District 300 School Board Candidate Robert Reining Holding Algonquin Meet & Greet Tuesday Evening

From Algonquin School District 300 School Board candidate Robert Reining:

“I thought I would share a little bit about me and why I’m running for school board.

“I have been a resident of Lake in the Hills since 1999.

“I have two children one graduated from D300 and one still attends.

“I have been very fortunate over the years to volunteer in my kids classroom helping students with reading and math.

“I have never missed a end of the year field day and assisted the PTO as much as possibe.

“I have been very lucky to meet many great parents and teachers along the way.  

“I have been an auto mechanic for the past 30 years.

“In 2019 I enrolled at Harper College and work towards my welding certificate.  

“I am going to get my CDL with hazmat endorsement.

“I am a firm believer that college is not for everyone.

“I think that the high schools should encourage kids to also explore the trades. 

“The past few years has motivated me to get more involved.

“In 2022 I ran for the Mchenry County Board and unfortunately fell short of my goal in the primary.

“My heart and my drive has stayed firm.

“With the encouragement of many friends and parents in the district I decided to run for school board.

“I want To bring balance to the school board.

“I want to bring transparency, fiscal responsibility and the focus on education back to our district.

“I have and will continue to stand up for our kids, parents and taxpayers.  

“I will not vote for any tax increases whether it is by tax levy or referendum.  

“I will be the voice of reason on the board and not a go along to get along member.  

“I am not going to pretend to know all the answers but I will promise to do all the necessary research and listen to all the vested party’s  prior to my decisions.”


District 300 School Board Candidate Robert Reining Holding Algonquin Meet & Greet Tuesday Evening — 9 Comments

  1. Bob is the real deal unlike many other county and school board members more interested in the benefits and accrediting their Linkedin.

  2. Will he support CRT indoc?

    Will he support schoolchildren pretending they’re cats and demanding the school supply them catboxes in the washrooms?

    Will he permit faggotry being preached by teacher-groomers?

    Will he clip the overblown salaries of teachers and administrators?

    Will he permit the idolatry of pervert transgenders and transvestitism in the classroom?

    I don’t give a hoot about his welding avocation.

    Yes, he seems like a great candidate considering the crud he’s up against.

    But namby pambyism is not for now.

  3. Reining, Cain, Constanty.

    If elected they will shake the hell out of District 300 board for the better.

    The mail in ballots are close to a 4/1 ratio favoring DemoSocialist candidates so none will probably get elected.

    Zettler had a sit down meeting with Pritzker awhile back to discuss 300.

    Watch for a big shovei of $$$
    coming in from Pritzker and or his people.

    It’s all about the Covid immunization addition to the school
    vaccination schedule.

    300 is the 5th largest district in the state.

    It’s a big deal to the the drug companies who will be financially involved in the Pritzker presidential run.

    This is why he was in Davos.

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

  4. Can Reining and Cain beet the ballot harvesters?

    I’ve met Cain.

    She’s staging a “Cain Mutiny”
    against the child snatchers.

    The real deal, she makes the Reds hiss and squeal.

  5. It sounds to me like Cain, Konstanty and Reining would like to push the radical christian nationalist agenda in our school district.

    We don’t need extremists and conspiracy theorists on the D300 school board or anywhere in local government.

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