April 4th Home Rule Referendums in Bull Valley and Lakemoor

From the McHenry County Clerk’s web site:


Proposition For Bull Valley To Become A Home Rule Unit of Government

Shall the Village of Bull Valley, McHenry County, Illinois, become a home rule unit of government?


Binding Proposition To Determine Whether The Village Of Lakemoor Should Become A Home Rule Unit

Shall the Village of Lakemoor become a home rule unit pursuant to Article VII, Section 6(a) of the Illinois Constitution?

The primary reason for becoming a Home Rule unit of government is the ability to raise taxes without a referendum.

My Village of Lakewood held such a referendum, but it failed.

Were Tax Fighter Jim Tobin still alive, he would be offering to design leaflets like the following to help opponents:

The piece that helped defeat Home Rule in Itasca in 2012.


April 4th Home Rule Referendums in Bull Valley and Lakemoor — 3 Comments

  1. Lakemoor is a town of Section 8 trash, an utterly corrupt PD, and a sanctuary town for illegal alien Mexican pimps and drug dealers.

    Bull Valley is ‘P hat town”, and males there have a severely deficient level of testosterone in their plasma.

  2. Home rule sounds good to the naive.

    Why do democrats and RINOs push it?

  3. Why do you post rubbish like that of Mr. King and Mr. Puckett who obviously have much deeper problems than the Home Rule.

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