Gamblers Spent $4 Billion Which Could Have Been Spent on Goods and Services, Tax Yield $1.3 Billion

From the Illinois Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability:

Gaming Revenues Continue to Rise on the Dawn Before Further Expansion

by Austin Verthein, Research Analyst

Wonder Lake 2014.

Over the past decade, access to gambling has dramatically increased, both in its forms and locations.

This is largely due to the enactment of multiple pieces of gaming expansion legislation in recent years.

This expansion has significantly increased the amount of gaming related tax revenues coming into the State.

During this time, the gaming landscape has shifted from primarily relying upon Riverboat Casinos for revenues to diversifying into other gaming ventures such as Video Gaming and Sports Wagering.

The former, specifically, has grown massively from a revenue standpoint.

Since beginning operations in 2012 to present-day, Video Gaming’s annual tax revenues are quickly approaching $1 billion per year and have now surpassed Casinos as the top revenue generating gaming format in Illinois.

With additional gaming expansion on the horizon, the growth in gaming related dollars should continue in the years ahead.


Gamblers Spent $4 Billion Which Could Have Been Spent on Goods and Services, Tax Yield $1.3 Billion — 9 Comments

  1. As the old saying goes – “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

  2. But the money goes to the connected billionaires who own the casinos.

    Won’t it benefit us nobodies in the same way as tax cuts for the rich and defunding the IRS so the rich can ignore tax law also benefit us?

    What’s good for General Motors is good for America, updated to the current era?

  3. Breaking:

    In a joint project between Illinois and Nigerian Internet Cafe’s, Illinois residents are sent lottery-winning email notifications and wire transfer instructions to help General Wabusi and a nephew of Gov. Pritzker.

  4. Once you realize those stupid machines are money sucking vacuum cleaners you will never play again.

    It’s funny those sitting in those chairs tell you about their last big win and when you ask them how much they put in prior to that they never seem to be able to remember that amount.

    Refer to Abe’s comment for the answer.

  5. Most of these rigged joints are even worse than injun casinos which used to be the worst.

  6. We saw a woman sitting in a pile of reeking shit (her own)—– she didn’t wanna leave a certain slot because it was ‘due for the big jackpot’.

    Why are such loons allowed to vote and sit on juries?

  7. Buffoons and chumps gamble.

    They pay taxes BUT unfortunately many vote.

    Part of why we got the doofus jagoff Biden. Dumb people.

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