewers…

    The certain element here who when Jews are mentioned they perk right up.

    Like sleeping dogs and someone shouting “squirrel”.

  10. What’s the matter Monk, you need some attention after your latest bong session? I’m sure you thoroughly read my 12:09 link. Your view of reality is really distorted.

  11. Insane that in your hands contains essentially the collection of knowledge from all humankind throughout history, and yet we still have lunatics that think Jews are nefarious characters controlling the world, vaccines are bad, the earth is flat and now apparently Nuclear weapons aren’t real….
    I really wish Covid was the boomer plague

  12. Cal said:

    “Ok, so this is far removed from McHenry County or even Illinois politics, but Breitbart has a thoughtful interview with retired tank commander Lt. Col. Danny Davis.”

    Cal. You do a great job, with a lot of your time (and perhaps helpers), in providing us in McHenry County a forum to provide issues and then our comments.

    Your title, “McHenry County Blog” DOES NOT limit your articles to McHenry County just as the CHICAGO Tribune is ONLY limited to what is going on in Chicago. THEE CHICAGO TRIBUNE covers the entire U.S. and the world. They are not constrained by the title of their newspaper and you should not be also. Cover ALL of the important issues whether they be in our County, State, US or the world. There will be more persons interested in commenting if ALL big issues, wherever, are in you blog for info and comment.

  13. THEE Ukraine is on the European continent. Nations of that continent need to step up to the problem in The Ukraine. Too much reliance on the U.S. Trump was an excellent president in numerous ways including bringing up support of NATO by European nations that did NOT put in their pledge of fair share of monetary support.

    The moron, doofus, jagoff, senile Joseph Robinette Biden Junior appears to have an open ended commitment to protect Thee Ukraine from Russia forever. Another reckless president, Lyndon Baines Johnson built up and deployed up to one half million U.S. troops to defend the Falling Dominos theory in Viet Nam back in the 1960’s.

  14. It amazes me that “conservatives” who used to be vehemently opposed to Russia when it was “communist” are now supporting it when it is a kleptocracy.

    Says a lot I think.

  15. I’m guessing Mulldog just figured out, he’s gonna pay for my lake view, hot tub and boner pills for the next 25 years.

  16. Monk is semi retarded and has been watching too many holocaust con jobs.

    The Russians are creaming the cannon fodder Ukroid NATO pawns.

    Because science is tardish, too.

    Talk about kleptocracies? Ukraine is the all time worst….. remember Hunter, Mr. 10% (sleepy Joe) and Burisma? Hey, what about the USA-kleptocracy?

    Ukroid droids, watch and start crying:

  17. Think about WHO are the president/vice president team of the U.S. To keep the U.S. and the world away from nuclear war. Compare President Reagan and VP George Bush to the moron and demented and grossly incompetent team of Biden and Harris.

    Can anybody of sound mind and intellect of average IQ feel safe with the current whitehouse administration?

  18. “Monk …has been watching too many holocaust con jobs.”

    Yeah, you guys. The holocaust whack jobs.

  19. It’s the “chews”.

    Always the chews, except when it’s the blacks or browns or Asians or democrats or rinos.

    When I read the weak, fearful, anonymous, antisemite cowards here, it’s always in the voice of General Burkhalter of Hogan’s Heroes.

    Talk of rounding people up…you lot couldn’t round up ants in your kitchens.

  20. If there is a nuclear incident, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms will still be vital.

    From the Illinois State Rifle Association:

    “Moms Demand Action is trying to prevent McHenry County from becoming a 2A sanctuary. Please spread the word.

    There is a McHenry County Law and Government Committee meeting TOMORROW (Tuesday, January 31, 2023) at 8:30 AM in the McHenry County Board Conference Room located at 667 Ware Rd., Woodstock, IL 60098 ”

    View the agenda here:

    Their contact information can be found here:

  21. Cindy, you don’t need to convince me that Ukraine is a war hoax. I don’t get the link related to nuclear @ 5:40. I don’t think those black and white videos from the NV desert are green screens where the testing of Nukes happened. Please tell me you don’t because the next thing you’re going to tell me is the moon landing was not real.

  22. Monk you’re off the rails on your dope abuse. Try a detox for the month of Feb to get some clarity

  23. Yes, let’s all go to anonymous “experts” on Twitter for our information.

  24. LOL. You’re a prime example of cognitive dissonance and lack of critical thinking skills Monk. I suppose Pfizer doing gain of function research to mutate SARS is fantasyland stuff too. Time for another bong sport.

  25. Every time they have a chance to prove anything in court, they fail.

    “They” in that sentence is the election deniers, proponents of vast child sex cannibal lizard space people conspiracies, any and every Q adherent, every January 6 insurrectionist, holocaust deniers, and anything having to do with the Clintons beyond Bill’s obvious lies about Monica Lewinsky.

