Message of the Day – Satire/Political Commentary — 10 Comments

  1. This is what happens when DEMOCRATS are allowed out of their basements – FJB. 💩

  2. SOTU, State of the Union speech Tuesday night by the president. His cadre of speech writers no doubt working 24 hours/day to SPIN and OBFUSCATE.

    They will TRY TO turn disasters of Biden over the last year, such as the balloon, into “Glorious Victories for the American People” and also “Hard Working Families being helped by lower inflation”.

    Doubt that the theft of secret documents will be mentioned, but rest assured if it will it will be, “My entire staff has been Cooperating Fully with the Justice Department to find and return all documents”.

    ALL B.S. to continue to pull the wool over the eyes of chumps, dumb Democrat voters.

  3. LOL.. forgot the word “stupid” across the forehead…doh!!!

  4. Takes the heat off his document finds, and his son’s lap top… LOL… doh!

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