Crystal Lake Police Continue to Find Open Pot in Cars — 19 Comments

  1. Do a surprise test on the cops.

    1/3 of the force on drugs of some kind. All non prescription. Thc, provigil, steroids, amyl nitrate, come.
    Yeah, it’s true

  2. +1 wiz wait till the shrooms houses open thank a libtard voter

  3. What’s ankle grabber Haig’s position on this besides bent over?

  4. WHY????

    There has to be something better to find than pot?

    We really do have too many cops patrolling our streets, but I guess these small-time crimes are money makers for the Pols to spend more revenue.

    If they were under the influence, then arrest them for that, if not, have them scatter it on the road and let them leave.

    Pot is a non-starter for the courts.

  5. They are not finding pot, Stormy.

    They are finding OPEN pot!

    Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!


    The silliness is in the details.

    You can buy your weed illegally, but transport it in a dispensary container rather than a baggie.

    “Sealed or resealable” and “inaccessible” (to the driver while driving, one assumes).

    Weed in a baggie in your trunk is illegal.

    Weed in a dispensary-sale container that you bought from Cousin Harold in the trunk is legal.

    Not putting Harry in the trunk, though, just the weed.

  7. I think “open pot” is the most accurate description. Identical to prohibitions on “open alcohol”, of which theoretically we’re all aware. Also, similar prohibitions against public consumption as well.

    Treat it as you would alcohol and you’re fine.

    One needn’t use a dispensary’s container (any childproof, sealable container satisfies), but offers unassailable legality as well as a variety of sizes and shapes.

    The child-proof thing is interesting, though.

    You can’t overdose or be harmed by weed.

    Alcohol is far more dangerous.

    Imagine all the drunks fumbling with a child-proof cap.

  8. Can’t overdose on pot, eh.

    I know two twenty-somethings who did and have had none since doing so.

  9. All I knoe is that thay had suck a negative reaction that they have not been tempted to use it again.

  10. Overdose would mean they are dead Cal, of course they wouldn’t be doing any more dead.

    Of course, there has never been a person who died from just pot, mixing drugs is another ball game.

  11. Cal did you know Monk in your 20’s? Nevermind he’s still doping as an old man.

    Also good to see they found another MADD/AAIM donor to do a forced donation and then they lobby for more ridiculous laws. How old are these aggressive cops?

  12. Over-dosing:

    Not something that happens with pot.

    Some people can have strong reactions, but it’s mostly mental, manifesting in physical symptoms. There’s no pharmacological harms.

    Have a friend that can really knock ‘em back. Won’t smoke. Asked why, she says she feels paranoid – that everyone around her knows she’s high, feels scrutinized. Just recently at a party, she tried it, got all upset and puked a lot.

    Yet when knocking ‘em back, she gets really loud, silly and obnoxious without worrying that anyone can tell she’s impaired. Far from feeling scrutinized, she delights in getting in everyone’s face.

    Then she pukes. Hmm…. patterns.

  13. Monk must be thirteen (with all his pukey friends). Real people don’t do things like that.

  14. Cindy, those are likely delusions from a person that smokes dope from the moment he wakes up to the moment he puts his head on his pillow next to his boyfriend.

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