Will Holiday Inn Cave to Antifa? — 22 Comments

  1. Kirk has angered our Zionist Overlords.

    They feel he must be silenced because “anything cab happen when White men rebel.”

    So long Ukrainians! You were led to doom by the ziogovernment of Zionist Overlord Zelensky.

    17 of the top 20 positions in the Zelensky puppet regime are Zionists. But Ukraine is 99.98 nonZionist.

  2. Of course they will be dancing around in some demented homosexual conga line packing the fudge. The dipshit in the previously mentioned blue suit with brown sues will likely be the pivot prancing around in women’s lingerie drunk on Shirley Temple’s in my opinion. Bring plenty of Crisco.

  3. Glad to see you citing a website run by a Jew, CPT Skankaroo. A Ukrainian, no less. Guess he would know.

    It’s too bad you have Zionist Overlords. I don’t.

  4. Mellow, since you are a jew, I expect such a pathetic response. Jews always overreach. It’s in their DNA.

    Queen Isabella, Gandhi, Mao, Gen. Peron, Col. McCormick, Teddy Roosevelt, Neil Armstrong, Pius X, Henry Ford, Edison, current (14th) Dali Lama, Huey Long, King Edward VII & VIII, Presidents Garfield & Kennedy, Hemingway, Napoleon knew all about this.


    The poorly educated sod who posted this for all of Twitter to see, is barely literate. He/she obviously came thru the kind of
    education that put Scholastics LAST.

    Thanks, for proving our point, perfectly!

    Woke curriculums fail students and fail society.

    In response to learning of Anti-fa’s attempt to bully, a young Conservative whip developed this video for us.

    Thanks Again, Anti-fa!

  6. Kangaroo is wrong. Like most people on this blog he oversimplifies politics. Of course most people on Cal’s blog don’t know a lick about left wing politics and don’t intend to get educated.

    TPUSA which Charlie Kirk founded is a Zionist organization. They say so themselves.
    “Being Pro-Israel Is Being Pro-America! #GoIsrael #iHeartAmerica”

    Antifa is not a Zionist organization. The far left criticizes Israel a lot. They call it a nation of “settler colonialism,” and accuse it of being a racist, capitalist, and militarist country.

    A lot of Zionists might be pro-LGBT but that doesn’t mean all LGBT and allies are Zionists.

    If you have quotes of Charlie Kirk being anti-Zionist or anti-Semitic, why not share them to prove the point? Nobody on this blog has been able to generate them. The ADL has gotten mad at Turning Point USA because individual chapter leaders have been anti-Semitic and said other things they don’t like, but those people don’t speak for the whole organization and to my knowledge Kirk and the seniors in the organization denounced those individuals and expelled them from the organization.

    There is abundant proof that TPUSA is a Zionist organization and is not anti-Semitic (which I think are two separate issues, but for this conversation I’m including both since he is neither anti-Zionist or anti-Semitic).
    Here is Charlie Kirk saying “leftists are the real anti-Semites” in front of some explicitly Zionist organization. Posted to Turning Point USA’s Facebook account.
    Here is Charlie Kirk where he “DESTROYS Anti-Semite” posted on TPUSA’s YouTube channel.

    Kangaroo does bring up something interesting by mentioning Ukraine. Kirk, to his credit, is bringing guests onto his show that are saying Ukraine can not win the war. However, this could be considered a realistic and objective perspective of the situation there rather than either siding with Putin or being anti-Zionist. One need not have a certain belief about Zionism or Jews to admit Russia has a superior military and more people to fight than Ukraine. But the fact that Kirk will bring these guests on (and Tucker Carlson will too) is good because many Republicans are of a neocon persuasion, and this is something that ought to be fixed.

    Left wing politics is not as simple as people pretend. There are lefties who side with Putin because they are campists. There are lefties who side with Ukraine because they consider it more democratic or on the grounds that they see Russia as the invader and Ukraine as defenders. And there are lefties who dislike both Putin and Zelensky, seeing both as oligarchs, and would like to see a socialist government in both countries. There are lefties who want a unification of USSR and want socialism in a re-united new USSR. There are lefties against Putin and Ukraine who are anarchists too. There are different varieties of communists and different varieties of anarchists, plus social democrats who don’t all share the same opinions. Within all these groups you’ll find individuals who have different views about Jews and different views about Zionism. Different views about guns, different views about nuclear power, etc.

    Jews are not a monolith. Zionists are not a monolith. The left is not a monolith.

    It’s not even fair to say Kirk pissed off the LGBT with this since there are homosexuals, bisexuals, asexuals, and even transgender people who disagree with specific sex ed curriculum being taught to young children.

  7. LOL. Why are they hiding their identities? Dial *67 before you call the Holiday Inn. Are they worried about the same cancel culture they are pushing? Stupid young IL liberals. They’ve replaced the Skokie Nazi’s. You can spot them easily. They wear masks and scream.

  8. There is one group in America which no one can ever, ever criticize. Guess which one.

  9. So let me get this straight, the LGBTQ etc and the BLM and the abortion lovers and the cop haters ALL get to do what ever corrupt evil harassments they wish with NO consequence.

    Can put out whatever books, material, speak freely, hold drag shows for kids, gay day and pride parades taking over, but those speaking on and fighting for morals to protect lives and speak out against corruption need to be silenced and locked up.

    THEY must be stopped, but they should not be.

  10. ANTIFA harassing Kirk and Holiday Inn


    People harassing that bakery, as an example

    “LGBTQ etc and the BLM and the abortion lovers and the cop haters ALL get to do what ever corrupt evil harassments they wish with NO consequence. Can put out whatever books, material, speak freely, hold drag shows for kids…”


    “(Patriots) and the (Q-Anonners) and the (conspiracy) lovers and the Groypers, etc) ALL get to do what ever corrupt evil harassments they wish with NO consequence. Can put out whatever books, material, speak freely, hold (Reawaken America baptisms)….”

  11. “LOL. Why are they hiding their identities?” Are they anonymous cowards afraid to put their names to their opinions?

  12. LOL. When you set a trap for liberal simps it’s fun to watch them take the cheese. I count 2 above this post that come to mind

  13. Just going to add this in the meantime since I commented about 7-8 hours ago and the comment is not visible to me yet, and because people have been arguing about Kirk, Zionists, and Jews lately:
    BDS and #FreePalestine activists are usually on the left, so to say all left wingers are Jews or Zionists is obviously false and comes from oversimplification and misunderstanding of politics.

    Kirk pissed off the groomer mafia, Dems, and teachers unions. It’s more accurate to say that than to say he pissed off Jews or Zionists when Kirk considers himself an ally of Israel and condemns Antisemitism and racism. I doubt any Orthodox Jews are going to be at a protest of TPUSA. Secular liberal Jews, probably.

  14. Correcting is so stuuuuuuupid, it kinda sickens me.

    To be free, jews must go. Simple as that. Yes, Tadelboi, report me to your adl pigs.

  15. Kirk is a charleton.

    Never got his Fox News gig so he’s settled for radio.


  16. The YouTube video above shows Charlie Kirk unequivocally DENOUNCING anti-Semitism.

    If that’s not sufficient proof for you that he is not anti-Semitic, then go to the event & talk to him about the subject yourself, Dingo!

    The ironic thing is you’re LARPing as a Nazi but you believe the same left wing smears about Charlie Kirk his left wing haters believe.

    You and other dummies on this blog are incapable of grasping that many Republicans love Jews and Israel.

    They tell you that’s what they believe, yet you’re sitting here arguing the opposite.

    Who are you to suggest when they say one thing they really mean the exact opposite of what they said?


    how stupid are YOU?

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