Local Governments Main Goal Is Getting More Money

County government pointed me to this McHenry County Council of Governments “2023 MCCG Legislative and Transportation Priorities Approved 1/25/2023” web page.

Here’s what is first on the list:

Electric charging station in Richmond.

Preserve Local Government Dollars –

The MCCG strongly supports Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF) dollars being returned to local governments in the fullest amount possible. Additionally, the MCCG advocates for the elimination of the sales tax administrative fee. Monies due to local government are critical, especially with the uncertainty of future revenues. Any monies due to local governments via
LGDF, sales tax dollars or internet sales tax should be allocated in the full amount.

The Local Distributive Fund is where the local share of income tax money is funneled from State government.

Local municipal and county government officials, of course, never take blame for income taxes, so that source of revenue is ideal from their perspective.

Completely different from the heat from property taxes.

Second on the list is local control of zoning:

Uphold Principles of Self Determination –

The MCCG strongly encourages the legislature to respect self-determination in regards to property tax, zoning, home-rule status, unfunded mandates and other areas that pertain to local oversight. Furthermore, the MCCG will monitor lead service line requirements and support grants or funding opportunities that lessen the financial burden to local governments and residents

Governor Pritzker just signed legislation to preempt local zoning on solar and windmill projects.

Fourth on the list concerns electric vehicles:

Encourage Efforts and Opportunities for Electric Vehicles –

The MCCG encourages educational and collaborative efforts for the planning of electric vehicles and their infrastructure. Supporting grants, procurements and other funding opportunities could reduce costs to local governments while contributing to clean air and other environmental efforts.

We’ll cover the transportion wish list tomorrow.


Local Governments Main Goal Is Getting More Money — 6 Comments

  1. Define “juice” and I might be able to answer your question.

  2. It might pay off in a business district.

    Gullible people with money to spend and a couple of hours to kill.

  3. MCCG is one gigantic rip off!

    Abolish it and put its leech membership in pillories.

    I’ll bring the large rocks. Remember, nothing smaller than 8 lbs.

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