McHenry County GOPAC Featuring Charlie Kirk at February 25th Crystal Lake Event on the “Radicals War on Kids”

From McHenry County GOPAC:

McGOPAC is hosting a bold and informative event…& they’re not holding back!

EXPOSING THE RADICALS’ WAR ON CHILDREN” is the most important event

since the truth came out about American Education and concerned parents were labeled ‘Domestic Terrorists!’

Saturday FEB 25th 9am – 4pm

Holiday Inn Crystal Lake, IL

This one-of-a-kind, all-day Summit with 5 National Speakers, Researchers, and Advocates will empower communities to Get-Out-The-Vote, abandon the woke agenda and PUT ACADEMICS FIRST to give America’s kids a fighting-chance!  


Elegant Three-course meal included. 

Register Now!


To secure tickets and sponsorships and learn more about the event go to:

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Charlie Kirk with followers after a 2013 fundraiser for Bill Prim for Sheriff at Gary Rabine’s Johnsburg home.

Charlie Kirk has come a long way since his 2013 appearance at a fundraiser for McHenry County Sheriff candidate Bill Prim at Gary Rabine’s Johnsburg home.


McHenry County GOPAC Featuring Charlie Kirk at February 25th Crystal Lake Event on the “Radicals War on Kids” — 22 Comments

  1. Schools and their administrations have been trying to take over some responsibilities of parents and without the parents’ knowledge of same. Here is one article from December 2020 about this matter:

    “Washington state lawmakers are weighing a bill that, if passed, would establish school-based health centers on middle and high school campuses and allow students to seek medical treatment without parental consent.

    “This bill would allow a child to make an appointment during the school day, and Mom and Dad would never know about it,” Jennifer Heine-Withee, a mother of three who runs Washington Parents Rights in Education, testified during a House Education Committee hearing in January.”

    In Illinois, the Democrat Legislature and the Democrat Governor have established a law requiring that public schools teach children about sexual matters which should be the province of the parents. Not teachers.

    Democrats in Illinois Legislature passed and Pritzker signed SB818 a law regarding children in Illinois. It is called, “Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act” (SB 818).

    “Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act” sounds nice. Good words. BUT, it was grossly misnamed. Democrats do this a lot. DECEPTION. The Act is evil in that it exposes children in school starting in Kindergarten to lessons on sexual matters and sexual deviancy.

  2. Amen, Bred! Demonrats are Master-manipulators when it comes to naming demonic bills

  3. Since 99% of Chinese kids surveyed want to be Astronauts and American kids surveyed, wanting to be Social Influencers.

    Pretty sure the only “fighting chance” your inbred kids want, is for a longer summer vacation.

  4. Correcting, here’s your chance to go tell him to his face he’s a sellout to the jews and a groyper. I’ll pay your admission too. LOL.

  5. The “Goals of Communism” were read into congressional record in 1963 by an anti-communist Democratic congressman from Florida named Syd Herlong. Here’s just a small excerpt relevant to children, family, and education.

    “Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.
    Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents.”

    ^ This comes from a book titled “The Naked Communist” by Skousen (1968).


    “And after the virtual devastation of the American family, the rock upon which this country was founded, we are told that it takes a village, that is collective, and thus the state, to raise a child. The state is now more involved than it ever has been in the raising of children. And children are now more neglected, more abused and more mistreated than they have been in our time. This is not a coincidence. This is not a coincidence. And with all due respect, I am here to tell you it does not take a village to raise a child. It takes a family to raise a child.”

    ^ From Bob Dole’s speech at 1996 Republican National Convention. This was in reference to then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton who, in the same year, published a book titled “It Takes A Village.”


    What many naive people are going to find out is that the left and left-libs have mission creep into the kinship sphere. This started out with a libertine attitude on heterosexual relations and then moved into atypical sexual relations like homosexuality. Now you see it with the transgender movement and the polyamorous movement. Their rallying cry is that “love is love.” And of course they not only want such things to be tolerated but to have legal protections recognized by the state and social ostracizing and legal prosecuting of people intolerant of these lifestyles, and here too there is mission creep with them telling you “free speech is not absolute” and trying to will the non-existent idea of “hate speech” into legal reality so that you can be imprisoned, deplatformed, and depersoned for not showing adequate praise to their sexual deviancy.

    What you now see them doing is advocating *against* notification of parents in matters like the child’s “gender identity” and seeking and obtaining abortions which they have put into “reproductive rights.” Once you understand their logic you’ll see where this is going. The goal they have is to replace parents with the state in terms of both education and guardianship, and to make children sovereign in matters of sex.

    What they seek is the “sexual liberation” of children, because they want to have sex with children.

    So, they want to brainwash your children into mutilating themselves and/or getting pregnant, they want to rape your children, they want to kill the baby, they want to conceal all of this from you as a parent, and if you disagree with any of this they they want to silence, imprison, and kill you for being a bigot.

    ^This is why I will never vote Democrat. I’m not voting for a party whose ideological base is communists & child molesters. The book “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky was dedicated to Satan. (Obama was an Alinskyite by the way.)

    Do you think ANY Democrat nowadays would be reading an anti-communist book into the congressional record? This is not your parents’ Democratic Party anymore. Do you know who Democrats consider to be a moderate? Joe Manchin who votes with Chuck Schumer 91% of the time. Kyrsten Sinema, a former Green Party activist who votes with Schumer 94% of the time, who is a bisexual witchcraft practitioner that goes on the Senate floor dressed as a hoochie. A moderate or conservative in the Democratic Party today would have been considered in the mainstream or even in the left wing of the party from 10-15 years ago.

