Discussing Gun Control

A letter to the Northwest Herald from Tim Beck of McHenry, published with permission:

Word Manipulations

I want to point out three prominent “word manipulations” that people are using regarding a possible Resolution from the McHenry County Board on the Second Amendment.

The first is the use of the term Gun Sanctuary by opponents of the resolution.

Guns are inanimate objects and do not need sanctuary.

What is needed and what is being proposed is a Constitutional Safe Haven for law-abiding citizens of McHenry County.

The second is the use of the word assault as an adjective.

The word assault is primarily a verb or a noun.

A weapon does not assault anyone.

It is an evil person who assaults someone else.

Another word manipulation involves the attempt to change the subject.

Board member Gloria Van Hof has stated she would vote against any proposed resolution because “people do not need a high-intensity weapon.”

I would like to point out that there is a significant difference between needs and rights.

The Second Amendment explicitly states that our right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

Government officials like to unilaterally determine what our needs are.

History has shown that whenever We the People allow the government to determine what each and every person needs, then bad things oftentimes follow.


Discussing Gun Control — 33 Comments

  1. Good job Tim.

    It has been noticed that you are the only bold one on the county GOP board to speak up.

  2. “Shall Not Be Infringed” – Means exactly what it says. Case closed – matter settled.

  3. Semantics and redefining words are 2 staples of a lying libera. They then use their media bckers to push their word salads.

    Raise your hand if Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is going to reduce inflation.

  4. Tyranny has already descended in McHenry County.

    It is so frightening to watch the county backslide.

  5. Taken down from Hoffs FB when campaigning is her known BLM support and promoting transgenderism, a supporter of the LIH Bakery.

    Another one that you voted for and then when they act the way they said they were going to act, you are shocked.

    She is the perfect example of someone elected due to checking all the right boxes.

    She and other newly elected board members who happened to connect with the right “friends” having nothing to do with qualifications.

    You have not seen anything yet as McHenry is one of the last bastions in Illinois that is now going woke.

  6. “The word assault is primarily a verb or a noun.”

    It’s an adjective when coupled with weapon, You are now playing the game that you accuse liberals of doing.

  7. JT does your indoctrination preclude you from discerning thought or do you just follow the Joseph Goebbels’ play book.

  8. Porky go lick your Saul Alinski bobblehead. You liberals believe men can have babies and there are 1300 genders. Which Rule of Saul was that.

    Also funny you think I worship a Nazi yet liberals are pushing child mutilation and kill children in the womb. I guess when truth is told to a liberal it is propaganda. Sorry sport. It’s cognitive dissonance on your part.

    Go put on your chapstick. Your goofy post tells me you must have been servicing alot of drag queens on Halsted this weekend.

  9. Sorry gerbil dick, It’s your cognitive dissonance. One can tell by the anger of your post. again right out of the Goebbels playbook.
    Accuse others of what you yourself are guilty of.

  10. Guns are guns. To my mind, handguns are more “assault” than rifles.

    If we’re worried about assaults, let’s look at the numbers.

    Dead from handguns vs dead from “assault”.

    FBI data from 2020 does show that more people died from injuries sustained from other people’s fists, feet and hands than from rifles.

  11. Sorry Porkboy. I was laughing as I posted truth about you as I am now. It really seems you have anger issues at your colonoscopist for stealing your treasured carcass from your kiester.

    Truth really angers you liberals. Your lips must have really gotten chapped this weekend for you to be so angry.

  12. Porkboy is a victim.
    Thats right, a victim.
    Porkboy is a willing victim of TDS, which explains much of his unhinged postings here.
    He is a “useful idiot” for the DEMOCRAT cause(s).

  13. Yes Benita, Thank you Tim. But where are the other McHenry County Republican exec. committee members?
    Other members of the Party in Leadership?
    Where are all the Township Chairmen?
    Precinct Committeemen?

    Where are all the keyboard warriors on this blog?

    Asleep at the wheel.

  14. Tim Beck is a stand-up man in our county and a fantastic representative of the GOP.

  15. Sorry, but you are not. All I said was Assault was used as an adjective in this instance and you came unglued. So easy to bait, so easy to trap.

    Abram I love when stupid comes to the aid of stupid.

    Validation is what you crave.

    Well there you go, Stupid Abram comes to you aid.

