New Finance Person for McHenry County

From McHenry County:

Kerri Wisz Named as New McHenry County CFO

WOODSTOCK, Ill. – McHenry County is pleased to announce that Kerri Wisz has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer.

Kerri Wisz

Wisz, who has served as Assistant Director of Finance since 2020, succeeds Kevin Bueso, who left to become chief financial officer for the Regional Transportation Authority.

She first joined the Finance Department in 2015 as senior financial analyst.

“McHenry County’s finances are in very experienced and capable hands with Kerri as our CFO,” County Administrator Peter Austin said.

“She will continue our long tradition of financial excellence and responsibility that taxpayers have come to expect from McHenry County Government.”

Besides developing the annual county budget with the guidance of the County Board, the Finance Department oversees payroll, accounts payable, and financial reporting. Wisz supervises a staff of seven.

Wisz was instrumental in developing seven annual budgets that won national awards from the Government Finance Officers Association, as well as furthering budget transparency with the implementation of Questica OpenBook software that allows the public to review revenue and expenses.

Wisz also played an important role in the transition to new software that further modernized county financial reporting.

McHenry County has a long history of fiscal prudence and discipline that allowed county government to go 12 years without increasing its tax levy, weathering the Great Recession and the COVID-19 pandemic without cutting services or staff. Since 2010, McHenry County has been assigned the top Aaa bond rating from Moody’s Investors Service.

It is a back-to-back winner of the Triple Crown Award bestowed by the for winning all three of the GFOA’s financial reporting awards in a single year.


New Finance Person for McHenry County — 9 Comments

  1. Wisz does not seem to be a wiz.

    She’s supervises 7!?

    Obviously overstaffed.

    She also scares me because she obviously overeats and is most probably overly self indulgent and impulsive.

    Those ‘awards’ seem to me to be of zero consequence and are tge typical governmental accolades which can be purchased via membership.

    However, maybe she’ll turn out to be a real savior of the taxpayer.

    Time will tell.

    Maybe somebody can tell me why Frank’s stooge, as well as Austin’s chief minion, are stll feeding at the trough and doing absolutely nothing for their exorbitant salaries.

    I blame the cuckservative Buehler who is perpetually in over his head and saying dumbass things like “We’ll get to that later.”

  2. “She also scares me because she obviously overeats and is most probably overly self indulgent and impulsive.”

    I know, just like Trumpty Dumpty, right?

  3. She seems like a lovely person.

    However, honestly, does she look like a financial guru?

    That’s really not her fault, however.

    It’s the fault of the people who hired her.

    Our “authorities” are incompetent swamp creatures who abuse their power.

    Karri Wisz:

    Good luck to you.

    You seem like a sweet person.

    I hope you’re qualified to be CFO.

  4. Her record is what frightens me.

    She never said ‘boo’ over her superior’s CONSTANT budget increases.

    Cut, Ms. Wisz. Cut!

  5. That would be the Board’s constant increases. They decide.

  6. She’s another fat ass ‘civil servant’ vampire sucking the blood out of all of us.

    Give me a wooden stake.

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