Trump v. Biden or Other Choices

WIND’a morning email has the following survey data:

Tribune headline.

Hill: Not many voters are looking forward to a potential rematch between President Biden and former President Trump, according to a survey released Sunday, even as both men ready their campaigns for a possible collision course. More Republicans and Democrats say their parties should nominate someone else for the 2024 race than believe it should be Trump and Biden. Fifty-eight percent of Democrats support the idea of nominating someone other than Biden, and 49 percent of Republicans want their nominee to be a figure other than Trump… In a hypothetical rematch, Trump held a 48 percent to 45 percent advantage over Biden (Hill).

ABC: Four in 10 Americans say they’ve gotten worse off financially since Joe Biden became president, the most in ABC News/Washington Post polls dating back 37 years. Political fallout includes poor performance ratings for Biden and a tight hypothetical Biden/Trump rematch next year (ABC).


Trump v. Biden or Other Choices — 21 Comments

  1. DeSantis is logical Republican presidential candidate.

    The Democrats have nobody. Just a bunch of worn out old politicians. Bernie Sanders, Cherokee Liz, Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumer…

    Might they try to resurrect Hillary Rodman Clinton for another run?

    Or Michelle Obama?

    The mostly left wing media would love to have Michelle as candidate and her husband together on the campaign trail.

    They would say she is the wife of a former president and therefore she is qualified.

    Just as was Hillary.

  2. Trump is a losing gambit. Don’t even bother entertaining the math about his potential matchups with prospective Dem candidates.

    It sounds like SNL’s Bill Swerski and the SuperFans discussing Ditka vs Jesus, or failing that, Ditka vs mini-Jesus. Jesus.

    He burned that bridge. Or more accurately, he allowed it to burn. Same difference.

  3. Nah, Bred.

    The DEMOCRATS candidate will be Gavin “any twosome” Newsom, who just happens to be related to
    Nasty Pelosi.

  4. bred, Desantis signed an anti-vax bill that buried deep within it the ability to force quarantine and force vax people. Funny no one else caught that little fact. Is he another master of bill naming to deceive his constituents? It seems so. He is riding his “I Kept FL Open” fame while at the same time screwing the people who love him. Anybody the media is pushing is who you vote against IMO otherwise you will end up with another controlled fool like George W Bush.

    It’s all been proven all electronics around voting are corrupt. Then comes this little gem that the USPS also has operatives working for the DNC. Don’t worry, the IL Board of Elections has everything under control. LOL

  5. No, bred winner, Hillary *Rodham* (not Rodman) Clinton was in her second 6 year term as a U.S. Senator when she ran for President in 2008. She ended up resigning after President Obama appointed her to be Secretary of State and she did that for 4 years until 2013. Then she ran for President again in 2016.

    She was not just the wife of former Governor and President Bill Clinton and is not comparable to Michelle Obama who never held public office.

    Not that I like Hillary or Michelle but your comparison is wrong.

    Hillary had a lot of government experience when she ran in 2016. Part of Trump’s appeal to voters and contrast against her was that he was a businessman and outsider while she had been involved in the government at high levels for so long but things were screwed up.

  6. Just one correction Correcting. Michelle is really Mike. We don’t need a tranny in the WH. That would make it Obummers 4th term.

  7. It matters more regarding ‘who counts the votes’.

  8. “…buried deep within it the ability to force quarantine and force vax people. Funny no one else caught that little fact.”

    Show us this “fact”, JT.

  9. “Then comes this little gem that the USPS also has operatives working for the DNC”

    From what you said, literally, the USPS has operative that have infiltrated the DNC? Or is it the other way around?

    Again, show us this “fact”.

  10. I will support the Republican candidate.

    With that being said I hope Desantis is the chosen one.

    Illinois Republican candidates will have a even tougher time getting elected if Trump is the candidate in 24.

  11. Nobody was quarantined when DeSantis was governor but when Trump was President he kept Fauci on as top health official and criticized Georgia for re-opening too quickly.

    He also approved of trillions of dollars of new spending with little to no oversight.

    He also gave us “Operation Warp Speed” and takes credit for the vaccines. Trump is a loser.

  12. Well Monk I posted the link on this site about Desantis’ secret tyranny. Did you miss it or forget about it?
    Then Monk posts about USPS. Apparently, he missed my 2:57 post.

    DrRob, cmon. With all of the corruption in IL elections no Republican has a chance but you knew that already.

    And Correcting, if Trump did nothing you would blame him for that just like you blame him for implementing OWS.

    Lots of TDS tonight. It must be the full moon.

  13. DeSantis lets people run over protesters and “stand their ground.”

    Trump allowed American cities to get burned down by communist terrorists for months in a row and did nothing to stop them.

    Trump was signing executive orders to ban bump stocks without congressional approval and saying we need to take peoples’ guns first and give them due process later.

    Trump said the election was stolen and then did nothing about it, told his supporters to go home.

    Trump endorsed Ronna Romney McDaniel and Mitch McConnell in 2020.

    His own supporters like Steve Bannon he insults (sloppy steve).

    DeSantis endorsed Dhillon against McDaniel in 2022 while Trump did nothing.

    He pardoned Israeli spies and rappers who made music videos depicting them killing Trump but he wouldn’t help Snowden.

    Trump had his chance. He was incompetent and surrounded himself with people like Kushner and Bolton.

  14. So Correcting an outsider learning the swamp ways doesn’t deserve 4 more years. Got it. Kushner and Bolton will not be back. I suppose a smart guy like you never made bad decisions when moving into leadership positions. Is Desantis going to forgo a paycheck like Trump? Step outside of your TDS. What’s Desantis’ foreign policy experience other than he’s a military vet.

    The smart thing for Trump to do is make him his VP pick, show him the ropes and have him run in 2026. But those mean tweets offend me. BTW Brunson should have some new ammunition in the SCOTUS.

  15. Oh, I think the Republicans should go with Margorie Trailer Trash Greene, or is it Margorie Traitor Greene, she exemplifies the GOP perfectly.

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