Crystal Lake High School District Paying New Superintendent. Now Cary-Grove Principal, Almost $200,000 First Year

From Crystal Lake High School District 155:

D155 Board Announces Next Superintendent After National Search

Crystal Lake, IL – D155’s Board of Education named Dr. Neil Lesinski as the next superintendent during a special board meeting on February 1.

He will continue to serve as principal at Cary-Grove High School until June 30 and begin his new role on July 1.

He will replace Superintendent Steve Olson, who will retire at the end of this school year after completing 38 years of educational service in District 155. 

“Dr. Lesinski proved throughout this process and throughout his leadership as principal at Cary-Grove High School, the importance of relationships and collaboration with students, staff, parents, and our communities,” said Adam Guss, Board of Education president.

“It’s evident that Dr. Lesinski will remain focused on students to foster their growth and personal aspirations.”

Dr. Lesinski has served as principal of Cary-Grove High School since 2017 after serving as the district’s Director of Curriculum & Assessment.

Under Dr. Lesinski’s leadership, Cary-Grove High School has been nationally recognized as a top high school by U.S. News and World Report.

Also during his tenure, Cary-Grove expanded course offerings, increased dual credit and career experience opportunities, and made improvements to multiple classroom spaces.

Neal Lesinski

“Our students and staff make District 155 a truly special place. Additionally, the communities we serve have always supported our schools and partnered with us to bring countless opportunities to students. I look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with students, staff, parents, and community partners in order to find new ways to help all of our students learn and grow,” said Dr. Neil Lesinski.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Western Illinois University, a master’s degree in Educational Leadership along with a Type 75 Certification from Concordia University Chicago, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Aurora University.

Prior to joining District 155, Dr. Lesinski served as an English teacher, varsity head coach, career technical education department chair, and English department chair at District 117.

The search process began when Superintendent Steve Olson announced his retirement nearly a year ago.

The board hired the Illinois Association of School Boards to oversee the search process, and in May they began their work by hosting several in-person focus groups and solicited feedback via a survey from staff and parents.

This data provided characteristics of an ideal candidate.

The position was published nationally, and more than a dozen applications were submitted in the fall.

The board conducted six initial interviews before narrowing it down to three finalists and completing those final round interviews last month. 

Over the next four months, Dr. Lesinski will have an opportunity to shadow superintendent Steve Olson to ensure a smooth transition of leadership.

The board approved a three-year contract from July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2026, at a salary of $198,621.


Crystal Lake High School District Paying New Superintendent. Now Cary-Grove Principal, Almost $200,000 First Year — 21 Comments

  1. Joe Blow—you are out of touch.

    The Superintendant is responsible for the education of more than 6000 students, 700 employees, 5 campuses, one of the largest transportation systems in Illinois and an annual budget in excess of $100 million.

    Of all the executives in McHenry County, none have more responsibility than the Superintendant of Dist. 155.

  2. At this point, it’s gotta be embarrassing for someone to offer you $200 K, with a degree from Western Southeast Northern Scrotal Illinois U., just to babysit their dopey kids.

  3. I love it especially since it’s in the liberal bastion of Crystal Lake. Keep voting D. What was his thesis in order to get his PhD? Fleecing taxpayers of IL.

  4. Jim Bishop, I agree pay these supers the money like they pay private sector executives for managing a “corporation”.

    However then make them accountable to the success of the district too.

    They have no metrics they need to adhere to in regards to test scores, staff compensation or success, turnover and attrition ratios, or employee satisfaction surveys.

    So if you want to equate them making money private executives make then they need to be held to those same standards for accountability.

    Right now they all have carte blanch to do what they want with little to no oversight or accountability.

  5. We can go round and round on this subject, in the end it comes down to the Board of Ed to make the Super accountable.

    For many years, the District 155 Board was made up of well known and successful business men and women of the district.

    No longer does that seem to be the case.

    Instead, the teacher unions appear to have an inordinate representation on the Board and that goes right back to the electorate.

    If the citizenry does not care who is guiding the policies of the District, we just go round and round.

  6. @JT,

    He doesn’t even have a PhD. He has an Ed.D, which is orders of magnitude easier to get.

    It’s the same degree that ‘Dr’ Jill Biden has.

    Noted scholars Bill Cosby and Shaquille O’Neal also have Ed.D degrees.

  7. Well said Terminator and grin on his face looks like a toilet plunger maybe involved in my opinion. Kenneally often has the same look in photos.

  8. Sure I’m happier when I see a Harvard/Oxford Med Diploma on my Dr’s wall.

    But in fairness, that doesn’t mean he/she is guaranteed better than all these Witch Doctor’s, DIE Standard Med Schools are currently producing.

  9. Terminator, the face of a neanderthal. He’s married with children.
    Billy Bob you moron, please read the article, Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Aurora U. Do you even have a GED

  10. I thought Bishop had some intelligence …. until I read his above lunacy.

    These ‘educators’ are invariably non-productive and the kids are dumber.

    I blame the administrators in large part for the terrible decline … and cheerleading idiots like Bishop

  11. Poo-korny, do you go to dinner at his house onHalloween?

    Hey. Poo, since feel he’s such a blooming treasure, why don’t you supplement his poor oay with a hefty donation?

  12. Another neanderthal post from our Idiot Terminator. Can you read and comprehend. Where did I say he is a “blooming treasure”? or even approved?
    Is it always miserable in your world?

  13. Imagine Olson at a Superintendent cocktail party and all the retired Superintendent alums are bragging up their $400 K pensions and he’s standing there, still a $300 K working loser.

    Cash out time.

  14. He seems nice enough when you meet him, but let me tell you what he did in regards to masking cheerleaders and the gender bathroom issue.

    He either has no morals or gives in to pressure by the left.

    When they said (The higher ups for sports) that the kids didn’t have to wear a mask for their 3 minute routine that was video taped for state, JUST ONE parent cried and said because of THEIR child everyone had to wear a mask!

    So one child got to decide for 25 or so kids health and safety.

    How safe do you believe it is to wear a mask while tumbling!

    Aside from breathing your own air, restricted air and the mask moving over ones eyes.

    Meanwhile the wrestling team was allowed to NOT wear a mask and they are literally in one another’s faces! Right, science people!

    Either this thing WAS deadly and needed to be fears and spread like they claimed or it didn’t!

    It is this science nonsense that I am baffled that people ever wore a mask, let a lone the insane people that are still wearing one!

  15. Now lets talk money.

    Fireman only make about 100,000 a year, saving lives and risking theirs.

    Yet a school super does what making how much!

    Oh, right, takes away parents rights and brainwashes our kids!

    Got it.

    And who pays for all of this?

    Oh, right, we do! With no say.

  16. Hey Poocornhole,

    According to the guy’s own linkedin page, he has an “EdD focused in Educational Leadership and Administration from Aurora University.”

    An Ed.D degree is a technically a type of doctorate, but it is not comparable to a PhD.

    Ed.D degrees are popular with part time students who want to be able to check off the box to get a promotion.

    At many schools you can get them completely online.

  17. SMG? IF all that you say is truth, then this person is a MORON! He doesn’t belong anywhere near anyone’s kids.

  18. Cindy, it is truth. I have the emails to prove it.

    Like I said, when you see him he looks nice, sounds nice, but I don’t trust someone with lack of morals and gives in to peer pressure.

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