UPDATE: BALLOON DOWN, Northern Illinois Not Important Enough to Merit Overflight by Chinese Spy Balloon

From Reuters:

From the Babylon Bee:

Here’s the best map I can find of the flight path over the Midwest by the Chinese spy balloon:

A bit of Republican country in Southern Illinois was viewed by the Chinese spy balloon.


UPDATE: BALLOON DOWN, Northern Illinois Not Important Enough to Merit Overflight by Chinese Spy Balloon — 24 Comments

  1. The military says they haven’t shot t down because the pieces might hit someone below! So considerate of them.

    However, the balloon is over Montana, one of the most SPARSELY populated states in the country.

    There’s next to zero chance of hitting anything other than rocks or plants.

    Why not shoot a dart into the balloon?

    Why do they have to use a missile?

    Or use one of those planes that can fly over the balloon and scoop it up, which would let them see what instruments are on board before returning it to the Chinese.

    Something doesn’t sound kosher here.

    More here: https://www.unz.com/aanglin/spy-balloon-dawn-of-the-balloon-age/

  2. You really can’t blame the Chinese.

    They were probably afraid that Pritzker would mistake it for
    a giant pastry and immediately consume it. 🤣

  3. The bigger question Abe is what are they trying to distract us from with this balloon?

    Could it be that Pfizer has been outed doing gain of function on Covid strains and how it is affecting women’s fertility?

    Could it be that Hunter Biden partially owning bioweapons labs in Ukraine?

    Why did they try to hide the spy balloon before Blinken’s visit to China?

    The media coverups are coming fast and furious these days for those that are awake.

    Who the hell is running our military.

    That thing should have been blown away over Alaska once it entered our sovereign airspace.

    Nevermind, we know the Biden Crime family is compromised by China.

  4. Well past time for BOTH Biden and Harris to resign. Allowing a two year invasion of our southern border and NOW allowing an invasion of our U.S. airspace. Of course many other incompetent actions, policies, decisions by this duo that are harmful to the U.S.

  5. Falling for this fake story is going to bring you big-time trouble. When people start dropping dead they are going to use this fake balloon story as a cover. How many times do you have to be lied to before you start using your discernment? You all need to be deprogrammed!

  6. JT, nailed it!

    As the HATO cat’s paws in Ukroid Land are getting creamed, it’s high time the ziocreeps in DC shift and focus on a new enemy.

    The swamp creatures in DC have never faced the music despite long series of defeats, it makes them believe they are the chosen one, like the jews now running (ruining?) the show, therefore they are more likely to repeat the past mistakes and double down.

    With the development of precision guided rockets and missiles, combined with a majority of battles taking place in urban areas, the main battle tank concept is plainly obsolete.

    When a single 4 man fireteam can carry as much tank busting firepower as a tank itself, with more mobility, versatility, and ability to cover and conceal, combined with the tremendous amount of resources required to support (fuel, maintenance, transportation, and all the personnel necessary) a single MBT, it’s pretty simple math.

    Countries like the US keep building them, because hey, the board of directors for General Dynamics have to eat (caviar) too.

    Will the Pritzkerlike jew tyrant Zelensky wake up some March 2023 morning and find his US supplied secret service bodyguard detail gone and angry Ukrainian military officers using blowtorches to cut their way into Zelensky’s bunker so they can then use the blowtorches on his head along wiyh the stack of Vogue magazines with him and his weird wife on the cover?

    I think that’s coming after Bakmyt collapses this week.

    Another beleaguered Ukie mechanized brigade abandoned its position on the Donetsk front. Young men are streaming out of the Ukraine to avoid the Ukrainian pressgangs and their forcible conscription. over 16,000 have made it to Moldova. Belarus reports another 3,000.

    But the US media keeps propagandizing thst the Ukies are winning.


  7. News reports say that the U.S. knew the balloon was coming toward U.S. land on Jan 28th.

    Action could have been taken BEFORE it got to U.S. land.

    There is no question but that Biden and Harris must resign.

    They did not uphold their duty to protect this nation.

  8. LOL Cindy, I trust your discernment comment is directed at the dope addled and other liberals that post on this blog. I haven’t been here that long but suspect you understand the futility of your request. LOL

  9. And metis, I take it you are aware of Marco Polo.

    The crackhead son of the turnip already emailed his corrupt business partners that Russia wanted a land bridge between Crimea and Russia.

    It looks like the intelligence he had in the big guys garage was true.

    The only people that benefit from war are the cabal.

