Woodstock Resident Reflects on County Board Committee Meeting on Gun Control

An email written after 1 AM this morning and shared with McHenry County Blog:

I Sent this to ALL Board Members and the Sheriff

I am 58 Years old and have lived in Woodstock ie McHenry County for 58 Years making me a LONG TIME Resident.

I went to the meeting today 1-31-2023 as a neutral attendee.

Well I would like to let you all know it was VERY obvious that the Anti Gun speakers were pushing an agenda where the 2nd amendment supporters were speaking from the heart and with passion and truth.

I noticed that the Moms Demand Action speakers were working an agenda, because they did not tell me anything this J.B. Gun law passage would do to make McHenry county safer, just a bunch of miscellaneous statistics that didn’t prove anything to me or anyone else.

With that said that was not the situation with our sheriff.

I say this because after meeting the Sheriff personally today for the first time ever, I was VERY impressed how approachable he was and with his knowledge of the facts surrounding gun use in McHenry County and I trust his judgment more than ever after today.

I also over heard him talking to a gentlemen that was “NOT” a fan of him or guns.

But our Sheriff was fantastic how he was able to explain very methodically guns being used by law abiding is not the problem.

By the end of the conversation our sheriff was able to calm the gentleman down and stifle his fears.

Then this gentleman that did not like him or what he said about not enforcing JB’s unconstitutional gun law, shook his hand and said, we may not agree but you’re a good guy thank you for your service.

I thought that pretty cool that our Sheriff was able to very calmly give his constituents guidance and security.

With that said this sheriff is for me and should be for you also.

He made a believer out of me that he is working for us not against us after hearing him today talking to people after the meeting,

Great Guy.

And I will also say thank you for your service and you have my support 100%.

The Moms Demand Action folks really upset me today because they were trying to gin up fear that was unfounded.

They also were trying to make listeners in the room “!! FEEL !!” like this JBs gun bill will do this or that and make us all safer.

The lady that marched her little girl up there as a prop to make us FEEL like this Gun law will save her child was ridiculous maneuver BECAUSE The CRIMINALS are NOT going to give two hoots with JB’s gun law and those Criminals will use their violence against the now UNARMED citizens thanks to JB’s Gun Law.

I learned today J.B. Gun bill will do nothing for citizens safety – MAINLY because law abiding gun owners ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, and since the CRIMINAL IS NOT following the law the new law is DOA for making us Safer!

Again it will NOT make us Safer! Sad, but True!!


I felt some board members FOR SURE get it and some Not so Much.

So I am sending this to you all and do with it as you will but please LEAVE the Good, Working, Tax paying, LAW ABIDING, Citizen alone! and if it’s going to take a second amendment sanctuary county to achieve that, then so be it, I am all in 100%!

I really took note of one speaker today that said, “This Room is Full of Anxious and anxiety ridden people because of this gun bill” YES YES YES it really made me think that is so true!

We are all here today because we know there is something unscrupulous going on in JB’s lame-duck session Gun bill being passed right under our noses in 72 hours at 1am in the morning and YES it’s very very upsetting and stressful.

This JB gun bill is 100% causing harm and upset to the good law abiding citizens and the criminals are trotting away laughing and grinning because they’re NOT going to do anything different they will continue doing their crimes and leaving the unarmed law abiding for dead!

Go after the criminals not the law abiding citizen!

And YES it is 1am Wednesday morning as I write this email to you all and Yes I should be sleeping like you and getting ready for work in the morning but I wanted to see what working at 1am feels like and I have decided, – IT IS NO TIME FOR JB IN SPRINGFIELD TO BE PASSING MASSIVE GUN LEGISLATION WHILE THE GOOD CITIZEN OF ILLINOIS ARE ASLEEP, BUT WAIT, I THINK I REMEMBER READING SOMEWHERE, THAT CRIMINALS WORK THEIR BIG HEIST IN THE NIGHT!  RIGHT!!!!  

HmmmThinking face

Always Questioning the Question


Woodstock Resident Reflects on County Board Committee Meeting on Gun Control — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Woodstock Resident.

    You’ve objectively summarized the gun bill and its ramifications.

    As for people who use their children for props,shame on you, as well as mothers who ” demand.”

    We all want our children to be safe, a la Kelli Wegener, but not over “people’s rights” to also be safe.

    WHO do you think you are!

    Ms. Wegener, you have a lot to learn, but not at our expense.

  2. Jack Franks did a great job redistricting more Democrats onto the county board.

  3. Wait to be betrayed byTadelman, just like the DuPage Sheriff did.

    It’s gonna happen.

  4. We Need to urge our County Board to follow suit and back up our Sheriff and States attorney and fight this ban

    I understand that there are a few misguided members who are reluctant to stand up an be counted (you know who you are).and so do we ,and we all vote, remember that, to those, I say now is the time to back up those who back you up…..

  5. They were hysterical.

    Some of them went up to speak and were crying.

    Some of them were saying unhinged stuff basically saying I hope you get shot so that yada yada yada.

    These are sick people.

    Why do they have any say in our government???

    Why are they considered our equal?

    There were agorophobes up there speaking.

    Why does society need to bend to the whims of your mental illness?

    If some schizo guy thinks he’s hearing voices, we make sure he doesn’t do anything crazy that the “voices” told him to do.

    We don’t pretend like we also hear the voices.

    Society is being designed by the weakest and craziest people.

    It’s not good.

    These people need to at the very least be ignored, if not thrown into a padded room.

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