Dan Proft Featured at February 11th McHenry County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner

From the McHenry County Republican Party:


Dan Proft Featured at February 11th McHenry County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner — 6 Comments

  1. More of that Illinois Lincoln Stolen Valor.

    Unless you’re just planning on splitting rails after dinner.

  2. I will be there but not to see Proft.

    He has terribly mislead the Illinois Republican Party with his messaging I.M.O.

  3. Dr. Rob is a cuckservative Raunerite slob.

    How is it that a Jew was “elected” Ukraine leader?

    Answer: the same way a drooling, non-campaigning Alzheimer’s patient won in ’20.

  4. Zelensky was a celebrity and he ran against an unpopular, corrupt incumbent.

    Neither one is in the pro-Russia camp though.

    Zelensky’s predecessor Poroshenko also appears on TV wearing fatigues and asking the west for more weapons, bashing Putin.

    It’s not like it was a close election either.

    US presidential elections the last two times came down to a few swing states with < 1% difference.

    In the case of Ukraine's 2019 election Zelensky won like 3 to 1.

    It's not as if there weren't pro-west actors in Ukraine prior to Zelensky or that all of the pro-west politicians there are Jews.

    The war is a conflict about oligarchs, which ones are going to get money and resource control.

    idk which of the Ukrainian oligarchs and which of the Russian oligarchs are Jewish.

    If you had stats and names people might believe you but until then people are going to assume the simpler explanation that Russia is trying to annex land that is populated by ethnic Russians because they consider it theirs and Ukraine doesn't want to be invaded by Russia.

    You can say "it's the Jews" as an explanation to all geopolitical problems but you're not going to convince many people if that's the extent of your argument.

    Putin explained why he was invading Ukraine btw.

    Did he mention Jews?

    I don't recall him saying that but he talked about how he considered certain provinces in Ukraine to be Russian clay and he didn't like how NATO was being expanded further east with many countries joining the alliance after the fall of the USSR.

  5. Sounds like Hitler’s original arguments for invading neighboring countries.

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