    Tell me again how Zelensky could afford to buy FTX bitcoin with our tax dollars which was the funnelled to politicians in this country?

    That was rhetorical by the way.

    Don’t worry.

    There are biolabs spread deep and far across the world.

    Once the Ukraine money laundering gets shut down there will be another war to fleece taxpayers and enrich the elites.

    Well that’s until Trump gets back in and all of the election corruption being exposed wakes up most of the brain dead in this country.

    Don’t worry, our fine state has their own little firewall called the IL Board of [S}Elections.

    Welcome to your new mayor Chuy Garcia. LOL

  10. I was in Buenos Aires last year (April) and the news there was all about the Ukrainian bioweapons labs set up near the Russian border.

    Swiss and Greek journalists taped pictures of the places as the Russians were gathering up files.

    I was amazed when I got back here and the whole thing was censored.

    The current Jewish Power configuration is the most perverse thing in the world, maybe in all of history.

    Has there been anything quite like it?

    The most powerful power in the world controlling the US as the Lone Superpower but hidden from view(or hidden in plain sight?), but few dare mention it.

    Just like euphemisms such as ‘teens’ and ‘youths’ for blacks, people prefer to talk of ‘leftists’, ‘globalists’, ‘communists’, ‘Soros’ & gang, ‘oligarchs’, and etc. than speak of Jewish Power.

    On occasion, some may call out on Zionists, but few dare to name the World Jewry or the Empire of Judea.

    But in Argentina, people were calling them out.

  11. The Chinese already control Gov. Fred Flintstone and Chicago Mayor Uncle Woody (from Sanford & Son) so why bother.

  12. I still think this was an American balloon to gin up paranoia and aggression at China and/or what JT said about distracting from other issues like vaccine lack of safety or the new RAND report on the Ukraine war arguing Ukraine can not win.

    However, if we do believe the official narrative that it was a Chinese balloon it says a lot about our current “leadership” that they would allow it to fly over the entire U.S., possibly over military instillation’s, possibly transmitting data back to China, and then not shoot it down until after it’s gone from one side of the country to the other.

    “shoot a dart” yeah go get your blowgun and shoot it 60 thousand feet in the air, Kangaroo.

    Maybe someone can shoot their Glock or throw a knife at it, if your dart idea doesn’t work.

    -_- You’re right about it flying over sparsely populated areas though.

    Initially it flew into Alaska and then drifted all the way through Canada and then back into the U.S.

    in Montana.

    They chose to let it fly over the entire U.S. before taking it down.

    The government is retarded.

    If the government won’t protect its own people from terrorist attacks, won’t protect us from an invasion at the southern border, won’t protect us from China, won’t protect us from violent thugs, maybe the government is just as bad as, or maybe worse than, those all of those threats.

  13. Why would they bother its already coming under the same policies as China.

  14. I think the woke, tranny-coddling brass was afraid if we shot down the balloon, the many US balloons over would be coming down, too.

    3 years ago one of these American balloons went down in Mongolia. Not shot down, just came down.

    It’s all nothing but intentionally generated MSM hysteria just in time to get the Ukraine collapse and defeat off the front pages.

    Does anyone with common sense really think China needs a goddamned balloon to spy on the US?

    They have satellites as well as listening posts and human intel on the ground in the US just as they always have.

    Just as Russia always has just as we alternately in their case always have.

    The US is falling apart.

    Many videos of how bad US cities are becoming.

    Homeless camps lining roads and highways, drugged out people roaming the streets.

  15. One of three:

    1) Really is what they say.

    2) It is the above or nothing really at all, they’re just enjoying f-ing with us to see what we’d do and to spark reaction.

    3) Proof of concept on an (obviously) stealthy platform for an EMP device.

  16. Zany Chinese Dictator and his American valet he calls Biden, wagers his pals at the ‘Reforms Club’, he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days.

  17. It’s been brought down with a $205,000 missile; another missile missed.

    But it could have brought down with $50 worth of 50 caliber bullets.

    Yes we have fighters that could have done that.

  18. Probably, Kangaroo. Stats on F 22 going up between 55 and 65 thousand feet and heard the balloon was at 60 thousand. Seems a gun may have worked.

    Now we get to watch them try to recover it. I could picture them not finding it and just pretending they did. US government is incompetent.

  19. Not incompetent Correcting, treasonous. They should all be hanged.

  20. This balloon is 1 of 4 the CCP is floating around ours and other countries.

    Funny that the media doesn’t want to use it as a bigger distraction for the inept east coast elites running this country.

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