  6. Yes X, the Chews are putting it in your bacon, and piping it through the air filters in Walmart; next we’re subliminally spreading a virtual version hidden in your HeeHaw reruns. After that, when you are monkeypoxed, your women and money will all be in the hands of The Chews.

  7. Charlie Kirk is NOT a Groyper.

    Groypers criticized Kirk for NOT being skeptical of Israel and many of them are openly anti-Semitic, especially now.

    I can’t believe people on this blog who consider themselves in the know are just learning about this stuff from 2019 in 2023.
    And you think Kirk is hated by Jews because… the anti-Semites don’t like him?


    Turning Point USA’s governing board and advisory board are full of Zionists and normie Cold War style neoconservative Republicans.

    They’re NOT theocrats or Nazis or anything extreme.

    That is a line spread by stupid Democrats, leftists, and occasionally journalists who frame them that way.

    TPUSA is just boomer Republicanism repackaged for zoomers.

    In fact, TPUSA was under fire *from the right* before the Groyper Wars.

    I recall some of the early supporters of Trump writing about how TPUSA uses drugs and sex to lure young people in, how they don’t speak about social issues but they should, how they are fine with legal immigration when they should not be, and their support of Israel.

    TPUSA which is Kirk’s organization used to and may still hand out pro-Israel swag on their tables and at events.

    Buttons that say “I stand with Israel” and what not.

    I read polemics against TPUSA written by social conservatives, right wing populists, and paleocons on a now defunct blog and some of the material might still be on the internet somewhere.

    That must have been somewhere between 2016 and 2018 when a lot of this stuff was written, well before the Groyper War on Kirk.

    You aren’t making sense. -_-

    Understanding different factions and competing ideologies on the right half of the political spectrum is too confusing for people on this blog (God forbid we ever get into the nuances of the LEFT).

    Let’s shift into something more digestible.

    Here’s the new vaccine “expert” Dr. Peter Hotez being paraded around on the mainstream media:

  8. Thanks X. You triggered another liberal. It’s not hard to do apparently. I’ve got to get back to my Ultra Pepe Lives Matter channel for my latest groyper get together. LOL

  9. If we have learned anything in the past three years it is that nothing is what it seems.

    And those that get bashed the most, typically are not the corrupt evil ones.

    Typically it is the ones doing the bashing.

    I do not buy into Turning Point being evil.

    I do believe they are doing what is morally wright.

  10. Do any of you know if he is getting paid to appear at this lecture and if so how much? Doesn’t he charge about 30 thousand dollars? Sometimes these events with big names don’t put you ahead even if you attract a bigger audience once you factor in the cost of the speaking fee! I don’t recall where or when this was but there was some big name fellow that spoke at an event and the organizers told me once they factored in the costs they barely broke even. Pretty sure it was Kirk but may not have been.

    JT, you or Mr. X are free to post something proving me wrong, but you haven’t.

    SMG, the point is not that Turning Point USA is “evil.” I disagree with the characterization that they are somehow anti-Israel or anti-Jewish like Mr X said. It’s just not true. Kirk is a mainstream Republican who has admittedly gotten more populist over the years, but I see NO evidence of him being against Israel or against Jews like people in this thread are saying, and they can’t post any proof of it!

    When I say Kirk is a grifter that’s more of an opinion. Nobody can really know someone’s sincerity or motives. That’s just my hunch, like watching him ditch activists he was supposed to meet to go party with Kanye West and Candace Owens (this was years ago). Overall his involvement is probably a good thing, but it’s annoying when people mistakenly believe he’s a controversial figure shifting the Overton Window. His views are fairly mainstream.

    Saying Republicans are anti-Semitic is not accurate.

    They’re a philo-Semitic party if anything.

    They’re always complaining about some progressive Democrat not standing up for Israel or being anti-Semitic.

    They all go to Israel and touch the wall.

    None of them want to defund Israel.

    REPUBLICANS just removed Ilhan Omar from a committee.

    Why did they do it?

    It was because of her views on foreign policy.

    Views on Israel and views on war.

    For me, foreign policy is like one of the only things where I might find agreement with Ilhan Omar and that was the reason the Republicans took her OFF.

    The reason most people here like Kirk is because he has shifted to the populist right.

    It’s because of the pressure that has been put on him and how he has moved towards that.

    Over time the “influencers” get influenced themselves.

    Why are people so defensive of Kirk?

    He changed his message.

    It’s not a big deal.

    People change, but why pretend he hasn’t?

    I just go on these tangents because I care about accuracy and how we group people with these political labels.

    If there were a podcaster who was an anarchist but everyone was saying he was a Leninst, I’d be arguing about it.

    If someone loved the regime of North Korea and people were saying “All the North Koreans hate that guy!”

    I’d tell them no and post links with supporting evidence of why I said no.

    idk maybe people think the way they do cuz they just have the Democrat and Republican camps and don’t divide it any further?

    But it is more complicated than that and people should learn about these nuances.

    You should learn how Donald Trump and George W Bush aren’t the same; you should learn how AOC and Henry Cuellar aren’t the same.

    Maybe socialists hate Kirk and you like that about him, but that doesn’t mean the Israel lobby hates him.

    It doesn’t mean “Jews” hate him either.

    (And not all Jews have the same opinion about every topic either.)

    It helps to learn about different interest groups and ideological groups if you’re going to observe politics.

  11. Great.


    Why does anyone want this guy here?

    He is SICK.

  12. How horrifying to know people in my town hate me because I’m Jewish.

    Probably want to physically hurt me because of it.

    I’ll see you outside your event, you hateful pieces of scum.

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