Serial Drunk Driver in 2020 Rakow Road Crash Gets Five Years in Prison

From the State’s Attorney:


Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that on February 1, 2023, Keith C. Guminski, 48, of Cary, Illinois, was sentenced to five years in the Illinois Department of Corrections by the Honorable Judge Tiffany Davis.

Keith Guminski

As part of a negotiated plea, Guminski plead guilty to one count of Aggravated Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol.

On December 2, 2020, officers of the Crystal Lake Police Department responded to a report of a multi-car crash on Rakow Rd.

On scene, officers determined a truck responsible for the crash had fled the scene.

With assistance from officers of the Cary Police Department, the truck was located and the driver determined to be Guminski.

Field sobriety tests confirmed that Guminski was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.

Guminski had three prior DUI violations, two in McHenry County and one in Kane County.

This case was investigated by officers of the Crystal Lake and Cary Police Departments. This case was prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorneys Ashur Y. Youash and Maria R. Marek.


Serial Drunk Driver in 2020 Rakow Road Crash Gets Five Years in Prison — 11 Comments

  1. Another MADD/AAIM forced funder. When are the dope heads and texters while driving going to be treated the same way?

  2. JT, have a bad experience with MADD and the court system?

  3. Porky always making assumptions. Nice try sport. Try to get familiar with IL Statutes then get back to me.

  4. Oh yeah, bad experience.
    Nobody makes more assumptions than you, being that you are the mayor of north Halstead.
    Does your wife know you sneak there to play with the boys.

  5. So you don’t like MADD. tough shit. I suppose you like drunks on the road. Does that mean you still drive?

  6. Your such an idiot Porky. Do you like people texting while driving on the road?

    MADD and AAIM make money from offenders then turn around and lobby for more laws that once again line their pockets to lobby for more. These are grifter groups using tragedy to line their own pockets.

    Try getting a clue before you type next time. Have you found your next gerbil victim.

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  8. “Do you like people texting while driving on the road? Why no gerbil dick, anymore than I like drunks on the road. Assume much. Where did I say that. You hate MADD yeah you must have paid them some money.
    “These are grifter groups using tragedy to line their own pockets.” yeah you mean like the NRA

    Creosote king another MAGA moron. Get a clue

  9. LOL, Porky is upset when presented with truth. It’s 4:30. Are you texting from Monks Prius on your way to your Halsted lip service sessions. IL liberals are so entertaining. Eggs are very expensive so I guess you found a new source of protein.

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