Ground Owl Day

Woodstock has its Groundhog Day.

Cape Coral has its Ground Owl Day.

Father owl says, “Don’t get near my nesting borrow.”

The Burrowing Owl saw its shadow today in Cape Coral, Florida. 

That means eight more weeks of sunshine.


Ground Owl Day — 10 Comments

  1. First dik diks in the Keys and now mini burrowing owls in Cape Coral. I never heard of the owls before this post

  2. Did you hear it make noise?

    Those ones don’t sound like what you think an owl sounds like.

    A dove sounds more like an owl than the bird pictured here, and that bird sounds more like a rooster imo.

  3. If anyone knows about “burrowing” animals, it’s JT. Get your tube back from HonestAbe#1 yet?

  4. What about dirty birds who daily foul ourMcHenry nest — the boo birds who shriek and peck.

    Why are they allowed to defecate on all of us?

    I’m referring to creeps like Althof and Gottemoller.

  5. Hey, Bring Back Brian Sager’s Ground Gerbil spectacle at Woodstock Sq!

    PETA might object the animal abuse, but hey, the gay community MUST be celebrated NO MATTER WHAT OR HOW DISGUSTING!

  6. Stevie “Poo” Pokorny, our amusing puppeteer, could show off his ground-turd marionettes w/ Sager.

    How great is that!?!

  7. I love it when the resident board homos Porky and Cornpop have each other’s backs in more ways than 1

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