    And even that last led to his disbarment, but no criminal anything.

    The judiciary has seen a lot of evidence leading to convictions of Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, the Trump company in tax and consumer fraud, General Flynn, and on and on.

    Giuliani can no longer practice law; Sydney Powell is in jeopardy, Trump and Alina Habba owe a million dollars in legal fees for a bogus suit just tossed out, and you all can look up the rest of the millions in fees Trump and his people have been ordered to pay for abusing the legal system.

    The special counsel appointed by Trump on his way out, John Durham, just finished his $6million investigation, with nothing to show but losses at trial.

    You’re now going to see congressional committees investigating Hunter Biden (for doing what Manafort did for a living: being a connected American selling influence), the end of the Iraq war, and whatever Clinton related stuff over which they still obsess (remember the “lock her up” chants, as though we don’t actually have due process?).

    Locally, brave sheriffs and SAs reading conservative winds are saying they won’t enforce a firearms law.

    The less brave DuPage sheriff backed down today, saying it’s ok as long as they aren’t asking them to to door-to-door searches for illegal weapons…as though anyone anywhere in the USA is ever going to do that.

    Meanwhile, we have two new special counsels investigating why Trump and Biden have classified materials that belong to the USA government (to us, since the government is ours), by definition, and should not be among their personal effects any more than any other government property.

    Pence ought to be asked, as well.

    The relevant questions are: what are the docs?

    How many?

    What classification?

    Why do you have them?

    (Note: the substance of a doc may circumstantially tell us why someone might have kept it: a memento, for political use, to hide embarrassing data, to use embarrassing data against an enemy later) Why did you not turn them over before now? We’re they kept in a place or manner that looks like you were trying hide them, or somewhere that looks like it was a mistake?

    The threads on this blog drift around, and this thread started out with a LCOL’s musing on Breitbart about the danger of nuclear war.

    He’s right.

    Putin could get to the point of thinking he has nothing to lose.

    Nine countries, including North Korea, Pakistan, and India, have nuclear weapons.

    Any of them, including Russia, may have a leader get to the “ah, duck it all” state of mind and launch.

    Israel now has a far right government that credibly threatens to attack Iran if they find evidence they are close to developing a weapon.

    That’s an argument for international engagement, arms talks, nuclear treaties, and multilateralism.

    UN stuff, because that is how it works.

    Otherwise, we’re a bunch of blustering Kim Jong Whoevers standing on our porches yelling.

    Or you can find a utoob that says nuclear weapons don’t exist or the Chews are secretly running the world behind the scenes, or whatever cult thinking you want to invest in.

    Trump didn’t destroy the country, Biden won’t, Greene can’t, the squad can’t, and shrieking is good to get attention but gets dicksquat accomplished.

    The “deep state”, if you mean the people doing the engineering, science, legal work, education, policing, protecting, running infrastructure, deserve your thanks because they are helping keep planes in the air and pavement on the highways.

    The nongovernment folks in the majority likewise are what make all this work.

    The vast majority of people simply want to figure out how to live decent and contented lives free of stress and worry over the basics of life, and most really don’t care how someone else lives as long as it does not interfere with their own lives.

    That is freedom.

    That doesn’t make the USA perfect, and never has, but it’s why I’ve stayed here, served in the armed forces, served overseas as a civilian, worked in law for over 30 years, and still believe that the UNITED part of USA is the part that matters most.

  26. LOL. Martin make your liberal point in under 20 words. Your post is reads the same as watching Kamala Harris telling us about the passage of time.

  27. Gerbil dyck, your post tell us nothing. except racism, homophobia and conspiracy nonsense. Get a grip

  28. Are you one of those who thought Brunson v Adams would reverse the election? If so, the first 20 or so words were for you, knowing you cannot read sentences and paragraphs.

  29. Got it Martin. A smart lawyer like you believes Biden got 81m votes. You do understand where the oxymoron is in my previous sentence?

    PS. If Cal would fix his site and dump Securi I might be able to read it on a computer. If your bloviating I don’t have patience to read it on a different device.

    I trust your voting for Newsome or Pritzker in 2024. Liberal lawyers support slime.

  30. And Porky, precisely which post? Do you have the liberal buzzword card next to your computer? You seem to have checked 3 boxes of the liberal talking points in your last post.

    Are you still mad your colonoscopist removed the gerbil carcass from your ass? Don’t worry. You can replace it with your visits down to Halstead.

  31. JT, you’re looking at it the wrong way. 81 million people decided they wanted Trump out. A turnip could have won. Oh, look…..

