Crystal Lake Bed Bath & Beyond Closing

Bed Bath & Beyond in Crystal Lake.

Maybe it lost business when it stopped stocking MyPillow products.


Crystal Lake Bed Bath & Beyond Closing — 18 Comments

  1. Bed,Bath and “BeGONE” has had a failing business model for several years especially in this age of Amazon and Online sales.

    Unless you had the 20% coupon it was way over priced.

    Then the coupon was limited to one item. Way over priced.

  2. Did the pillow guy have some effect on BBB?

    A side issue, the pillow guy needs to get another person or persons to do the teevee ads.

    He is kind of obnoxious.

  3. Speaking of Bed, wonder if the DOJ and the federal bureau look between the mattress and box spring at Biden houses to see if he hid some top secret documents there.

    How about behind the drywall and between the studs?

  4. I totally get not liking a big box corporation but why nasty?

    Did BBB start a rumor about you and call you names?

  5. I went there about 1 year ago and told them, “If you don’t sell my pillow, I don’t buy from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.”

    1 year later, My Pillow is rocking, Bed, Bath and Beyond is closing.

    Now, 1 purchaser doesn’t do much; but as people have stated above – if many conservatives do the same thing, WOKE businesses fail.

    All of those people working there, I feel bad for them. Liberalism fails. I wish City Hall would understand that too – they’re out all that sales tax and many of the workers will flee the state.

    Illinois is failing because of liberal policies.

    But the Illinois voter is as corrupt as her politicians.

    They keep voting for fraud, failure, and laziness.

  6. Haig is allegedly allergic to soap and water in addition to toilet paper.

  7. They have a huge inventory and it’s expensive stuff that probably doesn’t move.

    Sometimes you start a business it’s better to keep things simple than have so many things.

    Better to keep it simple and actually move the product than have a lot of variety that sits on the shelf or you have to sell at a loss just to make room for new stuff that corporate is forcing you to take.

    Happens all the time, Cal!

  8. Imagine thinking that BB&B is closing because of MyPillow and not because of Amazon.

  9. Popcorn?

    The way they treated their customers is where the nasty comes in.

    IF you are too dumb to see that then there is no explanation that will sit well with someone so dense.

  10. Thanks for the good laugh today Joesph.

    You and Slapdyck always keep me entertained

  11. Their fragrances were highly carcinogenic, but nobody brings that up.

    Good riddance!

  12. Easy Cindy, I asked because I haven’t been in a BBB in some time and I likely have never been in the CL store.

    The way nasty gets slung around here I don’t know if its applied to a store because they stopped selling a pillow, or they’ve donated to a Democrat or if someone just can’t find a sales rep. on the floor.

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