Algonquin Township Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky Votes for Socialism

From Wirepoints:

Jan Schakowksy is in the middle.

Five U.S House Reps from Illinois oppose House resolution rejecting socialism, bucking Dem majority

By: Mark Glennon*

Majorities of members from both parties in the U.S. House of Representatives voted last week in favor of a nonbinding resolution condemning socialism. All Republicans and 109 Democrats voted for the resolution but 86 Democrats voted against it and 14 voted “present.” The resolution “denounces socialism in all its forms, and opposes the implementation of socialist policies in the United States of America.”

Illinois Democrats Chuy García, Jan Schakowsky, Danny Davis and Delia Ramirez and Robin Kelly voted against the resolution.

Illinois Democrat Sean Casten declined to vote, writing “I have too much work that the voters expect me to do. And I have too much respect for them to pretend this is of value.”

The rest of the Illinois delegation voted in favor.

Sure, the resolution was designed by Republicans for political reasons and, yes, there are problems with how the resolution was worded.

But votes on the resolution still tell us something.

MSNBC found enough significance in the vote to praise the “no” voters, writing that the “Democratic establishment is still largely hostile to even incrementalist left-wing principles,” an MSNBC column says.

“Ultimately embracing its left wing will yield better results for the American people than living in constant fear of association with the s-word.”

Today’s Democratic establishment is hostile “to even incrementalist left-wing principles”?

Um, OK.

Chuy García’s vote against the resolution is particularly significant because he’s a candidate for mayor in Chicago, and the vote is one more bit of evidence about where he stands on big picture issues.

For a more comprehensive look at García’s views, the best summary I’ve found is an article prepared jointly by the Chicago Reader and In These Times, which are both on the left.

The report’s headline says it best: “He’s a Real One”: The Squad’s Middle-Aged, Mustachioed Ally in Congress.”

It’s about García’s allegiance to the radically left “Squad” in the House led by Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn).

He’s a real one, alright.

If you like the Squad, he should be your guy.

In a statement to In These Times, Pressley called García ​“a trusted partner in good trouble” and praised his legislative record. ​

“I often say that the Squad is big, because it includes anyone committed to the work of building a more equitable and just world. I can think of no one who fits that description better than Chuy García. He’s a real one.”

García returned the compliment, writing In These Times: ​“They are my allies. They are my soulmates. I love them,” he said.

Returning to the House resolution, it would have been better not to equate socialism with the worst of communism, which it did.

More importantly, if you want to put today’s left on the spot, isn’t there a more comprehensive word than socialism?

Don’t the defining characteristics of today’s left go well beyond socialism?

While many on today’s left are socialists, some by name and many more in practice, they are much more than that.

On top of socialism, they commonly oppose free speech, support racial discrimination as “equity” and reject, for their political opponents, due process and equal treatment under law.

They often don’t hide an intention to establish one-party rule by trying to brand, if not outlaw, their opposition as insurrectionists and racists.

That’s certainly not true of all Democrats, but it’s fair to say those traits are common on today’s left.

What the right word would be is a lengthy topic for another day.

I’m not entirely sure what it should be, but something a whole lot nastier than socialism.

= = = = =

Contrary to some reports Schakowsky was not among those participating in Lakewood’s Witches Ride.

Wiches in Lakewood.


Algonquin Township Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky Votes for Socialism — 16 Comments

  1. Illinois has been incapable of embarrassment for at least 50 years now.

  2. Does Mark have a recommendation on who people should vote for? Or is he just mad at Garcia? There are like 9 or 10 people running. Someone is going to win.

  3. The ugly harridan and jewess cow Schackowsky is such a hideous creature, how people cannot see her for the monster she truly is, is beyond me.

    She and her convicted crook husband may be laughing now, but their smirks will slapped off their lying, zionist faces as the Reaction grows.

    Her Marxist psychobabble, parasitism and hatred of the goyim will be a avenged. Just hand her over to one of the war crimes tribunals to be established in the former Ukraine, Palestine, Afghanistan or Syria. Justice will be rendered.

  4. Anyone of these libtards who want Socialism Deport to another country who has it… let them live their lives out there this is America!!! time for them to get woked

  5. Not a communism supporter, but I guess freedom of thought and speech are only guarantied to white christrian hating MAGA morons.

  6. And yet we haven’t been jailed or shot! Where’s the ‘freedom’ justice in that?

  7. That’s hilarious Cal.

    Oh yeah, she ‘won’ all right.

    Stalin and Sleepy Joe, the demented hair sniffer and Hunter’s ‘Mr. 10%’ ‘won’ too. As did the loathsome Casten and Foster.

    If we had a decent county clerk, maybe she wouldn’t have ‘won.’

  8. I love this. MAGA morons never lose, they always get cheated. Boo Hoo, tough shit.

  9. Porkboy – just another useful idiot of the DEMOCRAT party living in a brainwashed Leftist bubble and
    quite proud of it. What an embarrassment to his parents, and a terrible way to go through life.

  10. As always and until the Democrat Party is disbanded, trust no Democrat. They are on the side of felons, thugs, criminals as evidenced by their creation and passing of the Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Dangerous and grossly misnamed, “SAFE-T Act”.

  11. Really Abram, My parents are deceased,

    I was raised to think for myself.

    And I have never voted democrat.

    But as you would say, “thanks for playing.”

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