  32. “And Porky, precisely which post?” All of them. I use the liberal “buzzwords” because you exhibit that behavior.

  33. You admit you didn’t read what I wrote, yet you leap in with your critique, beginning with the lol.

    If you do read it, tell me what is “liberal” in it.

    As to votes, that is not a matter of belief.

    Religion is about beliefs, and beliefs are internal to individuals.

    Elections are determined by counting votes, which is evidence of fact.

    Unlike beliefs, facts are external to individuals.

    They were counted, recounted, certified, challenged in court, and audited.

    Republican election officials stood by the results.

    No court challenge survived motions to dismiss.

    Even the hired gun auditors in Arizona couldn’t come up with anything.

    So, no, my beliefs are not the question.

    If you base elections on beliefs, they are meaningless, like arguing whether Joseph Smith was more divinely inspired than Mohammed.

    The votes were counted and Biden won.

    An insurrection was called up and failed miserably.

    Proud Boy members are on trial today in a court hearing testimony and receiving evidence, once again not a belief-based event.

  34. Man you liberals are persistent little buggers with very little ability to think critically and look at the macro picture. Keep watching your nightly news and CNN and MSNBC. It’s really helping you expand your thought process.

    Some folks cannot get out of the matrix. The CIA counts on simps to rely on the box on the wall to tell them what to believe. Even lawyers apparently are victims of the psy op. Many years of college and they are still stupid in their formative years. Got to just shake my head.

    Well I made alot of money so the world is fine is how they think. Absolute cluelessness on display.

  35. Please Martin, is this truth or made up BS. That will help me understand your psyche. LOL
    Want to understand why we are always at war when RINO’s and Dems are in leadership roles? Reading this ought to get you up to speed. Look who’a getting rich and look who’s on the hook for it.

  36. You already said you cannot make your computer work and you won’t read anything longer than a tweet on your phone. I don’t engage tweeters.

  37. LOL. Keep engaging Martin. I suspect you have a full grasp of the Ukraine situation too.

    Keep proving how that law degree has made you a smart guy by calling stuff you can’t comprehend a Qspiracy. Man you IL simps are so clueless. I would never use you as a lawyer. Why not out your practice so you can attract fellow liberals?

    Look up cognitive dissonance. It’s amazing how an advanced degree and a little money can prove how stupid you become. I hope your high-end SUV with heated steering wheel makes you feel successful.

  38. I would think a man with a half mile driveway, Harleys, a Corvette, etc, etc, would be able to arrange a working computer.

  39. I know that whiteboard modernity can impress those used to the yarn and thumbtacks.

    No creepy, grainy telephoto lense images, though.

  40. WOW, Monk must be well over 25 bongs before 7 p.m. I’m sure he is studying ven diagrams with Kamala online and discussing the passage of time. Time for another bong sport. LOL.

    Your cognitive dissonance is showing. It may be time to drink some more bong water.


  41. ☝️ ☝️ ☝️

    The result of drug abuse on display. Great post Monk. Please keep on punching. What else does you liberal mind have to impart on this board?

  42. “Man you liberals are persistent little buggers with very little ability to think critically and look at the macro picture.” You just described your white narrow minded pseudo-christian hateful self.

  43. ROFLMAO. My God Porky do you think using more adjectives in a sentence makes you an intellectual? You appear to be a victim of your own IL existence living in an echo chamber of liberal talking points.

    Thanks for helping reduce sperm counts on Halsted. We don’t need more Einsteins like you growing up in this state.

  44. Observations and predictions:

    (1) Joe Biden will not be removed from office via impeachment but may be impeached in the House IF anyone there can come up with any evidence of wrongdoing (highly doubtful);

    (2) Trump will be indicted for one or more of his many many crimes and will fail spectacularly to win the 2024 election assuming he is even in it.

    (3) IF Trump is the GOP nominee or runs as a third party candidate, the Democrats will have a field day and will retake the House and probably hold the Senate despite the very bad map.

    (4) The Illinois Supreme Court will deep six all of the various challenges to the new gun safety law. If the US Supremes takes it and invalidates it prior to the 2024 election this will further cement the Democratic landslide.

    (5) The movement away from the GOP will continue unabated and will probably accelerate until it is no longer a force at the national level unless it stops the silly stuff and tries to rebuild the Big Tent it once had and figures out a way to attract younger voters (voters under age 30 voted Democratic over Republican by 28 points!).


  45. ROFLMAO again. BullshitScience has been licking his TV screen while watching CNN and MSDNC. I did enjoy the stupidity of your post.

    If properly translated, Democrats will cheat again using the corrupt electronic CCP machines and processes. That about sums it up. I hope you enjoy being the minority in this country BS.

