Ness Reports

Frm State Rep. Suzanne Ness:

Suzanne Ness

“This week was our first week in session for the 103rd General Assembly.

“As I type, we are debating the “House Rules” which determine how we do our jobs.

“We cannot start committees without the passage of our rules so this is necessary for us being able to get our work done.

“It is also the first time for me that I return to a role as an incumbent.

“As I look out from my seat, I see many new faces.

“We had a big turnover this session as former members retired, moved to other positions, or lost their elections.\” I’m looking forward to getting to know and work with our new legislators.

“Back in the District Office, I am excited about the programs we are planning, including the Hearts for Heroes Valentine’s Day event. We did this event for the first time last year, handing out homemade valentine’s day cards made by local children, for healthcare workers and it was such a positive experience, we decided to do it again. This year we have even more partners helping us show our love to those that work hard to keep us healthy and safe all year long.

“This month is also Black History Month and we will be featuring highlights throughout the month in honor of the contributions of African Americans who may not be known to many of us.

“As my colleague Representative Cyril L Nichols, stated on the House Floor ‘There is no American History without Black History.’

“I appreciated that statement and agree with it wholeheartedly.

“I also held my first mobile office hour event last month at the Algonquin Public Library.

“It was our first evening event and I’m looking forward to doing more and meeting constituents all across our district. I hope to see you there at a future one.

“Lastly, we will be sending out this newsletter twice a month in order to keep constituents informed in a more timely basis, not just about programs and events, but also about bills and priorities happening in Springfield.

“The session is going to be a busy one and I’m eager to get to work.”

= = = = =

Thus far, Ness has introduced no legislation.

She has been assigned to the following committees:


Ness Reports — 11 Comments

  1. On Ness’ committee assignments, she is the vice-chair of the Counties and Townships Committee.

  2. Did this lady vote for the Very, Very, Very, Very Dangerous MISNAMED Democrats’ so-called “SAFE-T ACT that favors criminals and thugs over victims and law abiding citizens?


  3. Ness did.
    = = = = =
    My mistake. As Lopez accurately points out, she was not sworn in until just after the outgoing General Assembbly adjourned.

  4. Cal and Bred Winner,

    No, Ness did not vote for the SAFE-T Act. That was passed in the IL House in the waning hours of the 101st General Assembly in early 2021. Ness’ 1st term was in the 102nd General Assembly.

    Therefore, she did not vote for the overall passage of the SAFE-T Act in January of 2021.

  5. We might disagree on a lot, but I appreciate that you care about facts, Mr Lopez.

  6. Wrong!

    That makes Martin a fact-ophile.

    Disturbing around here, I know.

  7. SKANK Definition
    American Heritage Dictionary

    The act of cheating a person through disloyal and selfish means with no shame to use deception in the process (most commonly to a known associate or friend).

  8. She should not be anywhere near Child Welfare !!!

    She voted to have Fentanyl legalized!

    Shame on her.

  9. She’s a skank all right, and a pretty tired one at that.

    She’s got a foul mouth too.

    Looks like she has alot of creditors, too.

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