  16. Unglued? LOL 🤡. Your weekend must have been really fun.

    There is no such thing as an “ASSAULT” Rifle.

    Your insistence it’s an adjective shows how brainwashed by the media you are.

    Maybe you should walk into a gun shop, ask them to point to the assault rifle section and prove to even more people how smart you are.

    Oh that’s right.

    You’re a lawyer.

  17. It is a commonly used phrase that is part of our lexicon. Because you don’t like it’s use, tough shit. In the phrase above it’s an adjective, and conveys to the reader a “type” of weapon.

    But you keep validating your feeble mind. Maybe drive that Vette to bolster your self esteem gerbil dick.

  18. Porky’s starting to sound alot like the dope addled Monk now. Tell me pole smoker, how did it get introduced into “your” lexicon?

    This response ought to be pricless. fire away sport.

  19. Validation, Validation Validation. It’s common use, just like ain’t. Yes believe it or not the MSM is responsible for much of the jargon we use. Get over yourself.

  20. LOL Porkboy. The informed people laugh at “your” Mockingbird media “jargon”. Explain Operation Mockingbird to me again and while you’re at it tell us who killed JFK and what jargon was created from that event. You don’tknow when to stop when you’relosing Capt. Semantic.

    What your law books didn’t explain that to you? LOL.

  21. Beck trying to debate a low IQ negress board member is laughable.

    Tell the phony ‘Van Hof’ to go to the southside jungle and tell blacks there to quit-shooting other blacks and give their illegally owned firearms to her.

    Maybe he should try to communicate with the skank via an Ebonics translator from MCC.

    Why fo people think Beck is on the County Bd?

  22. Beck is great.

    He put the late Mark Justin, the former Grand Poobah 33 degree Grand Master Freemason, in his place.

  23. “Our lexicon” meaning the crazed loonitic’s language. LOL When people stopped using dictionaries and started making stuff up we all got a little dumber. Circular arguments are all you will get from the likes of Porky.

  24. JT as always changes the subject. What the hell does operation Mockingbird have to do with this.
    Cindy nuts as usual.

    Circular arguments, really, Show me proof of god without using the phrase, “it all comes down to faith.”

  25. Wow, I changed the subject now Porkboy. You continue to embarrass yourself with your lack of knowledge.

    Let’s recap. You started way at the top of this thread and said “ASSAULT” can be used as an adjective in front of the word rifle to dispute Mr Beck’s assertion. I agree with Beck by the way. You stated it’s a commonly used phrase used in “your” lexicon. I asked how did it enter into the lexicon? Could it be the mainstream media which is surely not pushing an agenda. Nah. A monkey that reads words written for them would never try to insert a new phrase into the lexicon to push the agenda.

    A new phrase was introduced into the lexicon after JFK was murdered by the CIA. What was it Porkboy? Here I’ll help you – it was conspiracy theory. Funny the lifespan of a conspiracy theory to being proven truth is shorter than a week now thanks to digital soldiers who are doing the real journalistic work. That phrase has now morphed into mis- and dis-information. Are you keeping up? So what was the purpose of Operation Mockingbird which is still in play today and now includes social media to its Ven Diagram? LOL. Which agencies are running Operation Mockingbird?

    You really should spend some more time learning the TRUTH rather than going down to Halsted to play with the boys and embarassing yourself on a blog. I think you like living in your cognitive dissonant world so you don’t have to realize you’ve been mind controlled since the day you were born and prove it everyday.

    Have a nice day sport. Go to the pet shop and find yourself a nice plump gerbil to play with.

  26. What’s the matter Porkboy? Cat got your tongue or are you baking cookies for your SOTU party tonight?

  27. Nice diatribe, Only because it fits your narrative.

    Sorry fool but not everyone believes YOUR truth.

    Nor your agenda.

    It’s called freedom of thought.

    Mockingbird has no relevance to what I posted, but you always try to steer away from what is posted.

    You wouldn’t know truth if it smacked you in the face.

    You try to create truth from fantasy blogs that fit you narrative.

    Validation from the brown shirts.

    where’s idiot Abram to validate you.

    Sorry I don’t spend day and night bloviating on this blog like you do.

    Get a life.

  28. Dingo you bet, we even accepted your fathers request to perform.

  29. LOL. Poor Porky. I will continue to read truth. You keep relying on someone to tell you what to think. IL liberals are priceless.

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