Grafton Township Republicans Hold Event in Support of Endorsed Huntley School Board Candidates

There are nine candidates for the Huntley School District 158 Board of Education of which four have been endorsed by the Grafton Township Republican Party.

Candidates for a four-year term follow:

  • Katherine (Kate) Policheri
  • Jonathan Dailey (appointed incumbent)
  • Melissa M. Maiorino (incumbent)
  • Stephen G. Buchs
  • William Geheren (incumbent)
  • Laura Murray (endorsed by Republican Party)
  • Andrew Bittman (endorsed by Republican Party)
  • Gina Galligar (endorsed by Republican Party)
  • Paula Yensen (former Democratic Party McHenry County Board member)

Candidates for a two-year term follow:

  • Andrew Fekete
  • Kevin Gentry (incumbent)
  • Michael Thompson (endorsed by Republican Party)

The Grafton Township GOP held a reception for its four candidates Thursday night.

Photos from the event follow:

Huntley School Board candidate Ginger Gallighar.
Huntley School Board candidate Michael Thompson.
Huntley School Board candidate Andrew Bittman.
Huntley School Board candidate Laura Murray.


Grafton Township Republicans Hold Event in Support of Endorsed Huntley School Board Candidates — 20 Comments

  1. Best news of the week!

    Orv B is doing something, unlike the sh_theads like McConchita and Ferris Buehler and Thorsen the crybaby RINO.

  2. Geez ladies, I realize there are no seven figure income, 6’4″ male model financiers in Huntley.

    But remember that time when you actually cleaned up and put some woman’s clothes on?

  3. Breaking news: These candidates have the opposition running scared.

    They were laughing at you last month [hint, FOIA some of their emails] but they aren’t laughing anymore.

    They plan to attack the new candidates funding next because they have nothing new to offer voters and the voters are awake to how they waste money and vote everything through.

    They know their money train comes to a halt if these people get in.

    They sent someone to scope this event and the number of attendees rattled them.

    This will be the race to watch this spring.

    Eyes on.

  4. Funny how the “Parent Union” screamed during the last election that the current board members shouldn’t be on the board because they didn’t have kids in the district.

    But here they are with 3 candidates with no kids in the district.

    Oh wait, Laura is bringing her son back to play soccer – because that’s what’s really important.

    She pulled her kids because the district wasn’t serving their needs, but all of a sudden because her son needs to get recruited, D158 is A-Okay.

    And the “Parent Union” needs to do some background checks on these people before they let them run on their behalf.

    It seems that the LGBTQ community goes against their “Christian values”, but swingers and cheaters are just fine to represent them.

    I’d like them to point to the verses in the Bible where God said that’s totally acceptable.

  5. ‘Stacey’, maybe you should be more specific otherwise you’re just blowing hot air mixed with a little shit.

  6. Lorna:

    Good call on ‘Stacey’

    She needs to tell all or admit she’s just a shill for the ‘Tax Eaters’.

    Grandma always said it takes money to buy whiskey. So put up or shut up.

  7. Ask Mike Thompson about the Litchfield Lane swingers club. Maybe you should talk to his ex-wife or pull the divorce proceedings. Lots of marriages ended – and some created. His new wife was his swinging partner (that his former wife didn’t know about).

    The morally superior Christians of the D158 Parent Union have some secrets to hide, so maybe you all should do your homework before you vote for them.

  8. You just can’t get theater like this anywhere else but right here in good old District 158.

    Currently we have the queer supporters and those who favor litter boxes in children’s washrooms opposed against the tax fighters.

    And yes people do occasionally get divorced.

  9. Got it. God says it’s okay to join swingers groups and cheat on your wife. Good thing you set me straight. Now let’s go after those damn gays for messing with the sanctity of marriage!

  10. There are no litter boxes in school restrooms in D158.

    You’re being duped.

    All this time has gone by since that rumor started and no one has provided a picture of these litter boxes?


    There’s no way a kid (or adult) would see that and not take a picture.

    Has anyone’s kid seen this?

    Where are the school employees that have seen this? Let me know when you find one.

    You’re being conned by empty promises from people that can’t possibly follow through.

    I don’t like the current board or Rowe either, but if you knew how school boards work you wouldn’t be falling for the load of crap these 4 candidates are selling.

    Honestly they don’t even know how school boards work, so they probably think they can actually keep all those promises.

    Isn’t it ironic that you’ll defend swingers and cheaters but can’t stomach the “queers”. The hypocrisy is deafening.

    Ha! Yes, people occasionally get divorced.

    I had no idea it usually involves neighborhood swinger scandals.

    I must be living under a rock.

  11. Stacey is a damned liar.

    My daughter reports there is, indeed, on cat box in the unisex washroom on the second floor.

    And it stinks too!

  12. Hixon. Your daughter is a liar or you are trolling.

    There are no kitty litters in 158 or any other McHenry Count School and there never has been.

    Use your energy for actual problems in our schools instead of made up talking points.

  13. I told you they’d come after these 4 hard. I thought they would wait to unroll sex scandals till next month though.

    According to public records 5 of the 12 candidates have been divorced. When can we look forward to equally as salacious hearsay accusations supposedly from ex spouses of the other 4?

    Or will the attacks only be focused on the new candidates endorsed by the Republicans?

    Funny how the left fights so hard for school children to be taught every kind of sexual perversion because sexual freedom is their biggest platform. Yet the left is also the first to scream out sex scandals when they want to take someone out politically.

    Ask yourself why.

    Remember the louder the accusation the bigger the threat. The current board does not want these four stopping their money train of endless taxation.

    I can tell you the board wants to win this 2 year seat badly because there are only 3 people on the ballot for it. They know the incumbents do not have public support due to current climate (so candidate 1’s out) and their new candidate is so far left publicly that even the local Democratic party won’t endorse him (so candidate 2’s chances are low.) What to do? (create scandal for candidate 3 so candidate 2 has a chance)

    The Democrats have been using this divorce shaming playbook since Reagan.

    As I said this will be the race to watch this spring.

  14. D Insider, spot on. This is classic strategy of the left. They deflect from the real issues like high taxes and new levies, green initiatives that cost tons of money and produce very little other than social media accolades, and horrific spending that is out of control by school boards that run without oversight or accountability from the state.

    Let’s see what the other candidates and the inept incumbents can offer other than media posts on feel good messages and memes.

  15. Haha! “Divorce shaming”. That’s rich. It would be easy to figure out the truth if you just looked into it. Maybe ask the ex-wife. I love that you’re all glossing over the swinging part of it as if it’s no big deal. I personally don’t care what you all do in your private lives, but don’t pretend to be some holier than thou Christians that look down on others for their “sins”.
    Oh, I’ve got more stuff than just that. Your candidates are real winners. But, you’ll follow them to the very end, won’t you. It doesn’t matter what they’ve done or said – They’re Republicans and that’s good enough. SAD!

  16. This isn’t really a crowd that’s big on proof. Unless…Rumble?? Is Rumble proof?

  17. Stacey, a mentally disturbed teen did put in a catbox. Janitors chucked it and chuckled at the fake feline.

    I chuckle at chuckleheads, such as you. Who appointed you the Homosexual Ombudscreature for Northern Illinois?

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