  46. Then accept it. Your bitching is getting old. You and the brown shirts aren’t changing anything. Keep up the goose step Herr Gerbil dyck. You and yours are dinosaurs.

  47. JT, you forgot to insinuate that Science was probably licking his CNN displaying TV while it was showing an image of a homosexual drag queen who was probably also Jewish and certainly a Democrat. And that’s Democrat with a BIG D if you catch my drift. Also, Prius. Maybe we’ll throw in one more homosexual just to be safe. LOL, but not really.

  48. Man you liberals are fun and entertaining. Now you have big Ds. Well in normal liberal fashion you cheat there too. You measure from your assholes which would be from head to toe in most cases.

    It’s only Wednesday. Two more days for your big adventure with the rest of the butthole patrol in your Prius. Who’s bringing the dope.


  49. This nation has never been in such perilous condition due to the top “so-called” leadership. A demented, doofus, dishonest, stupid, liar, plagiarist that has been wrong so many times on crisis and foreign affairs. A guy who would know how dumb is Biden was Obama. He said back in 2020 to never underestimate Joe’s ability to “F” things up.

    And the backup to the dope Biden, is Kamelia, who is as dumb as a sack of rocks.

    Thank you the mostly corrupt media and dumb voters around the U.S. for giving us this moron, Biden. The enemies of the U.S. watch very carefully all of the signs of how inept, dumb, fragile, incompetent is our leadership.

  50. We got a moron person at 2:26 PM who said:

    “1) Joe Biden will not be removed from office via impeachment but may be impeached in the House IF anyone there can come up with any evidence of wrongdoing (highly doubtful)”

    WRONGDOING, WRONGDING? Biden and his “REGIME” has violated numerous federal laws in enticing, allowing, condoning, transporting, giving sanctuary to millions of illegal alien invaders to the U.S.

    Does that qualify as a WRONGDOING?

  51. No popcorn. I was licking my autographed pictures of NICK PROVENZANO and DAN ALYWARD, both Republicans.

  52. If this were a poker game, the neocon Jew-laden ‘American’ govt. just lost its best hand as Putin has called their bluff in Ukraine.

    The Russians can pretty much do whatever they want with what remains of Ukraine, with or without any deal from the Yanks.

    I mean, why would Putin agree to any sort of deal with the Yanks when the fate of Ukraine is in the hands of the Russians?

    A deal would have been apropos six months ago.

    But with the Russian SMO entering its first year anniversary next month, Putin can keep his best cards close to his chest while still holding all the aces in his hand.

    Ukraine has turned into a half-dead rump State that would die a natural death without US life-support.

    So Putin only needs to wait until the time comes for him to deliver the coup de grace to Zelinsky’s skeletal regime.

    Then the Russians can march to Kiev and tell the world: “Mission Accomplished!”

  53. I took 4 semesters of Russian History and Russian Studies in college.

    The Soviet Union collapsed because it was spending 25% of it’s GDP every year on military while its people struggled to coax out beets and turnips from its frozen ground.

    As a result it had tens of thousands of pieces of military equipment sitting out in the open getting rusted out with no maintenance after the USSR collapsed.

    Then the kleptocrats stole everything that was allocated for military equipment for the next 20 years to buy yachts.

    This resulted in a huge inventory of obsolete and non functional equipment lying around.

    Putin still thinks this is 1941 or 1812 where NATO has a desire to seize Russian territory with conventional weapons whereas all they really want is to have a stable trading partner. No one wants to conquer Russia any more.

    So he starts a war with the Ukraine thinking that he has to have a land buffer between Russia and NATO which is completely absurd.

    No one in NATO or the US gives a rats behind about seizing land in Russia.

    So he invades the Ukraine and quickly finds out that the Russian army is a paper tiger with rusted out 0bsolete equipment.

    He is fighting WWII while the Ukrainians are fighting a 21st Century smart war with more up to date weapons systems pouring in from the West every month.

    Then he runs out of men but forgets that, unlike WWII where you can just send cannon fodder to the front, the men have to be trained to use the more complicated equipment and you have just lost all of the guys who knew how to do that.

    So he is doomed, doomed, doomed.

    He will never use nukes as that will destroy Russia, where most of the population lives in and around Moscow and a few other cities and can easily be wiped out in a nuclear exchange.

    He will be deposed if he doesn’t die first.

    Meanwhile, misguided Republicans in the US continue to support him in blind obedience to their Orange God who still wants to be able to build a hotel in Moscow.

    How dumb can you folks be?

  54. Martin, can’t wait to meet you.

    Maybe you can explain this discrepancy. The Soviets put up plaques at Auschwitz in the early 50’s claiming 4 million were murdered there. The

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