Fourth Wokeness Day for McHenry County College Faculty – “Modern Day-isms”

On September 20, 2022, McHenry County Blog revealed that top officials of McHenry County College had undergone training for

  • expanding diversity,
  • equity,
  • belongingness, and
  • inclusion

and found it desirable for all faculty and every other employee to be subjected to the same 8-hour indoctrination.

On January 31, 2023, the training by Systemic Education Equity, LLC. will focus on

Modern Day-isms

  • Interpret and distinguish modern day-isms
  • Calibrate the mitigatrion of inequities
  • Connect on the areas of growth and advance equity


Fourth Wokeness Day for McHenry County College Faculty – “Modern Day-isms” — 12 Comments

  1. When I was a kid, my parents sent me for a summer to live on S. Il. farm.

    So, I too have literally shoveled tons of shit.

  2. Part of our real estate tax bills that we pay each year funds this nonsense.

    Here is a better alternative. We need a law in McHenry County that forbids, outlaws classes, sessions, training, indoctrination on everything that is DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging) on and in all schools in the County.

    If any employee of any school wants to be exposed to this, just for information, they should do it on their own time and their own cost.

    The use of anything about DEIB should be banned in all schools in the County that are funded by taxpayers.

  3. It’s classic Marxism, just like our gun grabbing governor.

  4. This stuff is so inorganic.

    Look at the CEO’s twitter page.

    Her name is Ivette Dubiel. This lady is just talking to herself.

    It gets almost no engagement.

    People don’t care about this stuff.

    It’s not interesting.

    It’s not clever.

    It’s not cool.

    If she didn’t bathe for a few days she would be confused for a homeless schizophrenic woman.

    People would walk past her and say nothing, avoid making eye contact or any acknowledgement.

    She says nothing of value.

    It’s just word salads.

    She does nothing of value.

    She extracts resources from taxpayers while providing nothing in return other than empty gobbledygook that if anything divides people more by creating resentment of white people.

    It would be tempting to call this person a villain but I believe that she and others sincerely believe what they say and they are just DUMB people.

    I don’t think she is maliciously doing what she is doing; I believe she is just stupid.

    That being said, none of this DEI or sensitivity training should be done at MCC or any government institution.

    If you feel the *necessity* to spend tens of hours training your employees to not be assholes, you need to find different employees.

  5. People who believe in diversity purely for “diversity” sake rather than qualifications, capabilities and talent need to focus on America’s professional sports teams.

    A tremendous LACK of diversity on these teams.

    The last US Census in 2020 showed percentages of persons by race, ethnicity, etc.

    What will be done to adjust the membership of these teams by actual census data showing proportionately races and ethnicities per the Census.

    Should sports teams reflect the makeup of the U.S.?

    President Joseph Robinette Biden Junior in the past has stated that his administration looks like America.

    Why not also sports teams, teevee programs including so-called news programs and analysis?

    Every other entity in the public visibility?

  6. This kind of training was a core component of the shakedown technique pioneered by Operation Push.

    In order to get Jesse J to call off the the dogs, a company had to spring for diversity training from a firm that he recommended. This would usually be in addition to a large cash donation to Operation Push.

  7. MCC is a remedial high school.

    A place of faggotry, negrolatry and juda.

  8. Mellow, why don’t you sign up for the Ukrainian Legion so you can get your head blown off with an artillery shell?

  9. That school has gone to shit. If you can just go, get your work done and get your cert/diploma you’ll be alright. If you’re a principled person, it would be awfully difficult!

    Mr X is right.

    The board and administration celebrate at the growing number of needy immigrants they have at their yearly event where they try to get people on the Government dole. Disgusting. Just chattel to them.

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